As part of my ongoing experiments with testing out alternative platforms for blogging, in a feeble attempt to get around Google’s relentless blacklisting, recently I have mostly been posting short posts on my new Blogger account WWW.SIFT.CO.NZ (in the belly of the beast!)

This is my forth monthly compilation post and it contains some of my SIFT Blogger posts from September 2023:


Gwen Stefani is an American singer and songwriter who came to fame in the 1990s as the lead singer for the band No Doubt before starting a solo career.
A MTF invert deceiving the masses and in particular young women, with body image and identity issues, Stefani seemed sad and tortured in her lyrics, which often alluded to her struggles with being an invert in disguise.
When “I’m Just a Girl” came out in 1995 I thought it was great, but the messages in this video went totally over my head. Watching it now, the lyrics, Gwen Stafani’s mannish looks, and all those images of urinals and public toilets, are not lost on me! Still a great song though.
“Cause I’m just a girl I’d rather not be
‘Cause they won’t let me drive late at night
Oh I’m just a girl, guess I’m some kind of freak
‘Cause they all sit and stare with their eyes”
(excerpt from“Just a girl”)
“Can you tell I’m faking it?
But I want to be myself
A counterfeit disposition
Can’t be good for my health
So many different faces
Depending on the different phases”
(excerpt from “Magic’s in the makeup”)
Notable Details:
-large clavicle and shoulder skeletal structure
-angular mandible and large male skull
-large trachea and visible adam’s apple
-devil horn’s hand symbols to give allegiance to her god
-straight torso with no female hips
-666 hand sign showing who she worships
-adonis belt visible in various images
 And more recently, seen here on the right in 2023:


While it’s blatantly obvious to anyone who is not mind programed that the mainstream media is wall to wall bollocks, a lot of more thoughtful people seem to believe most of what is promoted by the “alt-media”


But with their classic play both sides tactics the deep state/zionists/jewish elite/ globalists/freemasons/satanists/illuminati/woketards/etc (select evil scum of choice) are also controlling almost all of the “alt-media”. So it’s not really alternative at all, it’s mainly just an endless sea of fudporn (Fudporn = Fear Uncertainty & Doubt programing).

Key glove puppets in the alt media clown show range from the blatantly obvious shills like Alex Jones and Russell Brand, who both redefine FAF (Fake As Fuck) to reasonably credible looking presenters like David Icke or Max Igan who don’t really start to fall to bits until you start digging.


Are there any real “conspiracy” researchers? Maybe a few, but they are not easy to find. Miles Mathis does some really interesting work, most of which I’ve read, and he is certainly not sticking to the approved narratives, nor is he producing much fudporn – on the contrary, he usually concludes everything was faked, so well worth a look.


Claiming that there will be a massive world changing event on a certain date is a long held tradition of the “alt media”. There are several really juicy dates, such as September 11 and September 23. I might be jumping the gun here saying that Sep 23 this year is another non event (yet again), but here in New Zealand (first country to see the new light) it’s already half way through Sept 24 and nothing really happened. Although I guess there is still a few hours left in Alaska so almost enough time to start WW3.


Something to keep in mind is that we are told that the shit is going to hit the fan on Sept 23 EVERY FRIGGING YEAR… It’s true these dates constantly feature in Hollywood movies and American music videos, but as with anything, we need to ask “WHY ARE BEING REPEATEDLY GIVEN THIS INFORMATION?” Always remember that Fudporn is another key tactic of mind programing, and that being BOLD, CERTAIN & CONFIDENT is what “they” fear.



Although this post is directed at New Zealanders it applies to pretty much all “democracies” 



Why your vote in next months NZ selections in meaningless.


If you think your ‘vote’ matters, you are kidding yourself. Voting is not what you think it is…
Did you know, that the organisation that claims it is an elected body, representing the people, known as the Government of New Zealand is an incorporated company? With ministers being the shareholders/Directors?
Did you know that politicians are ‘appointed’ to office?
Did you know, that within corporations, only shareholders get to vote, not the stock?
Did you know that by giving your vote (voice) you give them power of attorney to do whatever they want on your behalf?
Did you know that under the laws of war they are an occupying force?
Did you know that by identifying as one of theirs you lose all your inalienable rights?
Did you know that entities claiming to be governments with jurisdiction over you and me, are liars. Flat out liars, thieves and fraudsters?
Did you know you can claim back your power of attorney and inalienable rights?


OK, To get things started here are three MALE CHARACTERISTICS

# 1. Having a COCK. Yes, for real, let’s not beat around the bush here, this is a major give away. Mostly they keep them well hidden, but not always, and it’s not only Michelle Obama who tends to let things out of the bag sometimes. “Lady Gaga” likes to wave his dick around onstage, and there are quite a few others who look damn strange in a swimsuit.

