All my life I’ve always thought of Christians as people who have been brainwashed into believing an utter load of bullshit, so that they will do what they are told.

Although I do believe we all interacting with vast patterns of an energy structure not incompatible with what is called God (Good), I think the power hierarchies known as “religions” are mostly pure evil.

So lately, it’s been a bit of a shock to keep finding myself in agreement with a bunch of Christians. For example, I recently started researching the Beatles, firstly because the guy known as “Paul McCartney” up until 1966, is clearly not the same guy as the one from 1967 on (Faul). The fact that he suddenly went from left handed to right handed pretending to be left handed (sometimes badly) and got three inches taller, is a tad suspicious.

And then that lead to the thing of The Beatles constantly dropping in satanic symbols and references. And this is not some wild “conspiracy theory” – their satanic pictures are all over the place, from them constantly doing 666 and other hand signs to having Alistair Crowley and a bunch of other satanists on the Sgt Peppers album cover.

From this point it all just grew and grew, and as soon as I hear yet another satanist named, my heart sort of sinks, because yeah, it’s probably true, and deep down inside I always had a feeling about them…

But I missed seeing it because I was saying religion is all bullshit, and not really looking. I do still think most “religion” is bullshit, but I was failing to see all the satanic signs being waving in my face, so as a conspiracy researcher, my own observation skills were bullshit….

The Beatles, U2, Apple Computers, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Disney, bloody everyone famous really… Satanic signs from end to end. And once you start seeing this stuff you just can’t unsee it.

I never really liked The Beatles, and I think Apple computers suck. But now I’ll shoot myself in the foot by saying my favourite band is Led Zeppelin (Yes, I know they have satanic references all over the place but they totally rock out so they are still my favourite band) and I’ve been using Microscum products for over 20 years. And these days I’m also using Gooble (Android, but not their evil search engine).

I loath both Microscum and Gooble, but they have given me a bunch of tools I seem to want. I don’t use any post Win 7 Microscum products because they are certainly no longer making any tools I want now, but I do use Win 7 and Office 2003 – just none of their newer bullshit

Ignoring all the bible references, this “Call For an Uprising” guy is nailing satanist after satanist. And the scary thing is – now I think he’s mostly right.

I’m certainly no fan of religion, but yeah that apple logo does appear to be linked to that story of eating an apple and all the fall of man stuff, (they weren’t a fucking fruit juice company!) and selling the very first Apple computer for $666.66 was probably not a strange co-incidence either. WTF?

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled.” – Mark Twain

Here are six very interesting videos exposing some of the satanic agendas:


I can barely believe I’m doing a post about this, but yeah I now think there are Christians seeing this stuff, that nearly everyone else including me has been missing.

Keep IT real… Just do IT… Is IT in you?… Don’t leave home without IT… IT is what IT is… Let IT be…

11 months ago by frot (67)


Have you seen the series with Hans Utter that was done on Gnostic Media over the last few years about music and mind control? Not that at this point I am really recommending Jan Irvin’s work, but I did take a lot from the research Hans presented. I see they did another video recently but I have not watched it.

Music, Mind Control, and Psychobiology


frot (67)  ·  11 months ago

I’ll check that out too – thanks

frot (67)  ·  11 months ago (edited)

PS – But, But… that is about 20 hours of videos!

Any short ones? – like 1:36

And I don’t know Clint is but that is the longest page of incomprehensible noise I’ve ever seen typed out!

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

It is a lot of information. Might be able to hear Hans on another channel where he only has an hour to get it out!

Clint does write long posts. In that one, he’s talking about Jan Irvin going off his rocker and accusing people (Clint included) he’d been working with of being dark satanists and he went to emailing people about it. I got emails about it from Jan. I stopped watching his stuff after that. Just didn’t seem too sensible anymore. So I wanted to share the music and mind control series but sort of explain why I wasn’t recommending the channel. That’s why I linked to Clint’s thing. I could have just explained it like I just did! Sorry!

Clint has done great things in the past like his Corporation Nation work and his vaccine documentary. Not short stuff, but info packed.
His work on the CAFRs, The Great Pension Fund Hoax, (WARNING – by no means is this a short video) about how the world has been, and continues to be, scammed, is one not to miss.

The whole pension scam thing goes right with a post I did a while back.
-edit – I see you upvoted that old pension post of mine. Thanks again!


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It’s funny you noted the Satanic stuff as I can across something on Twitter that prompted me to write about a similar topic.

You know those people that are always talking about the Illuminati in literally everything. Yeah, they are probably worse than vegans or people that drive hybrids in how often they have to bring it up.

I tend to lump these in a group known as false religionists. The types that are more concerned with outward appearances rather than what is in a person’s heart, not an organ but the center of ones being. If you listen to the wrong music, these are the kind that would throw you out of the church. These kind are the Pharisee’s for which Jesus spoke.

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess.

If you read my post, maybe you will understand what I am talking about… or maybe not. The main point relevant to your post is I suspect that all the Illuminati is largely a distraction set up by the father of lies.

What he doesn’t want people talking about is what exactly the true gospel is. If you believe free will is a thing, good chance you don’t believe it. He would much rather you concern yourself with lizard people, illuminati triangles and other things that really don’t matter in an eternal sense.

But, whatever, I’m just some boring dude that doesn’t know a lick about the gospel or the Scriptures so what the hell do I know. /s


frot (67)  ·  11 months ago (edited)

This comment is interesting, but the one I gave you shit about really was boring!

I think we agree about vegans! 🙂

As a long term Steemian who is invested in the platform, I think flagging is one of the worst things happening around here so we got off on the wrong foot.

I don’t usually get into religion but I did call my original account @sift666 to bring attention to all the 666 stuff the zionist media is pushing.

