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whiritoa beach

Whiritoa Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula


Whiritoa Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula from the north end


Looking north from the East Cape lighthouse, the most easterly point of mainland New Zealand and the first place on earth to see the sunrise


The east coast, near Gisbourne



Kuratau – Lake Taupo



On the road – south of Waiouru


Lake Ferry (Lake Onoke) Wairapa – it’s a bit like being on the moon I guess – unless David Icke is right and the moon is actually a death star so it might be quite different


Hawkins Hill Wellington


Picton ferry, Wellington Harbour



Yachts in Wellington Harbour


Cape Foulwind – it’s a lot better than it sounds – nice cafe and not really much windier than Wellington. Check out that Honda Goldwing 1800 – the South Island is full of classic motorbikes


The Pancake Rocks at Punakaiki on the West Coast


Mitre Peak in Milford Sound


Lake Wakatipu – Queenstown


Lake Wakatipu from the east end


Baldwin St, Dunedin – world’s steepest street (it’s in the Guiness Book of Records!) – 1 in 2.8


Bluff aluminium smelter


All photos taken by Ian Gregson


www.frot_.co_.nz_.40x80.black_Physical Map of New Zealand - North Island NZ



A few extra New Zealand place names


Abbess Peak
Abbey Pass
Abbot Peak
ABC Cave
Abel Glacier
Abel Janszoon Glacier
Abel Lake
Abel Tasman National Park
Abel Tasman Point
Abel Tasman Roadstead
Abruzzi Glacier
Abseil Peak
Acacia Bay North
Acacia Bay South
Access Peak
Acheron Flat
Acheron Lakes
Achilles Peak
Achilles Point
Aciphylla Creek
Ada Flat
Adam Creek
Adam Creek
Adams Burn
Adams Col
Adams Flat
Adams Glacier
Adams Hill
Adams Stream
Adderley Head
Adelaide Peak
Adelaide Tarn
Adit Stream
Admirals Bay
Admirals Pool
Adverse Creek
Adverse Glacier
Aeroplane Flat
Aeroplane Peak
Agfa Knob
Agnes Lake
Agnes Stream
Ahimate Stream
Ahuriri Post Office
Ahuriri Railway Station
Ainsley Creek
Ajax Peak
Ajax Stream
Akapatiki Flat
Akaroa Head
Akatere District
Akatere Road
Akeake Stream
Akersten Bay
Alabaster Pass
Alamein Peak
Alan Stream
Albany Heights
Albert Channel
Albert Peak
Albert Reef
Albert Town
Albion Inlet
Alcove Stream
Alec Mountain
Alexander McKay Falls
Alexandra Peak
Alhambra Rock
Alice Glen
Alice Peak
All Day Bay
Allans Point
Allen Range
Allen Swamp
Allison Mountain
Alma Col
Alma Heights
Alma Saddle
Alma Spur
Alph Stream
Alpha Creek
Alpha Mountain
Alpheus Creek
Alpine Lake/Ata Puai
Alsops Bay
Amazon Peak
Amazons Breasts Peaks
Amber Col
Amberley Beach Lagoon
Ambrose Saddle
Ambury Bluff
Amherst Glacier
Amokura Railway Station
Amphion Peak
Amphitheatre Creek
Amphlett Stream
Amuri Plain
Amuri Range
Anamata Stream
Ananui Falls
Ananui Stream
Anapuhipuhi Blowhole
Anarewa Stream
Anatakupu Island
Anatori River
Anaura Road
Anawera Point
Anderson Peak
Anderson Stream
Andrews Stream
Angel Col
Angel Spur
Angelus Peak
Angelus Ridge
Angus Flat
Aniseed Hill
Anita Peak
Āniwaniwa Falls
Ann Point
Anna Stream
Annear Creek
Annedale Stream
Annetta Mountain
Annette Plateau
Annick Peak
Anniversary Point
Anstey Stream
Ant Stream
Anticline Creek
Antoinette Mountain
Antony Creek
Aoraki/Mount Cook
Aorangi Range
Aorangi Stream
Aotea Reef
Apirana Peak
Apiti Saddle
Apogee Creek
Apollo Creek
Apollo Peak
Apple Tree Bay
Appleyard Stream
Apricot Flat
Araara Island
Aran Brook
Arapawa Bay Post Office
Arapito Creek
Aratoro Stream
Arawhata Glacier
Arawhata River
Arawhata Rock Bivouac
Arawhata Saddle
Arawhata State Forest
Arawhata Stream
Arcade Creek
Arcade Glacier
Arcade Saddle
Archer Point
Archers Stream
Ardmore College Post Office
Arete Stream
Arethusa Icefall
Arethusa Pool
Argument Creek
Argyle Substation
Armadillo Saddle
Armistice Peak
Armour Bay
Armour Stream
Armoury Glacier
Armoury Range
Armstrong Creek
Armstrong Gully
Armstrong Mountain
Armstrong Saddle
Arnott Creek
Arnst River
Aroaro Bay
Arohaki Lagoon
Aropaoanui Block
Aropaoanui River
Aropaoanui Road
Arrow Face
Artemis Peak
Arthur Pass Post Office
Arthur Pass Railway Station
Arthur Range
Arthurs Creek
Arthur’s Pass
Arthur’s Pass Township
Ascot Park
Ash Creek
Ashburton Peak
Ashburton River/Hakatere
Ashley River/Rakahuri
Ashworths Ponds
Ashworths Spit
Aspinall Peak
Aspiring Flats
Assault Glacier
Astelia Lake
Astelia Stream
Ataahua Gorge
Ataata Point
Atau Paparua
Athene Col
Athene Creek
Athene Mountain
Athlone Stream
Atiamuri Post Office
Atihau Island
Atiu or Middle Island
Atiwhakatu Stream
Atkinson Stream
Atlas Creek
Atuatumoe Falls
Atuatumoe Stream
Aulem Creek
Austral Creek
Avalon Creek
Avalon Peak
Aviemore Power Station
Avoca Col
Avoca Glacier
Avoca Mountain
Avon River/Ōtakaro
Awaateatua Beach
Awaateatua Survey District
Awanui Stream
Awarau Creek
Awaroa Point
Awaroa Stream
Awaroa/Godley Head
Awatea Peak
Axehandle Stream
Axius Flats
Axius Glacier
Axius Peak
Ayesha Stream

