Yesterday I revealed my inner GAB, and today I’m keen for a good Flote.

About a year ago when it was becoming increasingly obvious the Steemit was all over bar the shouting I started looking for a new platform, and I found Flote.

Flote has a very cool minimalist interface. It’s a work of art in a no underwear or socks sort of way.

I find it rests somewhere in the middle between Hive and GAB – great for a few lines of text and a picture, more serious than GAB, but not set up for long blog posts like Hive. It’s a cool set up in need of two things – more users and better post editing. The content is more thoughtful than GAB, and Flote is also fully uncesored with no post payouts so you can post anything you want, with no fear of haters

Here is my Flote account. And here are some pictures from my feed. On Flote there is plenty of text too, but this is just some of the pictures.