Here is some classic old feedback from my old blog!

“The people have spoken, the bastards.” Mark Twain

Once again I have been let into the mysterious workings of your mind. Surely no goat could mind control that! – BL

Your a dangerous stupid shit. The cancer industry may well be a scam, but I don’t think its even as close as your crackpot mind at thinks it is. A good chunk of that cancer industry scam is your natural health mates – RP

Hey – Big ups from an old old man. I donโ€™t surf much anymore โ€“ but what fun this site is – CC

I’m intrigued about many of your topics mentioned โ€“ consumerism, Monsanto, Dow, Du Pont, Bayer, 911, genetic engineering; those topics are not a staple of the American news diet. I believe they’ve affected our ability to exist in America, not to mention what they’ve done to the planet. (I’m sure Condoleeza Rice is analyzing my email right now and I’ll probably have a Guantanimo vacation soon for the asking) – BS

First of all thank you for informing me that there’s such a conspiracy (it really is) about the main search engine. It’s the same for wahooo and ciul and all others. Actually it’s all the same, there’s just one search engine in the world.. there’s no yho, no alta vissta, no bindd, no ask, no, no nothing, is all ggl. THE SAME RESULTS EVERYWHERE! Just tipe “fuck ggl (real name of the s.engine)” in ciul and you’ll se what results if gives – and this should be the biggest competition of ggl. They back themselves up.

Read this:

ggl censor the words “fakk yhoo” how do we expect to find reliable information about alternative – energy, alt. fuels, alt_medicine, alt_searchengines and other.

I can’t find reliable web sites giving information about the ggl cen–sorsh-ip ether so if you know any pls send it to me – NH

Dude, you need to move into the 21st century. Seriously – RW


hi dude, im not sure if i really liked all the info on your pages, but what i had appreciated is your honesty and yourself. Would like to meet u one day – Just one question: do u like mountains??

PS sorry for the short, scribbled style of this mail but just recently i broke my right hand while trying to slide a stair’s handrail with my bike… – CN

Thanks for the dow info on your site. i’ve been looking into it a lot more lately. my mom had leaking implants and nursed my brother and I on them for almost a year each. now we’re all decrepid, insane, and unhealthy but I guess it’s okay because if it weren’t for my mom having big fake boobs, my dad might not have noticed her in the titty bar, knocking her up, then
she giving birth to me and my brother ๐Ÿ™‚

The microwave thing is interesting, too. I’ll have to go back and read the rest of your site after my brain repairs from stumbling across your keyword spam google page. I’m going to have to steal your image of the guy getting his balls kicked and plaster it on forums full of idiotic teenagers who get on my nerves though… i hope you don’t mind. – MP

Send me a pic of you naked and l’ll think about it – MC

Hi, we appreciate your help in lobbying to revoke this silly and harmful helmet law, thanks – PM

Is it my mutton chops or your navel that’s giving them wood? – TE

I am writing to you regarded your very insightful website, and information provided on Apricot Kernels. I would greatly appreciate your permission in using some of the information you have provided for an article I’m writing on the subject, in “What Medicine?” magazine, a nationwide publication within the UK. I hope to hear from you soon. – SB

Hello my friend, We are liking to reading your daily blog thoughts on the internet. The internet is new here in our town. I live in Thule, Greenland. It is cold here, always. We are not riding bikes very much, I have a reindeer, Umlaut – he and I go riding together often. Sometimes he gives me the kissing with open mouth. It is dark night here very much. Umlaut is often a comfort. I am wishing that I could be riding bikes and doing death verts in Wellington.
Where can I post my opinions on your blog pages? Thankyou – EB

After further examining your website I have concluded that you have a terrible habit of only looking at one side of the issue – JS.

How can I contact you? It’s very hard for me as I’ve got Alzheimer’s disease in the first place, but usually I can find the place where a web page has a ‘feedback’ page that tells the email address of the person putting it up!

Skip Baker
Former President,
ASAP, American Society for Action on Pain.

“Whilst secrecy prevails, democracy withers & fails.”

