New Zealand’s mightly leader (the one who looks like a tame horse, but acts like Adolf Hitler) has publicly announced that “she” is the only one telling the truth, and all other sources are lying. Yes really!

“The government” (AKA the NZ branch of the globalist puppet gimp squad) are definately using energy weapons on the crowd, and this is being shown up on dozens of EMF meters. They are cranking them up at certain times, like Saturday afternoon, when the biggest crowd was there, and many people were feeling ill from them.


It’s nice to take a break for seeing sheeple scanning QR codes every time they enter a shop, but just 50 meters away in Lambton Quay the masked believers are still doing it, because they love the whip.


I keep getting distracted by all the easy rider bikes – some styling bling:


While the cops may look strong in gangs of 300, pushing people around, many of them know that what they are doing is both morally wrong and totally illegal, and can be seen at times standing alone with their heads bowed in shame, and in some cases literally crying behind their masks. Others have already resigned.


Stay strong everyone, good can defeat evil.