Aylmers Hill
Aylmers Stream
Aynsley Creek
Ayrdale Stream
Ayres Ridge


Baber Creek
Baber Forks
Back Basin
Back Beach
Back Bush Stream
Back Peak
Back Range Stream
Back Ridge
Backbone Peak
Bacon Stream
Baghdad Creek
Bagpipe Creek
Baigent Creek
Baker Hill
Baker Track
Bakers Creek
Balaclava Basins
Balaclava Ridge
Balaclava Saddle
Balaclava Saddle
Balancing Rock
Bald Hills
Bald Hills Stream
Bald Knob
Bald Mountain
Bald Spur Stream
Baldy Hill
Baleine Point
Balfour Stream
Balgueri Stream
Balguerie Stream
Ballium Snowfield
Balloon Stream
Ballroom Overhang
Balmacaan Saddle
Balmacaan Stream
Balmoral Irrigation Scheme
Bandit Peak
Bandolero Col
Bardolph Peak
Baring Head/Ōrua-pouanui
Bark Bay Reef
Barking Dog Hill
Barlow Glacier
Barlow Peak
Barlows Pool
Barnard Stream
Barneys Stream
Barnicoat Range
Barr Stream
Barra Stream
Barrett Lagoon
Barrier Falls
Barrier Ice Stream
Barrington Creek
Barrington Peak
Barron Bold
Barron Flat
Barrowman Flat
Barrowman Lake
Barrys Bay Stream
Bartletts Railway Station
Bartrum Bay
Bartrum Stream
Basin Creek
Basin Peak
Basin Stream
Basket Stream
Bastion Peaks
Bates Stream
Bathing Beach
Bats Cave
Battery Point
Battlement Peak
Bauza Island
Baylys Beach
Baylys Beach Post Office
Baynes Creek
Beach Haven
Beacon Hill
Beacon Point
Bealey Chasm
Bealey Spur
Beau Saddle
Beckett Stream
Bedford Valley
Beef Creek
Beelzebub Glacier
Beggs Pool
Belfield Stream
Belfry Peak
Bell Island
Bell Knoll
Bellard Creek
Bellbird Ridge
Bellbird Stream
Bells Creek
Belltopper Falls
Belvedere Peak
Ben Hope
Ben More Stream
Ben Ross
Bendall Creek
Bendrose Stream
Benmore Hydro-electric Scheme
Ben-nagar Peak
Bennett Stream
Bens Bay
Benson Peak
Benvenue Cliffs
Beresford Creek
Beresford Peak
Berghan Point
Bernard Burn
Bernard Peak
Bernard Stream
Berts Creek
Best Island
Betsy Island
Bettison Stream
Betty Hill
Betty Peak
Beuzenberg Peak
Bickerstaffe Creek
Biddy Creek
Big Ben Saddle
Big Ben Stream
Big Bend
Big Bend Pool
Big Bight
Big Boggy Burn
Big Bungaree
Big Bush
Big Bush Stream
Big Bush Stream
Big Creek
Big Fan Creek
Big Flora
Big Glory Bay
Big Goat Hill
Big Gully
Big Gully
Big Hellfire Beach
Big Hill
Big Hopwood Burn
Big Hump
Big Island
Big King Rock
Big Kuri Bay
Big Paddock Creek
Big Range
Big Rock
Big Rock Beach
Big Rough
Big Sand Pass
Big Sandhill
Big Ship Passage
Big Spur
Big Stream
Bijleveld Col
Billhook Point
Billies Knob
Billy Goat Track
Billy Joe Stream
Billy McCoy Creek
Billy Stream
Billys Spur
Binser Saddle
Birch Hill
Birdlings Flat
Birdlip Stream
Birley Glacier
Bishop and Clerks Islands
Bishop Stream
Bishops Cauldron
Black Angel Stream
Black Bluff
Black Creek
Black Forest Cove
Black Forest Stream
Black Gate Gully
Black Hill
Black Hole
Black Jack Stream
Black Jacks Creek
Black Jacks Island
Black Jacks Point
Black Lakes
Black Mountain
Black Mountain Range
Black Peak
Black Peak
Black Point
Black Reef Bay
Black Ridge
Black Rock
Black Rock Point
Black Rocks
Black Stream
Black Tower Peak
Black Valley
Blackball Ridge
Blackberry Pool
Blackley Stream
Blackney Point
Blacksmith Point
Blacksmith Spur
Blackstone Hill
Blackwater Creek
Blaikie Stream
Blainslie Stream
Blairlogie Stream
Blake Peak
Blake Stream
Blancmange Rock
Blands Bluff
Blanket Bay
Blarney Glen
Bledisloe Gorge
Blewitt Gully
Blimit Peak
Blind Creek
Blind Passage
Blind Spur
Blind Spur Stream
Blinkers Stream
Blizzard Peak
Blockade Peak
Blockhouse Bay Post Office
Blockhouse Stream
Blondin Stream
Bloody Point
Bloomfield Creek
Bloomfield Range
Blowfly Creek
Blowhard Stream
Blowing Point
Bloxham Lake
Blue Cliffs
Blue Cliffs Ridge
Blue Duck Stream
Blue Gum Island
Blue Lagoon
Blue Lakes
Blue Mountain
Blue Mountain Stream
Blue Pool
Blue Range
Blue Rock Stream
Blue Stream
Bluegum Stream
Bluff Creek
Bluff Point
Blumine Island (Oruawairua)
Blythe Valley
Boakes Creek
Boat Bay Stream
Boat Harbour
Boat Hill
Bob Spur
Bobs Point
Bobs Spur
Bobs Stream
Boddington Range
Boggy Creek
Boil Gully
Boiler Flat
Bokel Bay
Bokel Creek
Bolton Stream
Boltons Gully Lagoon
Boltons Gully Stream
Bonar Flats
Bone Yard
Bonnie Jean Creek
Border Creek
Borlase Stream
Borough of Tawa
Borrell Creek
Borrell Creek Cutting
Bostaquet Bay
Botany Creek
Bottle Hill
Bottle Lake
Boulcott Post Office
Boulder Bay
Boulder Bay
Boulder Bay
Boulder Beach
Boulder Col
Boulder Hill
Boulder Pool
Boulder Stream
Boulderpool Creek
Bouldery Stream
Boundary Basin
Boundary Creek
Boundary Gully
Boundary Gully
Boundary Stream
Boundary Tarns
Bow Alley Creek
Bow Peak
Bowen Col
Bowie Ridge
Bowmar Falls
Bowyang Mount
Boxwood Stream
Boyd Stream
Boyd Stream
Boyle Village
Boys Col
Brabazon Downs
Brabazon Saddle
Brabazon Stream
Braeburn Hydro-electric Scheme
Braeburn Range
Braemar Kettleholes
Bragg Bay
Bragg Nugget
Bragg Point
Braid Road Post Office
Braida Crags
Brands Gully
Brasell Point
Brassington Rocks
Braun-Elwert Peak
Breakfast Pool
Breakheart Peak
Breccia Creek
Brechin Burn
Breeze Bay
Bremner Bay
Brenda Peak
Breton Glen
Brian Boru Stream
Briar Gully
Brice Falls
Bridal Creek
Bridge Gully
Bridge Hill
Bridge Peak
Bridge Point
Bridge Pool
Brissenden Stream
Broad Bay
Broad Creek
Broadbent Flat
Broadleaf Stream
Broadleaf Stream
Brockett Creek
Broken Creek
Brooklands Lagoon
Brothers Stream
Brown Creek
Brown Saddle
Brown Stream
Browne Falls
Browne Stream
Brownes Bay
Browning Pass/Noti Raureka
Browns Bay
Browns Garden
Browns Stream
Browns Track
Bruce Glen
Bruce Murray Peak
Bruce Peak
Bruce Saddle
Brunner Peninsula
Bryan Bay
Bryant Range
Bryant Range
Bryant Rocks
Bryneira Range
Buccleuch Stream
Buccleugh Stream
Buckleton Beach
Bull and Cow Islands
Bull Creek
Bull Head
Bull Paddock Flat
Bull Paddock Stream
Bull Point
Bull Rocks
Bull Spur Stream
Bull Stream
Bullen Hills
Buller Bay
Buller Railway Station
Bullers Point
Bulling Bay
Bullock Bay
Bullock Bow Saddle
Bullock Head Stream
Bullock Hill
Bullocks Head Creek
Bullocks Hide Creek
Bunker Islets
Burdans Track
Burgess Island (Pokohinu)
Burial Island
Buried Village Post Office
Burke Flat
Burkes Pass
Burkes Pass
Burmeister Morass
Burmeister Point
Burmeister Tops
Burnett Falls
Burnett Head
Burnett Mountains
Burnett Range
Burnett Stream
Burnett Stream
Burneys Beach
Burnham Camp Post Office
Burns Bush
Burnt Island
Burnt Stream
Burton Ridge
Buscot Telephone Office
Bush Basin
Bush Camp Stream
Bush Gully Stream
Bush Stream
Bush Stream
Bushgrove Stream
Bushy Beach
Butcher Knob
Butcher Track
Butchers Point
Bute Stream
Butler Creek
Butler Downs
Butler Saddle
Butlers Bend
Butt Stream
Buttars Peak
Buttercup Lake
Butterfield Beach
Butterfly Creek
Buttress Stream
Byles Stream
Bypass Stream
Byrniera Range


