After finally waking up to full extent of all the fake accounts on Steemit, I mostly lost interest and stopped posting at the start of February.

Now that I’ve got my head around the extent of the bots and AI on the platform, the big question is “Is there any point in sharing any of my blog posts on Steemit? Now that I’ve powered down they are going to get bugger all money, because most of it was coming from my own accounts, and I suspect very few of my remaining followers are real humans anyway. But there are a handful.

Using Steempress, all I have to do is untick one box and whammo, the post is shared. So I suppose I might do it occasionally.

But for 50 cents and six punk readers – can I be even be arsed hitting untick? OK, Today I’ll do it, because it’s like scratching an itch. Untick. Post.

And dealing with comments? – probably not – if you are an actual reader on Steemit, I’m sorry for being a bit of a prick, but please enjoy this picture of Hitler as a token of thanks for being real.

All you Steemit bots and AI accounts on the other hand can go and fuck yourselves. I hope you know who you are – buggered if I do…