Is Shoshana Zuboff actually revealing anything “they” don’t want you to know?

This could well be yet another good example of how the globalist media play both sides.

On the one hand Shoshana Zuboff is revealing the relentless surveillance the scumbag corporations like apple and fakebook are carrying out, and that is certainly true.


Shoshana Zuboff is a Harvard professor. And Harvard University is highly suspect in itself, as well as being yet another American university/mind programming centre, it allegedly has strong links to the CIA.

Her videos are all over Youtube, her book is promoted on Amazon, and all google searches lead straight to her. But that is not how real insider dirt is dished up on the internet. It is usually heavily censored, and anyone who is popular on YouTube and is not being censored is very likely to be some form of shill – like “Alex Jones” (aka. Bill Hicks)

She is also promoted in full on zionist propaganda websites like

Suspicious much? Are we meant to see this “secret” or not? – Keep your wits about you, they are cunning fuckers!