Faraday cloth for sanity

Last night I slept under a Faraday cloth cover and for the first time in about six weeks I had a full nights real sleep with no night sweats and slept in one uninterrupted block from 11pm to 7am dreaming all night. Then I woke up, rolled over and immediately went back to another two hours of dreaming. And my dreams were pretty cool too – a bit dystopian but I was at least winning!

For the past six weeks I haven’t dreamt at all and have woken up about every two hours soaked in sweat with a completely blank mind like I was turning into a Non Playable Character (NPC) from some horrible video game.

So I’m now even more convinced that the evil scum attempting to destroying this country are radiating the living fuck out of us with 5G and I recommend getting some Faraday cloth.

It’s available online from places like Ali Express but there doesn’t seem to be much sold locally in NZ – it’s probably available somewhere, a bit of digging around may be required.