David Dees was one of my favourite artists. He died on May 31 2020. I’ve been using his art on my blog posts for more than a decade.

Normies just can’t cope with him at all. Here is one review of his art:

“David Dees believes in all the conspiracies. No, seriously. All of them. His cartoons have featured every possible conspiracy theory, and in every possible combination. You want a picture of Obama wearing a crown of thorns and smiling weirdly as he emerges from an egg labeled “Fascist World Government” perched atop a pile of gold coins, while a herd of sheep in the background hold up signs reading “O Baaa Ma!”? How about Satan holding a flaming Earth near a tree with the face from the Shroud of Turin at a Bohemian Grove meeting attended by Bill ClintonGeorge W. BushVladimir Putin, and Bigfoot?[3] A mother with robot legs and a gas mask offering a pie (from which double-helixes float upwards) to her son (the top of whose head has been replaced with an apple labeled “GMO“) and daughter (whose head is a potato for some reason), with chemtrails visible through a large window?  The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Freemasons using HAARP to create a fake water shortage in California as part of Agenda 21? A warehouse with an Illuminati-esque eye in a pyramid staring down at a skeleton in a labcoat labeled “CDC“, while said skeleton stirs a giant vat labeled with the UN logo and the word “VACCINE” into which pipes labeled “Live Ebola Virus“, “Monosodium Glutamate” and “Squalene Adjuvents” are emptying?. If so, David Dees has your back.”


Here are some awesome David Dees pictures: