The festive season is always a good time to have a think about things. And the time is more ripe than usual for contemplating life the universe and everything. And blogging too.

Over the past few weeks I’ve read thousands of pages of research, and swallowed so many red pills I’m probably in danger of going a bit pink around the edges. My world view is so far out of normie ballpark, I really only have two choices at Xmas – shut my face and keep quiet about everything, only commenting on food and stuff, or react to normie conversation with what to me is obvious basic common sense (like “the government’s objective is to destroy our economy”) which tends to lead to some uncomfortable responses.

This Xmas I have done both. While being very cynical, I’m not too fired up, in fact I think it’s mostly quite funny really. Not all of it is funny though, and I don’t like seeing people having their lives, families, or livelihoods torn apart.

This coming year, 2023, I’m expecting there to be a social and economic collapse of pretty epic proportions. I’ve been blogging about all this “conspiracy theory” stuff since 911 so that’s over 20 years now. For some reason I had an urge to wake people up and red pill them. But most people I know personally think I’m a tripper, and despite starting going hard out online about the plandemic for over three years now, the number of people I managed to warn about the covid hoax is not very large.

For 2023 I will be giving up any attempt to “enlighten” anyone else. If I am right, a bunch of stuff will happen but most people will fail to understand why. I will keep blogging but it will primarily be for my own entertainment. My posts will probably be a bit shorter, but I’ll aim to knock something out each day. I’ll post first on Blurt because it’s a Markdown blockchain, which is handy, and I’ve given up caring how many people see my posts, so I’ll be ignoring all the bigger platforms. Then I’ll copy it to –, Bastyon –, and maybe even Gab –

I will not be attempting to “get hits” “grow an audience” or “earn an income”, and I don’t give a toss if anyone believes a word I say. My track record on is not half bad but if very few people read it I won’t be losing any sleep. I predict 2023 will be quite a shit show, and hopefully I’m prepped for it. My blogging from this point on will be whatever is rattling around my head, no more and no less.

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