All your email are belong to us

For years the idea that all our emails are being monitored, scanned, recorded and permanently stored by government agencies has seemed like a theoretical problem.

Yes, I have been a bit careful about what I say in emails, but I haven’t been salting my data like I would on a controlled site like Facebook.

But like one of those people who suddenly realise that their phone is listening to everything they say, living in NZ I’m now waking up to the idea that email is not safe communication.

All emails, including free Protonmail accounts are being recorded.

Over the past few days I’ve been telling all my friends on the Hive blockchain about the new Bastyon (previously Pocketnet) encrypted chat.

Bastyon has several very useful features, but even for people who are not interested in cryptos or blogging, the chat alone is worth signing up for.

Now I’m haranguing all my email contacts to get their arses onto Bastyon and sign up for an account.

It’s very easy to do, but if you have any issues get back to me and I can help you to get started. It is a lot easier to get started than on the Hive blockchain, which has always been the road block to getting my friends onto Hive.

They are doing some site updates today and it is loading a bit slowly – the old pocketnet url is being replaced by bastyon url which may be causing issues, and I think it may be under attack, as is about half the internet.

When you sign up you don’t need to provide a phone number and can supply any old burner email address – so with an anon account name you can stay fully off the radar.

Just make sure to store your 12 word seed phrase carefully with a backup copy – you need that to log in or to access your wallet.

This is my main account – but I have others!

I wasn’t originally going to post this on Hive, but fuck it, if I can’t post the content I want to post on the Hive blockchain it is not my blockchain. I’m not saying ditch Hive and go to Bastyon/Pocketnet – I’m saying use both.

Hive is better for long form blogging, but Bastyton is better for mass adoption and encrypted chat.