Yesterday, I announced to the world on Facebook that I have started transitioning. I can’t believe my own hypocrisy really, but sometimes we just wake up one morning and realise we are living a lie that can no longer continue.

Back in July 2016 I did a blog post saying Facebook sucked and I would never use it again –

“Like giving up addictive foods, such as sugar, alcohol, bread, or coffee, I think the easiest way to quit Facebook is to do a clean 100% quit – no reducing, cutting down, or vaguely avoiding – just totally quit, all or nothing”

 At that point my account was shadow banned, I was sick of having my posts all censored, and it was all too obvious that FB was set up by the CIA to program the masses and steal all their data. 

But when the covidhoax started heating up in 2019 I ate humble pie and started posting about fake germ theory and “vaccines” in an attempt to warn the gullible normies what was coming. (Although that didn’t really help things much did it?) The thing about FB is that it has a wider audience, even if most of them are retarded, so it’s always tempting to go back, but I quit FB again in 2021.

 My first FB account “Wheels Sift” seems to have been purged from FB, which is a shame because I was posting there back in the relatively early days of FB (before they did a lot of changes to the site in 2008) and some of that content would be pretty offensive by today’s woketard standards.

 Next I stupidly did an account using my real name “Xxx Xxxxson (WTF was I thinking of?) so I soon found out which “real life” contacts I was and wasn’t on the same page as. That account still exists but these days I only post on it about once a year, so it is no longer restricted or suspended, but it is still shadow banned (posts are hidden low in the feeds) and black listed (closely watched over by the AI censors) – if I so much as say something like “Mark Suckaturd is a jewish tranny” it will immediately be suspended again.


Inspired by “Neo” in The Matrix, my third account “Tom Anderson” still lives on as my backup account. At this point it is not heavily restricted, so I can still do things like posting on groups, but it is permanently shadow banned and black listed. 

My current main account “Greg Anderson” is heavily restricted, so although I still use it most of the time I have to regularly switch over to being “Tom” for stuff like using groups. But I have a decent amount of friends and followers as “Greg” so I get reasonable engagement.


That is why I have started setting up a fifth account to transition to, but it may take a while to get hundreds of friends requests confirmed. It’s off to an OK start with 161 so far in less than a day. Ian Anderson was the flute player from Jethro Tull (as well as being another one of my insider name plays) who looked a bit strange really. (No, I’m not the slightest bit into Jethro Tull, but obscure identities are always better online) 


 “Heads up to all my FB friends that I’m thinking of transitioning at some point this year. While I still identify as “Greg” and will continue in this role for as long as I can, I feel that I’m sometimes being discriminated against (and not being able to post on groups is a right pain in the arse), so at some point I may have to move into an identity that better reflects my true self.

Usually my special friend has my back but he is being discriminated against as well, so we both may have to shuffle off the stage at some point. But these things take time so we’ll put it off as long as possible.

 Thanks for your support in assisting us all to create safer spaces”

Ian Anderson letting rip on his flute in Jethro Tull (with hair like that he might be a tranny) 


My real transition has been that I’ve quit arguing online. Back in the day, when I encountered libtards, woketards, vaxtards, masktards, flatards, vegtards, germtards, transtards, or any other tards, it was all on.

Last week I got chatting to a new FB friend who seemed up to speed about the fake narratives, and when she said the history of WW2 is all fake I assumed she was referring to stuff like the fake “holocaust” or the fake “atomic bombs” dropped on Japan, or the involvement of the globalist elite (and British “royal” family). But no it turned out she was a hitard, a “national socialist” who worshipped Hitler like a god and had a Bitchute channel with over 200 videos about him.


When she found out I like doing memes about Hitler things all went horribly wrong, and she was compelled to spend hours abusing me in FB messenger. I wasn’t even on my computer anyway, and never read any of her tirade before unfriending her, but it certainly reminded me of the futility of arguing online.

These days the most vocal tards I seem to encounter online are the flat earthers (flatards) who seem to have associated themselves with the transvestigation movement. I’ve been fascinated by the whole subject of trannies ever since I first thought “hang on, that’s not a woman” back when Barry Soetoro (Obama) was “president” of the USA, and Michael Robinson (Michelle) was first lady boy.


It turned out all the “first ladies” dating right back to the start were not what they seemed, and I became intrigued by the history of public figures being men dressed up as “women”.

Yes, the whole damn lot of them, including Eleanor Roosevelt, seen on the left here…

 But now that I’ve transitioned into a zen guru I walk away from online disagreement