Today’s “conspiracy” is tomorrow’s common knowledge, and while most people now grasp that 911 was a false flag, back in 2002 many didn’t, and some of them got quite worked up about it.

In 2001 I was doing a bit of share trading, and was aware of the insider trading that took place in the days before 911. That along with the BBC report in which building 7 was reported to have collapsed 20 minutes BEFORE it actually did, were the sort of evidence that soon convinced me that 911 was a false flag. I fact I can honestly say I was certain that 911 was a false flag within a week of it happening.

As to whether the buildings were brought down by regular explosives, thermite,  a directed energy weapon, some combination of those things, or something else entirely, I wouldn’t like to guess. But really, that isn’t important – what is important is that they were certainly not brought down by fire or aeroplanes.

If there is anyone who still hasn’t grasped that 9/11 was a false flag by now, I’m just not patient enough to cope with them, and I can’t be arsed reinventing the wheel or trying to put all the evidence on one webpage.

Just watch this brilliant 5 min  video and then you too can be as informed as all the other millions of people who have watched it.


The US Government carried out the 9-11 attacks

At best the US government knew all about the “attacks” coming on Sep 11 2001, but avoided taking any action to prevent them.

But all the evidence points to the US government planning and carrying them out. The attacks were a perfect excuse to take actions they would never otherwise have been able to get away with, and there is a horrifying mountain of evidence pointing at the US government as being the “terrorists” who carried out the attacks.

The Pentagon was not hit by a passenger plane on 9-11 – all the physical evidence indicates that it was hit by something much smaller – a missile, an energy weapon or a drone plane.

There were only two planes, not four, and neither of these were actually passenger planes, but military refueling planes flown by remote control from a command center in Building 7. There were no passengers, and no terrorists other than the US government ones.

The three WTC towers that collapsed ito piles of dust at freefall speed leaving very little wreckage on 9-11 were felled by energy weapons, mini nukes, thermite explosives, or a combination of these things. (only two were even hit by planes anyway). The superheated by fire story has been thoroughly discredited.

Amazingly,  many people don’t even know a third tower fell down. The third tower was 47 stories tall, it was called “World Trade Center Building 7”, and nothing hit it, it wasn’t on fire, it just collapsed at free fall speed. Some people would call that suspicious. And the hole in the middle of building 6 was a bit suspect too.


That’s it for 911 here – this false flag is way to obvious – and now here’s some old stuff about the pentagon cover up.

 The 9-11 Pentagon was hit by passenger plane myth

Ever since the day this story was first promoted, a heated topic of debate has been”did a plane really hit the pentagon on September 11 2001?”

Overall, it doesn’t make much difference to the big picture of whether the 911 attacks were an inside job. A long as heated debate is about what hit the pentagon, it’s not about patterns of insider trading on United Airlines prior to 911, or what triggered the demolition of the twin towers (thermite charges, mini nukes, or both) or who “pulled” (carried out controlled demolition on) Building 7, or many other pressing questions.

But let’s face it, of all the 9-11 stuff, the claim that a 757 hit the pentagon, then vaporised leaving no wreckage really does take the cake. It may be the most inane thing ever believed by the general public. And that is really saying something!

My point here is that sometimes there is one key fact that we can look at, and that fact alone, all by itself, wipes out all the assertions about the subject in one clean go: THERE WAS NO WRECKAGE!

757 Hit Pentagon Theory

The insane mainstream media “757 hit pentagon theory” is summarised here:


AFTERMATH: Wreckage from Flight 77 on the Pentagon’s lawn–proof that a passenger plane, not a missile, hit the building. PHOTOGRAPH BY AP/WIDE WORLD PHOTOS

But is this picture proof of anything more than a bit of plane left lying on the grass? Where was the rest of the plane? The lawn looks good though…

And that’s why the subject is so controversial – the “evidence” is thin and unconvincing. It amazes me that this picture is so popular amongst 757 theorists – they write about body parts littering the lawn, and then post this photo of a single segment of plane that may just have been put there afterwards by some guys in a van. Why this picture… is it the best one they have, or the only one?

No Plane Hit The Pentagon Theory

Basic “no plane hit the pentagon theory” is popular amongst conspiracy theorists, commies, frenchies, and godless reptilian shape shifters



Yes, I do find it more compelling, and the pictures are better, but it may not be the whole story either….

No Plane Hoax Theory

There is also a third argument that rips into no plane theory – “no plane hoax theory” – neatly summarised on this site:


The reason for creating this hoax is to create a false dichotomy between “no plane” and “no inside job” when maybe neither is true, to detract attention from other more dodgy stuff, and to make conspiracy theorists look like chumps to popular mechanics readers

And it’s a good theory, but the pictures just don’t support it any better than they support “757 hit pentagon theory”, so who knows?

A suspicious aspect is that security cameras were filming the pentagon at the time, so the entire event was captured on film, as well as by tourist cameras etc. But every bit of footage in the area – including service station camera recordings, was confiscated by the FBI within hours and has never been released. Whatever actually happened, releasing the footage would rapidly conclude the debate.

So not releasing footage indicates that the US government would either rather keep the debate going, or is covering something up. Either way it’s dodgy. This aspect is not a bizarre conspiracy theory – it’s a plain fact that the US government is withholding evidence, plane or no plane.

A smaller plane hit the pentagon theory

Personally I’d say a plane did hit the pentagon. But not a 757 – a smaller plane such as a Global Hawk or an A3 Skywarrior. And before this remote controlled military plane crashed into the Pentagon it appears to have fired off a missile to heat things up.

And until I see video footage contradicting this theory, I’ll go with it.

A careful look at the evidence does tend to favour this line of thinking!

This pentagon thing is only a tiny piece of the whole puzzle, but people love to argue about it. Anyone who says they “KNOW THAT A 757 HIT THE PENTAGON” probably hasn’t looked into it enough to get themselves confused…. (and probably doesn’t want to because their head might explode)

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed; if you do read the newspaper, you’re misinformed”
–Mark Twain