Cabbage Tree Gully
Cabbage Tree Island
Cabin Stream
Cadwallo Stream
Caesar Creek
Caesars Hill
Cahill Glacier
Cain Flat
Cain Glacier
Cairn Creek
Cairn Ridge
Calf Paddock
Calf Saddle
Calton Hill
Cam River/Ruataniwha
Camel Back
Camera Gully
Cameron Col
Cameron Flat
Cameron Stream
Camerons Bluff
Camerons Creek
Camerons Flat
Camp Basin
Camp Bay
Camp Bay
Camp Creek
Camp Hill
Camp Stream
Camp Stream
Campbell Creek
Campbell Hills
Campbell Stream
Campbells Bay
Camping Bay
Canaan Landing
Canadian Creek
Candlestick Stream
Candys Bend
Candys Creek
Cannington Creek
Cannington Stream
Cannon Point
Cannons Creek
Canoe Cape
Cantys Stream
Canyon Creek
Canyon Creek
Cape Brett Telephone Office
Cape Karikari
Cape Koamaru
Cape Palliser
Cape Palliser Telephone Office
Cape Soucis
Cape Terawhiti
Captains Creek
Captains Gully
Cardiac Creek
Cardigan Ridge
Cargills Corner
Cariboo Creek
Carina Rock
Carkeek Ridge
Carmel Burn
Carney Stream
Caroline Point
Caroline Stream
Carran Creek
Carrick River
Carrington Creek
Carrington Gorge
Carrington Ridge
Carter Bay
Cascada Bay
Cascade Bay
Cascade Creek
Cascade Gorge
Cascade Stream
Cascade Stream
Casey Saddle
Casey Stream
Casey Tarn
Caseys Farm
Caseys Flats
Cashmore Clearing
Casnell Island
Cass Hill
Cass Saddle
Cassandra Col
Cassel Stream
Cassino Peak
Castalia Lake
Castle Basin
Castle Cliffs
Castle Craig
Castle Hill Village
Castle River
Castle Rock
Castle Stream
Castlepoint Post Office
Castor Bay
Cat O’Nine Tails
Cat Point
Cat Stream
Cataract Stream
Catchpool Spur
Catchpool Stream
Cathedral Cove
Cathedral Creek
Cathedral Gully
Cathedral Rock
Cathedral Rocks
Catherine Stream
Catlins Heads
Catsears Saddle
Cattle Basin
Cattle Creek
Cattle Gully
Cattle Hill
Cattle Rustlers Pool
Cattle Stream
Cattlepeak Stream
Cavalier Stream
Cave Creek Resurgence
Cave Creek/Kotihotiho
Cave Stream
Caven Point
Caves Bluff
Caves Stream
Cedar Creek
Cedric Stream
Celeborn Creek
Celtic Peak
Cemetery Creek
Cemetery Stream
Centennial Stream
Central Otago
Centre Creek
Centre Creek
Centre Mountain
Centre Spur
Centre Stream
Cerberus Glacier
Cerberus Mountain
Cerberus Mountain
Chaffey Stream
Chain Hill Stream
Chainman Creek
Chairmans Flat
Chaka Stream
Chalmers Leap
Chamberlain Creek
Chamberlain Stream
Chamois Stream
Chandler Stream
Charity Col
Charlie Stream
Chase Head
Chasland Point
Chasland River
Chasm Stream
Chelsea Creek
Cherry Bay
Cherry Pool
Chest Peak Stream
Chevalier Stream
Cheviot Township
Chew Tobacco Point
Chew Tobacco Stream
Chilly Stream
Chimney Stream
Chinaman Bay
Chinaman Flat
Chinaman Stream
Chloe Col
Chosspile Peaks
Chowbok Col
Christabel Creek
Christie Mountain
Christie Waterfall
Christies Creek
Christmas Flat
Christmas Hill
Christmas Village
Christopher Col
Christopher Johnson Glacier
Church Bay
Church Hill Creek
Church Hill Crossing
Cilcia Peak
Cinerama Stream
Cirque Peak
Clarence Pass
Clarence Railway Station
Claris Aerodrome
Clark Cascade
Clark Stream
Clarke Bluff
Clarke Flat
Clarke Mound
Clarke River
Claverley Railway Station
Clay Cliffs
Clay Forks
Clay Spur Stream
Clay Spurs
Clay Stream
Clays Leap
Clayton Stream
Clearwater Creek
Clearwater Stream
Cleathings Valley
Cleft Creek
Cleft Creek
Cleft Peak
Cleland Stream
Clem Creek
Clemison Creek
Clent Hills Stream
Cliff Creek
Cliff Pool
Cliff Pool
Climax Col
Climax Glacier
Climax Peak
Climbers Col
Climie Creek
Clive River
Cloudmaker Lake
Cloudsley Mountain
Cloudy Peaks Stream
Cloudy Stream
Clova Bay
Clover Glacier
Cluster Tarns
Clutha River/Matau
Clyde Hill
Coach Stream
Coal Creek
Coal Flat
Coal Pit Spur
Coast Guard Bay
Coates Mountain
Cobham Pool
Cochran Stream
Cochran Stream
Cockayne Creek
Cockayne Glacier
Cockayne Road
Cockburn Incline
Cockle Cove
Codfish Island
Colac Bay/Ōraka
Colac Bay/Ōraka
Cold Stream
Cold Stream
Coldstream Creek
Coldwater Stream
Cole Creek
Colenso Lake
Colenso Spur
Colin Campbell Glacier
College Creek
College Peak
Collie Creek
Collier Downs
Colliers Corner
Collins Bay
Colonel Stream
Colonial Knob
Colorado Stream
Columbia Bank
Colville Bay
Comet Creek
Commander Peak
Commodore Peak
Company Stream
Comyns Peak
Comyns Stream
Con Bryan Stream
Cone Creek
Cone Ridge
Confirmation Creek
Conical Hill
Connells Creek
Connors Creek
Consolation Peak
Cook Arm
Cook Channel
Cook River/Weheka
Cook Stream
Cookies Basins
Cookies Flats
Cookies Point
Cooks Beach
Cooks Lookout
Cooks Terrace
Coopers Knob
Coopers Lagoon/Muriwai
Coote Hill
Copland Glacier
Copland River
Coppermine Island
Coppermine Point
Coquille Bay
Coral Bluff
Cordys Stream
Corinna Peak
Corkill Stream
Corkill Stream
Corner Creek
Cornish Point
Cornishmans Rise
Coromandel Range
Coronation Peak
Coronation Stream
Corry Glacier
Cosgrove Creek
Cotterell Peak
Countess Range
County Stream
Coupar Bay
Courtenay Peak
Courtenay Stream
Cow Island
Cow Peak
Cow Saddle
Cow Stream
Cow Stream
Cow Stream
Cowan Bay
Cowan Bay
Cowan Stream
Cowin Spur
Cox Hills
Cox River
Cox Saddle
Coxcomb Ridge
Coxcomb Stream
Coxfoot Spur
Cozette Burn
Cradock Stream
Crag Peak
Crag Point
Craigie Burn
Craigieburn Cutting
Craigroyston Peak
Cranky Tom Stream
Crate Creek
Crater Bay
Crater Valley
Crawford Street Terminal
Crawshaw Falls
Crayfish Creek
Crayfish Creek
Crayfish Point
Crayfish Rock
Creamery Corner
Crescent Creek
Crescent Island
Crescent Pool
Creswicke Flat
Crikey Creek
Crimea Range
Croisilles Harbour
Croisilles Peak
Cron Flat
Crooked Spur
Crooked Spur
Crosbies Settlement
Crossbow Saddle
Crossley Mountain
Crossley Stream
Crown Island Stream
Crucible Lake
Crumbling Ridge
Crusher Pool
Crystal Peak
Cuckoo Creek
Cuckoo Creek
Cudlip Point
Culverden Range
Cumberfield Creek
Cunningham Stream
Cupola Creek
Curie Mount
Curtis Ridge
Cuttance Col
Cutter Rocks
Cyathea Cove