Michael Robinson scores very high on the Tranny list – about 20/20 in fact!

Pamela Anderson used to pack her lunch much better back in Baywatch days!

#2. Having a brow ridge. Apart from #1, this list is in random order. But it is very rare for females to have a brow ridge. Brow ridge reduction is one of the key surgery procedures done in  Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS),  a set of surgical procedures that alter typically male facial features to make them closer in shape and size to typical female facial features. It includes various bone and/or soft tissue procedures such as foreheadplasty to change the shape of the forehead bone or move the frontal hairline, brow lift, rhinoplasty, cheek implantation, and lip augmentation as well as facial hair removal. – http://aaronstonemd-plasticsurgery

#3. Having an Adam’s apple. Some women do have visable Adam’s apples, but the shape is usually different to male ones and they are seldom large angular bulges. One of the reasons Sandra Bullock is so often discussed in transvestigation circles is that she has a very masculine Adam’s apple, along with a wide range of other masculine features, along with an unusual name. (Names are another area of investigation, but I haven’t got into that here because this list is focusing on biological markers)

Males tend to have a much more prominent Adam’s apple than females. The Adam’s apple can be reduced with a procedure called a “tracheal shave” or “Chondrolaryngoplasty”. This is best done via an incision in the natural neck skin crease above the Adam’s apple to give the least noticeable scar. It is not always possible to make a large Adam’s apple invisible with this procedure, rather the intent is to change it from the masculine 90 degree Adam’s apple angle to the feminine 120 degree Adam’s apple angle – http://aaronstonemd-plasticsurgery



These are the official 2023 figures for Microsoft usage – Windows 10 & 11 – it blows me away that over 96% of Microsoft users are using this crap!

Microsoft ends for me at Win 7 (I’ll never use anything newer) and I’m already using Linux Mint to some extent – Linux is the future, Microsoft lost it after 7


Who? – Fiona Apple McAfee-Maggart (DOB 77.09.13) is an American singer-songwriter. She released five albums from 1996 to 2020, one of which was called “Fetch the Bolt Cutters”
“in order to feel safe while home alone, Apple “would roller-skate around the dining-room table 88 times, 88 being the number of keys on the piano.”
 Junker JU 88 (it’s amazing how often the number 88 pops up!)

 “That’s how the public sees me, as this pretty little girl, and I’m sure Sony’s very happy about that. Because if you’re pretty, you’re more marketable. But that’s wrong. And that’s what puts pressure on me more than anything. I hate it. When I was younger and ugly, nobody liked me. Now people like me because I’m pretty? “

Read More:


That was a question I was just asked on another platform. To tell the truth I have accounts on most of them but would rather just post here on Blogger with the comments turned off because social media platforms seem to be mainly places to interact with AI or retards and I can’t be arsed.



But I’ve been keeping more of an eye on things lately as all sorts of bullshit is going on in New Zealand. There is another fake election next month, where a new globalist puppet government will be selected, although there do seem to be some signs that more people are slowly waking up with movements like Voices For Freedom (VFF) growing.

I’m not a fan of Facebook, but have to admit that it’s where the action is, and it’s the most popular platform by a country mile. But I’m having another two week break from looking at it because it’s certainly not a healthy place to dwell!

This is my current FB account (I have four because they used to be constantly getting suspended)


 A big protest is underway today here in Wellington New Zealand. The weak lying globalist puppet corporation illegally claiming to be a “government”, is instructing their propaganda media to lie even more than usual, spreading fear of violence in the streets and telling everyone to stay home and hide, just like they did for the imaginary virus. EVERY DAY THESE CLOWNS LOOK WEAKER as more people wake up to their lies.


Lambton Quay, Wellington New Zealand


 With New Zealand’s next SELECTION coming up next month, like many people I was looking around for any alternatives to the globalist puppet parties (Punch & Judy) who will be selected to continue carrying out the commands of their globalist masters, who are aiming to destroy our economy and entire society so they can buy it up dirt cheap.



Like a lot of my friends I had recently started wondering if Liz Gunn (NZ Loyal) might be a genuine alternative. She seemed to be saying some good things. BUT she had just popped up out of nowhere at the last minute, and was effectively splitting the non-globalist vote. That is a tactic controlled opposition often do, particularly in Europe, so that made her actions suspicious.

She is ex-mainstream media and has left a trail of interviews behind her. Seeing just part of this one was the final straw for me. It is sickening – here she was interviewing Helen Clarke’s ex bendover boy Max Harris and she gushes all over this creepy little turd for TWO HOURS!

In the hierarchy of globalist scum they don’t come much lower than this maggot, so there is really no excuse for this performance. All my doubts about Liz Gunn have now gone after seeing this interview (& there are quite a few other similar ones) – sadly, she looks 100% fake to me.

