This is one of those mass emails where I just send something to everyone on my contacts list in the hope that it makes amends for ignoring most of you for the past year.

I’m sure many of you will think “oh there goes another bloody spam email” and hit delete, but if you feel like replying it would be great to hear from you.

Because I don’t generally use social media or phones for personal communication, this email is it, and I won’t be sending out an Xmas text!

Here is an edited version of photo I took at a protest march a few years ago that for some reason I think sums up 2020 perfectly, so this is sort of a digital Xmas card.



If you are stalking me online I’m all over the internet, still using the original domain that we set up in 1998, as well as blogging on new front ends based on the Hive blockchain like Peakd:

The only other platform I regularly use is Gab, which is great for sharing memes –

Doing a bit of research for a couple of blog posts about social media I tested out a bunch of different platforms, and like some try hard social influencer, I have a bunch of accounts that I only very occasionally look at, such as Flote, Bitchute, Discord, Pinterest, and even a couple of accounts on dodgy old Facebook.

And now I also have a bunch of other accounts on platforms that I never look at all, including Twitter, Parler, MeWe, Minds, Uptrennd, Wimkin, Publish0x, Instagram, Pocketnet, and not forgetting the festering remains of Steemit.

As a break from all the blogging and obsessing over crypto currencies, I have set up a little website just for posting pictures – memes, lolpics, photos, art – there are about 2000 images so far and a lot more to come – that is and for a change from signing everything Frot I have signed a bunch of stuff with the Sift URL.

This meme totally cracks me up and could also be a good 2020 Xmas card. It’s not one of my own memes, but Iggy is a legend.


If you have managed to scroll all the way down this far, here is a bonus picture, and have a great Xmas.