Living near a beach I often watch the waves and tides

And living in a lunatic asylum, the beach is a calming influence

Despite being a cat person, I often like to watch the dogs at the beach. Unlike so many people now, they generally don’t wear muzzles.

Here is a photo of a dog I took while watching waves on the beach a couple of days ago.

Now I’m going to go on about cryptos.

People on Hive often seem to think that cryptos are a big and important concept that will change the world. And maybe one day they will.

But right now in the global economy, they are a drop in the ocean. And Hive is just a microscopic part of that drop.

I hear people talking about cryptos who clearly don’t understand that the corona plandemic is all a big psyop.

Which generally means they don’t grasp that the next stage of the plan is a full economic melt down.

Today I stood in town watching people walking past in muzzles, scanning their phones, and social distancing. “The new normal” – This is Lampton Quay, Wellington New Zealand, today.


I have no idea how things will be in five years – an Orwellian hell or a new global awakening. But right now our society is collapsing, and anyone who hasn’t noticed that yet, is living in a blue pilled fantasy.


When the tide is going out, sometimes a wave is bigger than the one before it. But ultimately the tide is going out. And right now, the tide of the global economy is going out.

I’m not talking about some distant possible future. Lambton Quay was once the second wealthiest inner city street in NZ, a country which was once considered one of the most affluent first world countries. It wasn’t exactly pumping today, and all those expensive shops will clearly be struggling to pay their bills with so few customers.

Right now this country is being systematically destroyed but the population is so mind controlled that most of them have no idea. I have previously tried to explain what the Agenda 2030 plan entails, but it’s like showing people chemtrails in the sky and having them literally unable to see what is right above their heads.

And the people who have had their graphine oxide injections now have to fight against seeing what is happening right in front of them, with everything they have. Because their sanity depends on it. Little do they realise how soon their delusion of sanity is going to implode.

In between prepping and doing my best to avoid most of the other inhabitants of the asylum, I sometimes watch the waves and try to remember that the sea will still be here long after we are all gone.