Google is the king of spywear, and I highly recommend that anyone with a gmail account stops using it and gets themselves a Protonmail account. Gmail has 1.5 billion accounts and many of them a real users! But nobody has to use gmail and it’s easy to change to another service.

There are lots of free mail services but after trying a few out I found Protonmail seemed to be the best one, so here I’m just recommending that one alone for simplicity. You can get paid pro accounts but the free ones work fine for most use.


There are lots of technical reasons why Google might be blocking all emails from our domain to gmail accounts, but for one reason or another, sooner or later, Google always do everything in their power to block or hide all that we do using the internet.


We are now enemies of Google, because they want to outlaw all free speech.

If you have a gmail account we will do our best to email you using Protonmail because all our usual email accounts are being blocked by Gmail.