After using DMSO for a few months, I’m amazed by what it can do. I’ve been struggling with chronic and worsening back pain that became so severe late last year that for several days I couldn’t even stand or sit, let alone walk, and I was reduced to crawling to get around the house. It got a bit better after about a week, but I was very restricted in what I could do for months. And I have other chronic health issues including seizures, exhaustion, and skin problems.

I was recommended to use DMSO along with MSM, but to be honest I’ve tried a huge range of supplements and treatments over the past 20 years without much success on the back pain, so my expectations were not all that high. But I read the book “The DMSO Handbook For Doctors” by Archie H Scott, and it sounded really impressive stuff so I was keen to try it.

I’d better include some personal health background here because I’m probably not exactly typical. I started racing bicycles as a teenager and already had chronic back ache by the time I was 16. Then I got into motorcross, and later downhill mountainbike racing. I’ve also been in three car write offs, and had more than a dozen concussions, including one that took months to even semi recover from. A full body MRI scan showed that I’ve had multiple fractures, including seven fractured vertebrae, and a broken left leg that was rebuilt with a bunch of stainless steel extras. I estimate I’ve had more than 20 fractures and breakages.

But that is not my most major health issue – after five years of increasingly severe head aches and loss of balance, hearing and vision, I finally had an MRI scan in 2002 that showed I had a benign brain tumour the size of a golf ball. I was told that unless I had brain surgery I would be dead within a year, and that was the beginning of my interest in “alternative” health. Even back then I could see I wanted as little to do with mainstream medicine as possible. I’m grateful for the leg rebuild and a good bone reset that was done on my left arm, but apart from that I’ve avoided doctors like the plague.


After finding out I had a huge brain tumour I was very motivated to make any changes that could help, and part of that process was that I’ve been careful with my diet for more than 20 years now, constantly testing and refining it. I eat a sugar free, gluten free, Weston A Price based, low carb diet, mostly organic, with no fluoridated water (including the water I bathe in, because it also absorbs through the skin) and I take a big collection of supplements including zinc, magnesium, Vic C, Vit D, and cod liver oil. In fact I got so into supplements that it became a business importing and selling them. But for some reason I had never researched DMSO. It was actually on my list to look at next but I hadn’t got around to it, and recently my back was in such a state I couldn’t think straight, so was mostly just lying in bed on memory foam watching old movies.

My first experience with DMSO was to take a teaspoon of it in a glass of water. It was about the most disgusting tasting stuff I’ve ever had, and I also spilt a few drops on the wooden table and was gob smacked to see it rapidly take the varnish off. It literally is paint stripper and tastes like it too. An hour later I was told I stunk, with revolting smelling breath. But I had a good night’s sleep, and when I woke up I started noticing the good effects (apart from the fact that the room now stunk). I already had improvements! My back already felt a bit better, but the bigger changes were in my left hip, and I was able to lie on my left side, after not being able to do that for the past six months because it hurt too much, and the chronic pain in my left foot had completely gone.

That was an amazing start after less than 12 hours. Continuing to take 1 teaspoon twice a day, along with a teaspoon of MSM, mixed with Vit C powder and two big squirts of vanilla stevia to partly hide the taste, I have kept on improving. After 48 hours the chronic pain I’ve had for over a year in the third finger of my left hand had vastly improved, and my totally seized up back has continued slowly gaining movement. To start with I just gently moved my hips and my back initially started making graunching sounds as it slowly started moving again.

After three days I started hearing proper clunks from vertebrae releasing as I moved my back, a bit like I was having chiropractic treatments, and by the forth day I was able to do some gardening. I wore a back brace, and was very tired after two hours, but that was the first time I’d done any real physical work three months. I recovered overnight and was able to do more again the next day. And on the following day I did an hour of gardening without the back brace, and felt OK. I was also able to start doing some easy stretches.

The gardening is an important benchmark, because not only does that tend to cause my back pain, but also it is often linked to the grand mal seizures that I’ve had from time to time over the past 15 years. I’ve had about a dozen of them. Generally the pattern is that I have been physically tired, and then have had a seizure at some point in the following 18 hours. And as I thrash about having the seizure I usually mess my back up further.

The brain tumour is probably the main cause of the seizures and the back pain, and I have wondered why I got one in the first place? My best guess is that it was a combination of head injuries, using a cordless phone on my left ear for two hours a day at work, (the tumour is on the left side), and being physically run down from a poor diet while doing excessive exercise, sometimes taking stimulants like guarana to try and keep going when I needed to rest.

Because I have never worked with the medical system, I’ve only had three MRI scans, two in 2002 and one in 2019. Doctors said it was inevitable that the tumour would keep growing until it killed me off, but the two scans in 2002 showed it to be the same size, (about 35mm or similar sized to a golf ball) and in the one from 2019 it was actually a few mm smaller. So it’s essentially just a big lump in my head that affects the blood flow and has been there for at least 25 years. I have no idea if the DMSO will help to reduce it, but as all tumours are collection points for toxins and DMSO helps to push toxins from the body, it is one of my hopes.

I’m not jabbed, have never worn a mask, and have taken no part in the covid hoax, so none of my seizures were caused by injections or lack of oxygen.

After a week on DMSO my skin has also improved, with a couple of chronic red itchy patches (mainly in and around my ears) now vastly improved. And I am mentally sharper and more focussed. Stress wise, the past week has not been good, and my diet is otherwise unchanged, so at this point I think the DMSO is the only good input and it’s working wonders. If I had to work with other people, the fact that I totally stink would be a problem, but other than that it has no side effects. My energy levels are also much improved.