This may well be a harsh response and I was asked if I plan to share Liz Gunn’s response to this video. Here it is:

My response to her response: She is good at covering herself, very pro, but really, she was nearly slobbing on Max Harris’s knob (if he has one) and saying she used to be ignorant doesn’t cover that appalling level of ignorance. That is not really all that long ago and many of us fully knew this stuff. It shows no foresight at all. Helen Clark is scum and that was obvious right from the start. I’m not certain if she is a tranny but I am certain she works for the most evil fuckers on the planet and that was her personal gimp Liz Gunn was gushing on. Claiming ignorance is a real stretch there.

Yes we all have a past – but personally I knew full well the UN was pure evil 20+ years ago, and I knew about covid/corona/faking the flu as a pandemic back when it was called other names like Sars back in 2015 – that is really entry level stuff. If Liz Gunn didn’t know that stuff it’s a red flag.

I really want Liz Gunn to be genuine, she seems likeable alongside all the complete turds in politics, but so far, applying the same sort of questions I apply to anything, she is coming up short, and at this point her likely effect on the outcome of the next Selection appears likely to be unhelpful.

At this point I’m tossing up between voting for Winnie or not voting at all. Truth is I don’t think it will make much difference, but Winnie has such a massive ego that he may refuse to play to the script, and so might weaken the puppet government’s position. That might be good, but even that is a difficult guess given that the globalists WANT NZ to collapse, and that might help that aim.


In the the 15th and 17th Centuries, gong farmers dug out human wastes from privies and cesspits. This job no longer exists, but the term GONG FARMER could be useful online!


 “Gong was Old English for both the fecal matter and medieval toilet repository, itself. Gong farmers were to work only at night. They emptied a castle’s collective cesspit every two years, but also accepted payment for individual privies, as well. They toiled for two shillings per ton — centuries before indoor plumbing arrived”



If everyone is going to celebrate the 911 psyop, it would be good to discuss who really did it.



 This sort of talk certainly winds some people up online, but even on Jewish owned and controlled Facebook, lately the AI is letting us call out the h0l0h0ax right there on the Mossad controlled platform. On the one hand we probably need to ask why, but on the other we might as well let rip!









 The alternative media is another hotbed of fudporn and mind programming, and the so called alt media is as corrupting as the mainstream.  Although I’ve been delving into this stuff for over 20 years now I’ve never been more uncertain about what is really going on with any of it – layer upon layer of mind programming – I’d like to do a blog post but I suspect I’m way behind all the layers.


I just re-watched the movie V for Vendetta a few days ago because I was being asked about it – what a can of worms! But that also applies to the original Matrix movie. Talk about play both sides…

 And a lot of people in the alt side of things don’t seem to see any of the scam, not even at the Alex Jones level.



 While Mr E does tend to get carried away, calling just about every celeb in Hollywood a tranny, and pushing things way over the line as far as believability goes,  then adding religious fundamentalism and flat earth ravings into the mix to totally trash any remaining credibility, sometimes he really nails one.


In this video he says the actor Michael Pitt is Female To Male (FTM):


While I’m not entirely convinced about that, where it gets interesting is his ex “girlfriend”, model Jamie Bochert (AKA “Francis Wolf”) who is one of the most obvious trannies I’ve ever seen.

This is totally twisted! (100% fail for this one on any transvestigation!)


 About 20 years ago when you logged in to a website you usually clicked on a button saying either “login” or “enter”



Now most websites want you to “SUBMIT” This is no accident, it is part of the constant process of programming the masses to be submissive sheeple.

“Submit” means to yield or surrender to the will or authority of another.

Like wearing a face muzzle, constantly clicking on buttons that say “SUBMIT” helps to turn you into a mind controlled GIMP. Take note of these little things, they all contribute to the current totally fucked up situation we are in…

Bible thumpers really were the original sheeple – I suspect that ancestors of the same maggots who wrote Agenda 2030 originally wrote “the bible” – beginning thousands of years of SUBMISSION…




This movie from 1987, based on a Norman Mailer book, got terrible reviews when it came out, and many people consider it to be appalling. In some ways it is, but I have to say I still think it is one of the most entertaining movies I’ve ever seen.



I have just watched it again, and still found it enthralling. Yes the acting is a bit odd, but compared to the limp, woke, turgid crap that passes for movies these days, this is a work of sheer genius.

The reviews are terrible but ignore them, reviewers don’t know shit from chewed dates. And this movie is definitely chewed dates!

This review is quite entertaining really:

 “Tough Guys Don’t Dance is trash, but it’s amusingly self-important trash, a film that lays open the vanities and miscalculations of the creative force behind it”

“For bad movie fans, it’s a masterpiece of over-ripe dialogue, ridiculously melodramatic situations, and rabid, macho posturing that curdles the moment it hits the screen. Over 30 years later, we’re still talking about Tough Guys Don’t Dance”