My aim is to make Steemit a more exciting and more genuine place – I’m not a troll really, I just say what I think and don’t worry if if people take offense.

Ah bless, you found a friend lol!


frot (67)  ·  11 months ago (edited)

I have found THE LORD!

Dodgy as fuck satanic NZ singer Lorde is one of the ones that originally got me looking at all this shit!

She started out all innocent too 🙂

I feel a post coming on…


frot (67)  ·  11 months ago

Thanks – I’ll check it out

frot (67)  ·  11 months ago

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

Interesting but still separating truth from fiction. My great grandmother lived to 104 the old fashion way. Being stubborn….



frot (67)  ·  11 months ago

This adrenochrome thing is quite a rabbit hole!

I suspect kissinger didn’t get to 95 by natural means!

He has been around forever. Still having fun.



  ·  11 months ago (edited)

I wrote about fake Paul, Faul. In my early days on Steem. I had never heard of that conspiracy before. I took it from a more light-hearted approach.

Also, I want to share with you that I am an Agnostic who was raised Catholic and I have choosen to live by many Christian values, because I feel they are just better for living a happy comfortable life.

Love, money management, don’t cheat and steal, give some of your shit away once in a while, stay married if you get married…

These are just sound ideas for a productive, non-drama filled life.

Anyway, interesting post.


frot (67)  ·  11 months ago (edited)

Do you have a link to your Faul post?

I was going to do a post about it and still will, but hell it’s a big subject and once it came to include pretty much all popular music I got cold feet!

Even here in NZ it’s damn creepy…

Our prime minister is just scarey

and our most popular pop star was a blatant satanist from the ripe old age of 16..

  ·  11 months ago (edited)

Oddly, I found it AND you even commented on it. 🙂

Steps to find it, leave steem goto search engine search for faul, @whatsup and steemit, low and behold it worked!


frot (67)  ·  11 months ago (edited)

I can’t believe I thought it was bollocks a year ago – I don’t think so now!

The only q is did they kill Paul or just replace him (I think just replaced) because there is no way they are the same guy!

Next Q – did Lennon really die? – possibly not…

Now check this out (I did a post about Jacinda when she was “elected”)

Haha, I might have to look into it again.


Sheeit. I’ve had this Window open for a few days. Now so I can watch the videos, it will be open a day or two more. To start at the top, I’m not really a fan of religion either. Having grown up as a Catholic, I’ve seen many “Priests” with a lack of knowledge, Apostate or driven by ulterior motives. I am severely averse to attending any denominations services. That being said, I am still a Christian.

I am pretty sure “A Call for an Uprising” is at least a partial fraud. He has another name or two. I was into those types of videos too because they show signs and patterns that are real. When it comes down to it though, their thing is to show you how “evil” the world is. The world is evil but take the “okay sign.” Some people mean it as okay and in the case of the “Alt Right,” the “okay sign” is said to be “White Power.” It’s a joke and the sign makes more sense in that the thumb and the forefinger are the “p” when you angle it write and the other three fingers are the “w.” So, it’s akin to spelling out “blood” with your ten fingers. The thing is, this sign appeared and spread overnight therefore, I resist it.

Who knows what power these symbols have. I just cracked the preface of a book on memes and it’s talking about magic when it gave me no indication it was about magic.

To let you know, you can be an independent Christian. These days it may be more or less the proper way. Christianity has been hated on since the 60’s. With the Beatles, and it may be on the solo albums of Lennon, the song where there is a short build up to a line about hare krishna, Lennon admits that that is a trick. Their dirty looking “guru” called for the death of Christians in I think his writings, Imagine is a fucked up Materialist Communist song and there is the song with the line about people talking without speaking. I’m not sure why but, that is significant of something.

Take it easy with the spooky shit. If you wanted to pursue Christianity, all you have to do is search Him out. I’d recommend a large King James Version… some people say the English version that was published before that. You’ll also need the Books of the Maccabees, and eventually The Complete Works of Josephus for Post Christ Jewry.

That’s about where I am and I can shut most people down when they’re bullshitting or hating and help the people out who need it. All in all, you need to do maybe five things and avoid 10(?)… Most of it is about Faith.

In closing, it’s weird you’re looking at the Beatles now. I’ve been watching Paul is Dead stuff for a month or two now. Maybe “they’re” pushing it. The mostly nonsensical “Sage of Quay” talks about it on the channel of his namesake and a channel he made specifically for it. He claims to be in contact with a guy who know Faul. If anything, he could be letting himself get played. IDT he’s bullshitting.


  ·  11 months ago $0.03

I’ll reply to you first, Sage of Quay is super lame but, he is incredibly passionate about the Paul is Dead thing. Otherwise I would only listen when he has Devlin and Smallstorm on… and even then…

I’m kind of just entertained. It will be funny if it blows up in his face.

frot (67)  ·  11 months ago

Now that is a reply!

What ever was going on with the Beatles, there is no way Paul and Faul were the same guy.

But I think anything that does well on jewtube is likely to be a psyop because that is the whole point of jewtube.

  ·  11 months ago $0.03

frot (67)  ·  11 months ago

Yeah I think that about all religions too, holy shit did I sound jewish for a moment there?

Variation is the spice of life … enjoy the changes in your journey.


frot (67)  ·  11 months ago

hey – what do you think about powering down because of the hard fork?

frot (67)  ·  11 months ago (edited)

I am gradually powering down my old account to fund bot votes on this one – eventually I’ll transfer the whole balance over.

But the hardfork is all over my head – I actually think the value of Steemit is likely to start recovering so now would be a bad time to power down – but this is random guess!

Cool thxfor your insight

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Do you have a beard?

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Are you seeking Satan?

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