Daffodil Bay
Dairy Bay
Dampier Corner
Dandang Spur
Dandy Stream
Dandys Creek
Daniel Bay
Dans Creek
Dans Flat
Dans Pool
Daphne Ridge
Daphne Ridge
Daphne Spur
Dark Cloud Range
Darkey Jims Bush
Darkey Stream
Darkies Terrace
Darkness Peak
Darkwater Saddle
Dart River/Te Awa Whakatipu
Darts Bush Stream
Dasler Pinnacles
David Rocks
David Saddle
Davis Stream
Daw Point
Daw Spur
Dawn Creek
De Filippi Creek
De la Beche Ridge
De Latours Pool
De Latours Reach
De Lautours Pool
Dead Horse Basin
Dead Horse Pinch
Dead Man  Beach
Dead Man Spur
Dead Mans Hill
Dead Mans Terrace
Deaden Stream
Deadwood Stream
Deafy Stream
Deaths Corner
Debenham Creek
Deep Stream
Deep Stream
Deep Stream
Deepdale Ridge
Deer Flat
Deer Park Stream
Deer Valley
Deer Wallow Gully
Deerprint Cove
Delamain Stream
Delaney Creek
Dellavedova Creek
Delta Mountain
Demon Gap Icefall
Den Stream
Dennan Peak
Dennistoun Bush
Denny Stream
Deny Creek
Depression Stream
Derek Stream
Derivation Icefall
Deserter Bay
Desolation Peak
Desperation Pass
Destiny Peak
Devils Backbone
Devils Creek
Devils Den
Devils Elbow
Devils Knob
Devils Peak
Dick Creek
Dick Stream
Dick Stream
Dickie Ridge
Dicks Creek
Dicks Hill
Diedrichs Creek
Diedrichs Range
Diggers Hill
Dilemma Creek Gorge
Dilemma Glacier
Dilemma Hill
Dillon Stream
Dingle Brook
Dinner Stream
Diorite Stream
Dirty Creek
Dirty Island
Dirty Spur
Disappearing Creek
Disappearing Lake
Disappearing Peaks
Disappointment Cove
Disappointment Creek
Disappointment Gully
Disappointment Saddle
Discovery Stream
Dismal Creek
Dispute Glacier
Divers Col
Divide Creek
Dixon Peak
Dizzy Pinnacle
Dobson Bay
Dobson Peak
Dobson Stream
Docherty Peak
Doctors Creek
Doctors Knob
Doddemeade Stream
Dodgers Bay
Dog Gully
Dog Leg Stream
Dog Spur Creek
Dog Stream
Dog Stream Waterfall
Doherty Creek
Dohertys Creek
Dolphin Bay
Dolphin Peak
Domain Corner
Domett Creek
Domett Range
Donald Mountain
Donald River
Donald Stream
Donald Stream
Donegal Saddle
Donovan Gully
Dons Fan
Dopers Creek
Dora Ridge
Dorizac Falls
Dorman Stream
Dorothy Creek
Dorreen Creek
Dot Mountain
Double Barrel Creek
Double Barrel Falls
Double Creek
Double End Stream
Double Hill Stream
Double Lakes
Double Peak
Double Tops
Doubtful Creek
Doubtful Range
Doubtful Sound/Patea
Doubtless Bay
Doughboy Creek
Doughboy Hill
Doughboy Stream
Douglas Bluff
Douglas River
Douglas Saddle
Douglas Stream
Douglas Stream
Dover Stream
Downs Creek
Downs Pool
Dozy Stream
Dracophylium Flat
Dragon Creek
Dragon Mouth Cove
Dragonfly Peak
Dragons Teeth
Drake Flats
Drake Range
Dredgeburn Glacier
Dress Circle
Drinking Rock
Drinnans Bridge
Driving Spur
Driving Stream
Drummond Ridge
Drunken Sailors
Drury Creek
Dry Awarua River
Dry Awarua Stream
Dry Creek
Dryad Island
Dublin Gully
Dublin Terrace
Duchess Pool
Duchess Stream
Duck Stream
Duckpond Stream
Dudding Lake
Duessa Peak
Duff Flat
Duffers Creek
Duggans Creek
Duke Knob
Dukes Creek
Dukeshead Stream
Dummy Bay
Dummy Col
Dunbar Stream
Duncan Bay
Duncan Bay
Duncan Creek
Duncan Stream
Duncan Stream
Duncans Knob
Dundas Harbour
Dundas Ridge
Dunns Creek
Dunphail Bluffs
Dunton Range
D’Urville Pass
Durwards Falls
Dust Stream
Dutch Creek
Duvauchelle Bay
Dyers Creek
Dyfryn Stream
Dynamite Gully
Dynamo Spur


