Like many people who are trying to share content online but having it censored, I have a long history of checking out different social media platforms. I’ve set up accounts on a bunch of platforms and tried them out. Some I liked, and some I didn’t. Here are my thoughts on some platforms.

Although I’d been a member of various websites and online groups since 2000, Facebook was where I set up my first mainstream social media account, back around 2010. Even then I found it boring, conservative, and full of sheeple, but it wasn’t heavily censored and I just seemed to offend people and turn friends into people who wouldn’t speak to me, so after a while I didn’t use it much, and stopped using it all together by 2016.

But I recently started using it again, mainly to meet up with like minded people exposing the globalist agenda – these days if you get a bunch of new friends it can provide a surprisingly full on timeline, and by using memes and misspelt words it is possible to work around the heavy censorship to some extent. My entire domain www.frot.co.nz is blocked by Facebook, but I can still link to my blog posts on the Hive blockchain – https://peakd.com/@frot

To get around being blocked, as well as my original FB account (actually using my real name!), I also have a back up account that I can switch to when needed. I sort of hate FB and would prefer not to use it, but right now it seems like a good platform for mass awakening, just because of the vast number of users. No doubt about it though, FB is the enemy!

Here is my “real” Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/wapfwellington

And this is my backup Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100054208008403

So I’m grudgingly using Facebook against my better judgement, but what platforms am I actually into?

HIVE – First and foremost for me is the Hive blockchain – I have about half a dozen accounts, but I mainly use my @frot account.

This is where I get paid to post and curate, where I post my best content, and where I have a real investment (of both time and earnings that I’ve left invested in the platform. Here I’ve made friends, and learned about cryptocurrencies and a bunch of other interesting stuff.

There are different front ends to view the Hive blockchain on – my favorite is the most popular one, PeakD. Here is my account on PeakD: https://peakd.com/@frot

And here it is on the second most popular Hive-Blog front end: https://hive.blog/@frot

The ability to view the same content on multiple different front ends is one of the things that make it harder to censor a blockchain

So what’s wrong with Hive? – it’s way to complex for most people, there are developers and code geeks going on about geek stuff all the time, there is an inner circle of wealthy accounts that get a big cut of the reward pool, it takes a lot of learning to get good at using it, and it is aimed at long form quality content, so there is no place for sharing selfies (good, I hate selfies) or memes (bad, I like memes). If you just post copy and paste “shitposts” you may well get downvoted for plagiarism, so it will never replace Facebook or Twitter, but it is the cutting edge of social media and the only place you can earn real money for blogging.

GAB – Gab is fun – people wonder where I get all my memes and lolpics from – Gab is awesome for that. I just share every meme I like and don’t really interact with anyone, or give a toss about anything. It’s not really social at all, but it’s fast and loose.


FLOTE – It has great minimalist design and the founders are really nice people who post, interact and clearly have their hearts in the right place. It lacks users and needs development, but it’s cool, it works surprisingly well, and I like it. One day it may take off, and I hope it does and it replaces Facebook.


Here are a couple of Facebook alternatives I’ve just been sussing out.

MEWE – dumb name but an OK site – it has some things I like and it really could become a new Facebook. It’s not perfect, but neither is Facebook, and it seems to be uncensored. So this is my pick for a potential Facebook replacement.


WIMKIN – OMFG that name is a killer, I can’t take it seriously… It’s actually a reasonably good site, but if there is a mass shift from Facebook I’m picking MeWe over Wimkin.


PARLER – I was unable to set up an account because it wouldn’t text my login code, and it was already a pain in the arse doing the initial account set up. There are already rumours of censorship. And I hear it’s very focused on moronic American politics. So I’m not picking this one to go big.

Here are some platforms I have accounts on but never use:

Minds – it is well regarded and seems OK, but it’s all a bit too serious and I never got into it: https://www.minds.com/frot/

POCKETNET – It seemed like a good idea, but the site ran like a pig and I gave up on it. It may well work better now, but I can’t see it going mainstream.


STEEMIT – I used it for 3 1/2 years, but in the end I was mad as hell with the owners, and on the day it hardforked and split into Hive (March 20 2020)  I stopped using it and have never gone back. I have some bad blood with that platform, and was happy to see the back of it, but all my old content is still on there.


So my picks are Facebook for sheer numbers, Hive for best platform, GAB for most fun, Flote for best minimalist design, and WeMe for best potential Facebook replacement. (And for the record I fucking hate Twitter and Reddit)