As a blogger who doesn’t make even make videos and sometimes blogs about what a poor form of communication most videos are, having a Bitchute channel was not exactly an obvious choice. It all stemmed from the problem of posting links to videos in my blog posts only to have them disappear with YouTube’s constant censorship.

I haven’t posted many videos on Bitchute and they are all just ones I wanted to link to but thought might disappear. So far Bitchute has been pretty good in that regard, but some of the videos I posted did stop working. I don’t think that was censorship, just a technical problem. As of March 2023 I deleted the no go ones leaving 20 videos that still worked, and started again.

None of the videos on my Bitchute channel are my own, they are all shameless copy and paste jobs. Youtube have even removed some music videos I’ve linked to, hence the odd music video upload on Bitchute, but most of them are about more controversial topics.

My Bitchute channel is HERE


Latest Uploads:

This old video from 2010 is even more relevant now that was back then:

“If there’s one little word that can save your health – Just say NO. Say NO to the vaccine”

One thing about old horse face (ex New Zealand prime minister comrade Jacinda Ardern) was that it always liked to hoover down a few lines before going on TV to lie like a trooper

In this video Liz Gunn rips the horse faced tyranny a new hole!