Earl Mountains
Earle Mountain
Earle Ridge
Earnslaw Glacier
Earthquake Lakes
East Cape
East Cape
East Cape/Koromere
East End
East Gorge Stream
East Hawdon Stream
East Horn Peak
East Peak
East Ridge
East Ruggedy Beach
East Sentinel
East Smoky Beach
Easter Glacier
Eastern Bay
Eastern Bay
Easy Col
Easy Harbour
Easy Stream
Eblis Gorge
Echinus Cove
Echo Col
Echo Stream
Ede Stream
Edgecumbe Railway Station
Edison Stream
Edmonton Post Office
Edwards Glacier
Edwards Stream
Eglinton Flat
Eglinton River
Elcho Glacier
Elcho Pass
Elder Stream
Electra Peak
Elephant Point
Eliot Ridge
Elizabeth River
Elizabeth Stream
Ella Lake
Ella Range
Ella Range
Ellangowan Stream
Elliott Peak
Elliotts Bridge
Ellis Creek
Ellis Stream
Elsies Creek
Elusive Peak
Elusive Stream
Elvy Stream
Elworthy Stream
Elworthy Stream
Emerald Stream
Emily Creek
Emily Creek
Emily Stream
Emma Stream
Emu Stream
Enchanted Stream
Enchanted Stream
Endeavour Col
Engineer Pass
Engineers Camp
Enid Pass
Enid Peak
Enid Stream
Ensor Stream
Ensor Stream
Enys Stream
Eparaima Block
Epidote Cataract
Epitaph Creek
Epuni Railway Station
Erewhon Col
Erewhon Peak
Eric Glacier
Eric Twins Peaks
Ernest Island
Escape Col
Escape Glacier
Esk Saddle
Esperance River
Espinosa Point
Estuary of the Heathcote and Avon Rivers/Ihutai
Ethne Saddle
Ethne Stream
Eugenie Stream
Evans Creek
Evans Crossing
Evans Flat
Evans Pass
Eve Icefall
Eves Rib
Ewarts Corner
Excell Stream
Exeter Peak
Expectation Stream
Expedition Peak
Eye Tooth Falls
Eyles Lake


Faerie Queene
Faerie Queene Peak
Fagan Hill
Fairview Heights
Fairy Falls Stream
Fairy Spring
Faith Col
Fall Cove
Fall Creek
Fall Stream
Fall Stream
False  Col
False  Creek
False  Peak
False Easy Harbour
Fan Col
Fan Creek
Fan Pool
Fan Stream
Fanal Island (Motukino)
Farley Point
Farley Stream
Farm Stream
Farquharson Saddle
Farrar Glacier
Farrell Creek
Farrell Peak
Fastness Peak
Febrero Point
Feldspar Stream
Fell Creek
Fence Pool
Fence Pool
Fenceline Spur
Fenian Range
Fenwick Stream
Fergusson Point
Ferintosh Peak
Fern Flat Stream
Ferndunlaw Hill
Ferniehurst Railway Station
Ferny Flat
Ferrar Peak
Ferrier Glacier
Ferrier Peak
Ferris Creek
Fett Stream
Field Cave
Field Peak
Fiery Col
Fiery Peak
Fiery Peak
Fifes Point
Fifteen Mile Spur
Fighting Bay (Oraumoa)
Fiji Creek
Filly Burn
Findlay Glacier
Fingals Creek
Finger Hill
Finger Stream
Finlay Hill
Finn Creek
Fire Creek
Firewood Creek
Firewood Stream
Firewood Stream
Fish Point
Fisher Stream
Fisherman Bay
Fisherman Point
Fishermans Bend
Fishermans Passage
Fishermans Rock
Fishermans Rock Point
Fishtail Stream
Fitzwilliam Mountain
Five Finger Stream
Five Gully Stream
Five Jagged Peaks
Five Mile Saddle
Five Mile Track
Five Roads
Flagpole Stream
Flagstaff Point
Flat Bush
Flat Hill
Flat Rock
Flat Rocks
Flat Stream
Flat Top Peak
Flax Creek
Flax Point
Flax Stream
Flaxbush Creek
Flaxmill Creek
Flaxy Canal
Flaxy Lake
Fletcher Bay
Flight Deck
Flock Hill Stream
Flora Stream
Florence Creek
Flour Cask Bay
Flower Fall
Fly Point
Flynn Cove
Flynn Stream
Foggy Peak
Foggy Peak Ridge
Foggy Stream
Fohn Lakes
Fohn Peak
Fohn Saddle
Foley Stream
Foleys Creek
Fooks Stream
Fools Col
Foote Stream
Forbury Corner
Ford Bridge
Ford Flat
Forest Hill
Forgotten River
Fork Spur
Forked Creek
Forks Lagoon
Forrest Hill
Forster Burn
Fort Jackson
Fort Jervois
Fossil Point
Fossil Stream
Foster Bay
Fosters Clearing
Fosters Hill
Foughey Stream
Fourteen Mile Creek
Fox Creek
Fox Glacier Post Office
Fox Glacier/Te Moeka o Tuawe
Foxton Beach
Foxton Beach Post Office
Foys Folly
Frances Glacier
Frances River
Francis Stream
Franklin Ridge
Franz Josef Glacier Post Office
Franz Josef Glacier/Kā Roimata o Hine Hukatere
Franz Josef Glacier/Waiau
Fraser Col
Fraser Landing
Fraser Peaks
Fraser Stream
Frear Bay
Frederick Gardiner Mountain
Freds Camp
Freds Creek
Freds Tarn
French Bay
Frenchman Peak
Frenchmans Beach
Freyberg Peak
Freyberg Range
Frind Glacier
Frind Peak
Frobisher Mountain
Front Basin Stream
Frying Pan Flat
Frying Pan Lake
Fryingpan Point
Furkert Pass
Furze Stream
Fuschia Bay
Fyfe Peak
Fyfe River


