I never use Twitter but I did set up an account years ago to suss it out. I called my account “X” and used a white X logo on a black background. Now they have rebranded Twitter as “X” and are using a white X on a black background. Yes, I was pretty astonished!


It’s safe to say Twitter’s moronic new name “X” has gone down like a lead balloon, and as with Facebook’s attempted switch to “Meta” they don’t seem to grasp that after building up a brand name for years (with the lucky choice of a memorable name being a big key to their past success), trying to swap it for some forgettable futuristic AI new world order name just won’t work out well.

What is great to see is that these billion dollar globalist platforms are run by dickheads too clueless to understand basic principles of branding and marketing. Hopefully they fuck up all their other evil plans to this extent.

After Elon Musk (fake globalist puppet boy) claimed to be against censorship, “X” has already started increasing it’s censorship with a deranged new “X” censorship “woman” (Linda Yaccarino) who looks like a jewish tranny, acts like a Bond villain, and keeps saying “lawful but awful” content will be blocked.

So what will “lawful but awful” include?

One American commentator came up with this list:

1. criticizing/questioning jews, israel, or the hollowcost
2. criticizing blacks or BLM
3. criticizing/questioning the federal government
4. criticizing faggots/dykes/trannies
5. criticizing dei/esg in our schools and businesses
6. criticizing/questioning “the science”
7. criticizing the Ukraine
8. criticizing the medical and military industrial complexes
9. criticizing the illegal alien invasion and our porous borders
10. criticizing/questioning the agendas of the wef, the un, nato, etc.