A new wave of online political censorship and manipulation is taking place that is so blatant it’s all a bit stunning really.

This week the mainstream media has launched an all out war against the only NZ political party that is standing up to the Agenda 2030 driven totalitarianism that is destroying our country.

For weeks the public have been brainwashed with full on propaganda from the state media. Now with just two day until the general election, the international social media giants have just gone ballistic.

Advance NZ Media Release – 15 October 2020
NZ Election interference by US Social Media company
Advance NZ is calling for an inquiry into Facebook’s election interference after the US social media company unpublished the party’s page two days before an Election.
“Facebook’s decision to unpublish the page of a registered political party in New Zealand, two days before an election, is nothing short of election interference,” says Co-Leader Billy Te Kahika.
“Advance NZ has been bravely questioning the Government’s approach to COVID-19, sharing the views and advice of international scientists, and standing up to vested interests in New Zealand.
“30 minutes prior to being de-platformed, I received a message from a New Zealand journalist advising me we were being shut down.
“I could not believe the level of collusion between media channels would be that blatant with a journalist advising us of this news before Facebook told us.
“This is a cynical example of election interference by an American owned social media outlet that has no business performing any such operation in our sovereign nation
“I am horrified beyond belief.
“This goes to show New Zealanders and the World that the fight we are fighting to prevent a totalitarian state, where our free speech is eroded, is a very real fight.
“We need to stand now, in this election, to protect our rights and freedoms.
“We need a full inquiry into Facebook’s election interference.
“If Facebook wants advertising revenue from New Zealanders, then Facebook must recognise free speech in our nation.”

Just what have the Advance NZ party done? Well for starters – they have exposed the plandemic, and the NZ governments plans for Agenda 2030

So they have been blanket banned by NZ state media who have done multiple big budget hit pieces on them. And now Facebook as banned them as well.

Next Twitter have just followed suit…