Gabble Gulch Gully
Gable End Ridge
Gable Peak
Gables End
Gabriel Tarn
Gadarene Col
Gaden Stream
Galadriel Creek
Galatea Railway Siding
Galena Creek
Galilee Creek
Gallows Hill
Galway Stream
Gamack Range
Gambling Gully
Gamma Mountain
Garden Flat
Garden Island
Garden of Allah
Garden of Eden Ice Plateau
Garden Point
Gardner Burn
Gargarus Saddle
Gargarus Stream
Garibaldi Ridge
Garnier Mountain
Garrett Stream
Garretts Bush
Gates Mountain
Gavin Stream
Gawler Stream
Gee Creek
Gemstone Bay
Gentian Cove
Gentil Stream
Gentle Annie Creek
Gentle Annie Creek
Gentle Annie Stream
Gentleman Smith Stream
George Barr Stream
George River
George Rock
Gerard Peak
Gerard Stream
Gertrude Saddle
Ghost Creek
Ghost Glen
Ghost Gully
Ghost Stream
Ghost Valley
Gibb Creek
Gibbons Stream
Gibbs Spur
Gibraltar Rock
Gibraltar Stream
Gibson Creek
Gibson Spur
Gibson Stream
Gibson Stream
Gifford Crack
Gifford Mountain
Gilbeys Rock
Gilkison Falls
Gilkison Stream
Gillespie Basin
Gillespie Pass
Gillespie Stream
Gillespies Point/Kōhaihai
Gillies Peak
Gino Peak
Girlies Island
Glacier Col
Glade Pass
Gladiator Col
Glasgow Bay
Glasgow Range
Gleeson Stream
Glen Albyn Stream
Glen Bay
Glen Begg Stream
Glen Colwyn Stream
Glen Craig Stream
Glen Creek
Glen Esk Stream
Glen Innes Railway Station
Glen Jon Stream
Glenariffe Stream
Glenartney Stream
Glencairn Creek
Glencastle Hospital
Glencrieff Stream
Glendene Stream
Glendhu Bay
Glenfalloch Stream
Glenfinnan Peak
Glengyle Peak
Glenmore Tarns
Glennie Clearing
Glenrae Flat
Glenrae Saddle
Glentanner Peak
Glenthorne Stream
Glinkes Gully Telephone Office
Glinks Gully
Gloriana Peak
Glynn Wye Range
Glynn Wye Stream
Goat Hill Flat
Goat Island/Rakiriri
Goat Point
Goat Stream
Goat Valley Stream
Godley Pass
Gog Peak
Goings Creek
Gold Creek
Gold Reef Bay
Gold Smith Rapids
Golden Beach
Golden Belt Stream
Golden Crown Spur
Golden Gully
Golden Spur
Goldie Point
Goldmine Creek
Goldney Saddle
Goodwin Stream
Goose Bay Railway Station
Goose Island
Goose Neck Island
Gooseberry Stream
Goosey Stream
Gordon Falls
Gordon Gully
Gordon Stream
Gordon William Pool
Gorge Creek
Gorge Creek
Gorge Gully
Gorge Stream
Gorman Stream
Gouland Range
Government Spur
Gowan Hill
Gowanbridge Post Office
Graces Pool
Graces Reach
Graf Spee
Grafton Railway Station
Graham Island
Graham Peak
Grainger Falls
Grainger Stream
Grandmas Hill
Grange Ridge
Granity Town
Grant Creek
Grant Glacier
Grant Stream
Grants Island
Grants Stream
Granville Point
Grasmere Stream
Grasseed Stream
Grassy Flat
Grave Col
Grave Glacier
Grave Mountain
Graylings Clearing
Greaney Lake
Greasy Gulch
Grebe Tarn
Greek Stream
Green Gully
Green Point
Greenbush Stream
Greenlaw Col
Greenlaws Stream
Greenpark Sands
Greens Stream
Greenstone River/Hokonui
Greenstone Stream
Greerton Post Office
Gregs Stream
Grehan Stream
Greig Stream
Greta Valley
Grey Mare Stream
Grey Range
Grey River/Māwheranui
Greymouth – Hokitika Railway
Gridiron Glacier
Griffiths Saddle
Grindley Ridge
Groin Pool
Grono Bay
Groove Col
Groper Island (Tatapihi)
Groper Point
Groyne Pool
Grundy Stream
Guardian Gorge
Guardian Peak
Guilbert Point
Gull Reach
Gull Rock Point
Gum Camp Stream
Gunboat Creek
Gunn Creek
Gunn Pass
Gunner Downs
Gunns Post Office
Gunsight Notch
Gunsight Pass
Gut Stream


Haast Beach
Haast Pass/Tioripatea
Haast Ridge
Hadfield Clearing
Haehaenga Stream
Haines Gully
Haines Stream
Haircut Gully
Hakatere Peak
Haldon Boat Harbour
Haldon Downs
Half Island
Half Moon Saddle
Half Moon Stream
Halfway Peak
Halfway Saddle
Hall Col
Hall Range
Hall Stream
Hamilton Creek
Hamilton Glacier
Hamilton Railway Station
Hamilton Rapids
Hammond Point
Hampden Beach
Hand Setting Stream
Handyside Stream
Hanging Basin Creek
Hanging Rock
Hanging Valley Creek
Hankey Stream
Hanmer Post Office
Hanmer Range
Hanmer Springs
Hannah’s Clearing
Hannibal Gully
Haowhenua Point
Haowhenua Stream
Happy Valley
Happy Valley
Hapuka Rocks
Hapuku Railway Station
Harakeke Point
Harding Creek
Harding Stream
Hare Creek
Harington Point
Harington Point
Harker Col
Harker Torrent
Harley Creek
Harman Stream
Haroto Bay
Harper Bluff
Harper Flat
Harper Hills
Harris Bay
Harris Creek
Harris Saddle/Tarahaka Whakatipu
Harrison River
Harrisons Bight
Harrold Bay
Harry West Point
Harrys Creek
Hart Creek
Hartley Tarn
Harvey Creek
Hassing Peak
Haszard Ridge
Hātea River
Hatpin Creek
Hatuma Railway Station
Hauhungaroa Range
Haukawakawa (Madsen)
Haumi River
Haumi Stream
Haumingi Bay
Haungakakahu Stream
Hauone Stream
Hauotaruke Bay
Haupapa Bay
Hauparu Bay
Hauraki Stream
Hautai Hill
Havelock Col
Havelock Hill
Hawaiki Bay
Hāwea Flat
Hāwea Island
Hawea Point
Hāwea River
Hawke Bay
Hawker Creek
Hawke’s Bay
Hawks Crag
Hawkswood Range
Hawkswood Stream
Hay Stream
Hays Bay
Hays Stream
Haystack Headland
Hayter Stream
Hayter Stream
Haywards Point
Head Peak
Headache Stream
Headlong Peak
Heale Stream
Heaney Creek
Heaphy Beach
Heaphy Terrace Post Office
Heathstock Stream
Hebe Island
Hector Glacier
Hector Mountains
Hecuba Glacier
Hedin Peak
Heemskerck Glacier
Heim Plateau
Hekerangi Point
Helen Glacier
Helena Anchorage
Helena Peak
Helicopter Hill
Hellfire Stream
Hells Gate
Hells Gate
Hells Gate Corner
Hells Gates
Hells Gates
Helmet Peak
Hemsley Creek
Hen and Chickens
Henderson Burn
Hendersons Creek
Henry Creek
Henry Pass
Henry Stream
Herald Bay
Herald Island
Herbert Stream
Herekareo Hill
Herekohu Range
Herekopare Island (Te Marama)
Herrick Creek
Herrick Spur
Hervey Gorge
Heslop Creek
Hester Pinney Creek
Hester Pinney Falls
Hewsons Stream
Hibernia Stream
Hicks Point
Hicky Clearing
Hicky Creek
Hidden Creek
Hidden Lake
Hidden Peak
Hidden Valley
High Peak
High Peak Saddle
High Point
High Terrace
Higham Stream
Highlander Peak
Hihi Beach
Hikuai Stream
Hikunui Stream
Hikuraki Bay
Hikurangi Hill
Hikurangi Island
Hikuwai River
Hill Brook
Hill Stream
Hillary Ridge
Hillersden Corner
Hills Peak
Hilton Stream
Hinakiwawahia Stream
Hinapouri Tarn
Hinau Creek
Hinds Flat
Hinehopu Post Office
Hinekura Sheep Station
Hinemahanga Rocks
Hinemaiaia Stream
Hinerua Ridge
Hingaia Point
Hingaia Stream
Hinge Peak
Hitchin Range
Hiwiroa Mount
Hobson Hill
Hochstetter Dome
Hodgens Valley Stream
Hoff Stream
Hogget Hill
Hogs Back Creek
Hokitika Saddle
Hokoromea Island
Holder Lookout
Hole in the Hill
Holland Creek
Holloway Peak
Hollowback Ridge
Hollyford River/Whakaitpu Kā Tuka
Holman Point
Holmes Stream
Holyoake Clearing
Home Hills
Homebush Ridge
Homer Saddle
Homestead Creek
Homestead Spur
Homestead Stream
Honeycomb Hill Arch
Honeymoon Bay
Honeymoon Creek
Honeymoon Stream
Hood Glacier
Hooker Lake
Hookey Knob
Hooper Ridge
Hope Col
Horace Greeley Slip
Horama Stream
Horewai Point
Hornes Ridge
Horoera Stream
Horokaretu Stream
Horokiri Stream
Horomaka Island
Horomamae/Owen Island
Horomanga Railway Station
Horse Spur
Horseshoe Bends
Horseshoe Lagoon
Horseshoe Nugget
Horseshoe Stream
Hospital Flat
Hossack River
Hot Rock Stream
Hotahika Stream
Houghton Gully
Houheria Stream
Houhora East
Houhora Harbour
Houhora Post Office
Houhora West
Houhou Creek
Houhou Railway Station
House Hill
Howard Lake
Howells Point/Taramea
Howitt Bay
Howitt Peak
Howlett Creek
Hub Creek
Huddleston Stream
Hue tē Taka Peninsula
Huffam Rock
Huffam Stream
Hughes Creek
Hughsons Ledge
Huia Cave
Huia Stream
Huirapa Island
Hukahuka Turoa Stream
Hukanui Point
Hukawai Falls
Hukere Stream
Humboldt Creek
Humboldt Falls
Humphries Creek
Hundalee Railway Station
Hungerford Stream
Hungry Creek
Hunter Beach
Hunter Creek
Hunter Glacier
Hunter Pass
Hunters Corner Post Office
Hunters Creek
Huntleigh Falls
Huntley Creek
Huramua Bridge
Huramua Stream
Huranui Stream
Hurricane Col
Hururu Stream
Husky Flat
Hut Bay Creek
Hut Branch
Hut Creek
Hut Peak
Hut Spur
Hut Stream
Huxley Range
Hyde Rock
Hydro Pool