Hey, I just added your Cocacola info as a link to my home page, and I’m coming back to read more of your siftings. We need more bloodhounds like you! Regards MD

You are such a morron! – coca-cola isn’t as bad as you think because it has aspartame; i’m a diabetic and i eat aspartame instead of sugar with al my meals and I haven’t had any complaints yet. I”ve been doing this for at least 15 years. So please, just stop making people paranoide about everything they eat or drink!! – NM

Yours is a very credible site that my students will enjoy – GL

You have clearly nailed your colours to the mast, and objectivity is not amongst them – BB

I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed reading through your site. It’s nice to find a site well laid out and with no misspellings! You have a lot of useful information and a very logical mind. I especially liked your article on Bike helmets. The other articles kept my attention for over an hour! Nice stuff! – KS

Basically i think you suck ass, why? because u hold some grudge against the coke company probably cause you ran out of coke at your house. ur making up this bullshit about coke being bad for your and having to much sugar in it so people will stop buying it so you can have all the coke for yourself. well im not falling for it! im going to buy as much coke as i can just to make you suffer asshole! oh yea, and ill be thinking of you when im guzzuling down my next fridgepack loser – BC

The U.S.A have also released GE Microbes on Mars the evil Nazi Bastards! – AH

One mustn’t break rules or attempt to trick Google, lest they awaken the almighty search engine gods and be struck down by their wrath – JP

I hope you haven`t been rendering inedible perfectly good vegetables – GE

your right, it is a good idea to drink soda. oh yea and how could i not i mean if i bring my empty coke can to six flags its buy one ticket get one free so holy shit, drink coke= ride sweet coasters. sweet! – BC

Please let me know how you get your website within the top 5 rankings on it is very vital that my website will be in the top 5 and so far my Organisation has limited funds which are all my own, it will be unlikely i get a grant or any financial help from anyone in time – AH

Hi i was just researching on some marijuana cooking 4 me & my m8s i was thinking if i use my whole stash 10oz in dat cannabutter, would i b able to boil it down into the same amount as u would in 1oz, but way way way more
potent. cause my shit is the best in all 4 citys it’s been though, best in NZ i’ve been told by friends and people at partys. well would it work and u can get wasted on 1 muffin ay bout hand size. just need clearance we gona have alot of fun if it works, just dont want to waste plz reply.

i just want 1 really powerful muffin 1 each and blow us all away or mabey 70z in one muffin make history in my town fukin fun if u know what i mean cause i got alot of weed 10 patches 6 plants a patch 6 feet tall min all females buckets of seeds i know care barrels a year trust me im only 15yrs of age but i know everything bout growing just mudd at cooking – JM

To me you sound like every other conspiracy theorist I’ve ever heard, in that you will utterly dismiss huge swathes of evidence and credible scientific input because it doesn’t suit your paranoid worldview.

I think it’s just as preposterous that you would think that a bunch of internet gossip contradicts the mass of evidence that the events of 9/11 actually happened – OB

As a general physician, I am highly concerned about the rampant use of coke and pepsi products for a simple reason: pH.

The blood must “religiously” maintains a basic pH of 7.35-7.45. Since a blood pH of less than 7.2 can result in death by cardiac arrest or metabolic acidosis, the body essentially “robs Peter to pay Paul” to ensure the blood pH remains within strict limits.

Since the pH scale is logarithmic, the pH of coke (about 3.4) is TEN THOUSAND times (10 to the 4th power) more acidic than the normal blood pH of about 7.4. Studies have shown that these acidic drinks increase the urinary excretion of calcium; it only makes simple sense that the source of this calcium is from bone since an increased level of calcium, absorbed from the bones, helps to buffer the pH of the blood to maintain that life-promoting pH of about 7.4.

Bottom line? Coke is hazardous to your health — no bones about it – AK

Hello, Im from the Society For The Preservation of Mexico’s Premium Nature Resource, The Spotted Back Spinc Mule. In the past SFTPoMPNR,TSBSM has campaigned for open trail use to all spotted back mules, or as we like to call them in the trade, SPHINCTERS. The SPHINCTERS get a hard time in their natural habitat of lower south west Mexico where Donkey stable boys often ritualistical sodomize them and tickle them with their engorged tadgers.

Please support our Ideals and get open trail use for the SPHINCTERS on all Mountain Pass’s Hill’s and City Streets, through your help only, you can aid in the preservation of the dirty smelly spinc mule and continue the legacy of love for the Mexican way of life. Thank you goodnight we love you all – EP

“I’m all lost in the supermarket
I can no longer shop happily
I came in here for that special offer
A guaranteed personality”

The Clash