Here is a gallery of photos showing the extent of the damage to the Hawkes Bay area of New Zealand, February 2023.

This gallery has already become pretty large with more than 300 photos, which I’m adding to as I find more. Like most of my galleries it is set up to display in random order, so each refresh will remix the order of the photos.  There is no information or photo credits included here,  I was just trying to get a bunch of photos online as fast as possible on my own server where they are unlikely to be censored or deleted.

Most of these photos are copied from a handful of Facebook accounts and groups I follow. Apologies for randomly copying and pasting content, but I think it’s important to share these pictures far and wide so am being a bit fast and loose here! A lot of these images are from Shellie Evans Photography on Facebook and if you go to her page you can see them with descriptions and comments. Also check out Geoengineering Watch NZ

My own Facebook page is here, and I have reposted this content where possible. No that is not my real name (I did that once, but it was a mistake I wouldn’t make again), in fact that is now my forth FB page. I’m not a fan of FB, with a long history of being banned, but I have to admit that as of 2022 and 2023, for updates on what is going on in NZ, it is often the best platform. But always keep in mind that FB is a deep state controlled psyop, and use with extreme care. I post what data I want to be seen, it certainly isn’t a personal thing.

What is really going on? – That is a massive rabbit hole, that I think includes geoengineering, HAARP, chemtrails, and the usual media propaganda and misinformation. The overall objective being to destroy the infrastructure, especially food production, and make up a load more bullshit about “climate change” so as to regulate the submissive sheeple. As of 2023 the covid hoax is being replaced with the climate change hoax, and New Zealand is a world leader.

The damage here is real, but the cause of it is a scam even bigger than the covid hoax…