Ian Col
Ice Lake
Icefall Lookout
Iceland Col
Ida Mountain
Ida Valley Post Office
Ida Valley Railway Station
Ikawetea Stream
Ikawhenua Range
Ilam Stream
Iliad Basin
Iliomama Rock
Ina Peak
Inaccessible Creek
Inainatu/Pile Bay
Inch Valley Branch Railway
Indecision Creek
Independent Stream
Inferno Crater Lake
Ingam Stream
Inkerman Ridge
Inkerman Saddle
Inner Passage
Innes Burn
Inspiration Valley
Intervention Ridge
Intervention Saddle
Inverness Stream
Invitation Col
Irene Pass
Irene River
Iris Stream
Irishmans Flat
Iron Creek
Iron Gate Creek
Iron Gates Gorge
Iron Peg Creek
Iron Pot Spur
Irongate Stream
Ironstone Creek
Irvine Peak
Isaac Stream
Isas Creek
Island Harbour
Island Hill
Island Hill Homestead
Island Hill Run
Island Hill/Tumuaki
Island Hills
Island Pool
Island Reach
Island Stream
Isobel Falls
Isobel Stream
Isolation Creek
Ivess Peak
Ivey Bay
Ivory Lake
Iwikau Village
Iwitahi Ridge
Izard Mountain


Jack Ryan Bay
Jack Stream
Jacks Hill
Jacks Point
Jacks Stream
Jackson Bay/Okahu
Jackson Creek
Jackson Stream
Jacksons Creek
Jacksons Reef (Patuatini)
Jacksons Track
Jacky Lee Bay
Jacky Lee Island
Jacob Creek
Jacobs Stream
Jacobsen Mount
Jade Creek
Jaffray Hill
Jaffray Stream
Jagged Col
Jagged Glacier
Jamieson Bay
Jane Lake
Janestown Saddle
Jaquiery Pass
Jean Batten Peak
Jellicoe Peak
Jellicoe Pool
Jenkins Falls
Jennings Burn
Jerdans Bay
Jericho Creek
Jerusalem Creek
Jimmys Creek
Jimmys Knob
Jims Knob
Joan Creek
Jocks Island
Joe Glacier
Joes Flat
Joes Gully
Johannes Glacier
Johansen Peak
Johansen Stream
John Browns Tomb
John Inglis Glacier
John Inglis Valley
John Pascoe Ridge
John Stream
Johnson Ridge
Johnston Hill
Johnston Peak
Johnstone Mount
Johnstone Stream
Joie-de-vivre Glacier
Jollie Sisters Peaks
Jones Pool
Jones Stream
Jonkers Rock
Jonkers Stream
Jordan Saddle
Joseph Ridge
Joseph Valley Wetland
Josephson Creek
Josephson Creek
Joss Bay
Jubilee Creek
Judges Pool
Judson Stream
Jules Point
Julius Peak
Jumped Up Spur
Junction Flat
Junction Island
Junction Peak
Junction Peak
Junction Spur
Junction Stream
Junction Stream
Juno River
Jupiter Creek


