A message to my fellow “conspiracy theorists” – mainstream FUDPORN (Fear Uncertainty & Doubt) is constantly programming the masses to believe that the end is nigh. And lots of us do get that part.

But another aspect to FUDPORN is choosing to constantly focus on the evil plan. I have been part of that mindset myself for years. But what does exposing it and focusing on it really achieve? Clearly the sheeple don’t believe a word we say, as they have been fully programmed by the media and by all the crap they look at all day on their “smart” phones

*I originally published this post May 31 2020 and although I did my best to stop getting dragged down by fudporn, the truth is the damn stuff is pretty addictive and I need to remind myself again…

Meanwhile many of us “conspiracy theorists” have been reduced to a position of being nearly defeated before we start, staring down the barrel of a plan so cunning and run by people so evil that we sometimes argue about whether they are even human, as we are constantly being told how rich, how evil, and how cunning this enemy is.

If they are really that cunning, they are certainly cunning enough to be running the “alt” media as well as the mainstream media, and making sure shills like Alex Jones get lots of attention. Play both sides is a key tactic, along with divide and conquer – we know that, yet for some reason we believe “alt media” is telling us some secret truth while “mainstream media” lies.

But “play both sides” doesn’t work like that. It fills the heads of both sides with utter shit while doing something completely different while we are all distracted.

Have we become our own worst enemies, constantly focusing on how totally fucked we are because “they” are so powerful? Why are alt media sites constantly going on about police brutality, state oppression, forced vaccinations, 5G rollout, race riots, and endless other variations of “you are fucked”? Even if all these things are taking place, relentlessly talking about them will not stop them happening.

Every time we are told “this is how it is now” we are not being informed, we are being programmed and beaten into submission. Maybe this moment in time is a turning point, and how we evolve right now determines the lesson we learn next.

We can only change ourselves, the sheeple will do what they will, and so will any evil satan worshipping paedophiles who run everything. But do they really? – or are they just using “alt media” to tell us they do, when in reality they are a bunch of fading old farts, terrified of losing their power as the world evolves.

That may or may not be true, but if one belief keeps us in a state of fear, and one gives us hope and power, why not choose the empowering one? We can choose to believe we are fucked, or we can choose to believe this is our chance to move forward. Because it might be, but it certainly won’t be if we keep believing all the stories saying how fucked we are.

Right now is the time to give this a shot – watching fudporn (wherever it stems from) has not been working for us.

“FUD is an age-old manipulation tactic intended to create knee-jerk reactions instead of intellectual reasoning. Used by politicians, advertisers, and sales people since nearly the dawn of time, it’s more successful than it should be. Instil fear in the audience, and they will need, not want, to do as you instruct”