Kahika Railway Station
Kahikatea Stream
Kahui Hill
Kahuiti Stream
Kahuranaki Crown Grant District
Kahutara Point
Kahutara Road
Kahutea Col
Kahutea Glacier
Kahuwhera Point
Kai Auahi Stream
Kai Tarau
Kaiaho Rock
Kaiapoi River
Kaiaraara Island
Kaiaua Post Office
Kaihuka Island
Kaiikanui Road
Kaikaitāhuna Bay
Kaikākahi Bay
Kaikau Stream
Kaikomako Stream
Kaikoura Bay
Kaikoura Railway Station
Kaimakamaka Peaks
Kaimarama Bay
Kaimohu Island
Kaimokopuna Stream
Kainga Telephone Office
Kaingahoa Bay
Kaingata Stream
Kaioruru/Church Bay
Kaiporohu Bay
Kairaki Creek
Kairua Railway Station
Kaitake Range
Kaitarakihi Bay
Kaitarakihi Point
Kaitaratahi Railway Station
Kaiteriteri Beach
Kaiteriteri Inlet
Kaitiaki Peak
Kaitira (East Entry Point)
Kaitoke Creek
Kaitoke Stream
Kaituna Pass
Kaituna Valley
Kaiwharawhara Point
Kaiwharawhara Post Office
Kaiwharawhara Railway Station
Kaiwharawhara Stream
Kaiwhare Point
Kaka Creek
Kaka Mutu Stream
Kaka Saddle
Kakaho Creek
Kakamatua Inlet
Kakamatua Point
Kakapo Creek
Kakapo Creek
Kamahi Pool
Kamautaurua Island
Kanae Bay
Kanaehapa Bay
Kanetetoe Island
Kangaroo Corner
Kaniere Post Office
Kaniere River
Kaniere Stream
Kaninihi Island
Kaninihi Point
Kapikaraka Stream
Kapuarangi Stream
Karaka Bay
Karaka Stream
Karaka Stream
Karaka Tonga Stream
Karamu Stream
Karaui Point
Karekare Point
Karerarera Bay
Karetai Peak
Karewa/Gannet Island
Karewarewa Stream
Karikari Beach
Karikari Moana
Karikari Peninsula
Karimoni Beach
Kariparipa Point
Karoronui Stream
Karuiruhi Stream
Kashmir Stream
Katau Creek
Katau Knob
Katherine Bay
Kathryn Peak
Katiki Point
Katiki Railway Station
Katuku Gully
Kaukaumoutiti Stream
Kaumatua Ridge
Kaumatua Stream
Kauri Point Birkenhead
Kauri Point Ponui
Kauri Point Waiheke
Kaurimu Stream
Kauroo Hill
Kauroo Hill
Kauroo Hill Post Office
Kauru Hill
Kauru Hill Post Office
Kauru River
Kauru Stream
Kauwahaia Island
Kauwhare Point
Kawarau Falls
Kawarau Gorge
Kawaunui Stream
Kawerau Railway Station
Kawhia Harbour
Kawhitu or Stanley Island
Kaye Mountain
Kea Creek
Kea Creek
Kea Flat
Kea Gully
Kea Nest
Kea Spur
Kea Stream
Kehu Peak
Kehu Stream
Kehua Pass
Kekerengu Post Office
Kekerengu Railway Station
Kekerengu River
Kelceys Bush
Kellands Pond
Kelleher Creek
Kelly Stream
Kelvin Peak
Kelvin Peninsula
Kemps Hill
Ken Torrent
Kendall Ridge
Kenepuru Sound
Kennaway Stream
Kennedy Point
Kennedy Stream
Kennington Railway Station
Keokeo Island
Kerepehi Post Office
Kereru Stream
Kerin Forks Flat
Kerosene Ridge
Kerr Bay
Kerr Point
Kerry Glen
Key Dome
Key Peak
Khyber Pass
Kiddie Creek
Kiddie Creek
Kidney Fern Arm
Kidney Fern Island
Kiekie Stream
Kikiawaha Stream
Kilby Stream
Kilmarnock Glacier
King Billy Island
King Fern Stream
King Solomon Stream
Kingma Peak
Kings Drive Stream
Kingsdown Stream
Kinloch Stream
Kinmont Park
Kiosk Creek
Kiri Peak
Kirikiri Bay
Kirita Bay
Kirita Maori Block
Kirk Glacier
Kirk Stream
Kirkliston Stream
Kitakita Falls
Kitchener River
Kite Te Tahu Creek
Kiwi Creek
Kiwi Flat
Kiwi Ridge
Kiwinui Railway Station
Kleyne Stream
Knight Stream
Knights Point
Knowles Gully
Knowles Top
Knuckle Point
Koarea Bay
Kohanga Bay
Kohangaatara Point
Kohe Creek
Kohioawa Beach
Kohunui Bay
Kohurau Depression
Kokoamo Creek
Komakoraia Island
Kōmarupeka Creek
Konini Bay
Kopai Gully
Kopakorahi Stream
Kopeka Island
Kopitonui Stream
Kopuaroa Canal
Kopuawhara Railway Station
Kopurererua Stream
Koputotara Point
Korako Glacier
Korakonui Creek
Korimako Bay
Korohi Stream
Korokitewao Bay
Koroko Stream
Koropotiki Stream
Koropuku Creek
Koropuku Falls
Kororareka Bay
Korotangi Stream
Korua Bay
Kotarenui Stream
Kotau Point
Kotemaori Post Office
Kotemaori Railway Station
Kotiatia Point
Kōtukutuku Bay
Kotumu Stream
Koukourarata Stream
Koura Beach
Koutu Post Office
Koutuamoa Point
Koutunui Head
Koutunui Point
Kowai Bush
Kowai Bush Spur
Kowhai Railway Station
Kowhai Stream
Kowharewa Bay
Kowhitirangi Post Office
Kruger Hill
Krushen Stream
Kuakarau Bay
Kuaotunu West
Kuataika Stream
Kūhārua Point
Kuhatahi Stream
Kukupara Stream
Kumete Bluff
Kundy Island
Kupapa Point
Kupe Bay
Kuranui Bay
Kuranui Stream
Kuranui Stream
Kuratau Junction
Kuratawhiti Stream
Kuri Stream
Kurinui Creek
Kuripapango Hill
Kuriti Creek
Kurow Hill/Te Kohurau
Kutarere Stream


Lachlan Ridge
Lachlan Shoals
Ladbrook Stream
Ladies Mile
Ladies Pool
Lady Alice Island
Lady Barker Range
Lady Bell Point
Lagoon Basin
Lagoon Bay
Lagoon Point
Lagoon Saddle
Lagoon Stream
Laingholm Bay
Laingholm Point
Lake Alabaster/Wāwāhi Waka
Lake Albert
Lake Alexander
Lake Alexandrina
Lake Angelus
Lake Āniwaniwa
Lake Anna
Lake Barfoot
Lake Barra
Lake Beattie
Lake Benmore
Lake Bennett
Lake Bernard
Lake Bright
Lake Browne
Lake Browning/Whakarewa
Lake Brownlee
Lake Cadman
Lake Calder
Lake Camp
Lake Catherine
Lake Chamberlain
Lake Clearwater
Lake Clearwater
Lake Daniell
Lake Diana
Lake Donne
Lake Dunstan
Lake Earnshaw
Lake Ellesmere (Te Waihora)
Lake Elmer
Lake Emma
Lake Erskine
Lake Florence
Lake Forster
Lake Gibb
Lake Grassmere Railway Station
Lake Grassmere/Kapara Te Hau
Lake Hatuma
Lake Hauroko
Lake Hāwea
Lake Hāwea
Lake Herries
Lake Hill
Lake Hood
Lake Horizon
Lake Hyslop
Lake Ianthe/Matahi
Lake Jewell
Lake Kaniere
Lake Kaniere
Lake Kaniere Post Office
Lake Karoro/Mathews
Lake Kawaupaka
Lake Killarney
Lake Kirirua
Lake Kohangapiripiri
Lake Kohangatera
Lake Kopuera
Lake Laffy
Lake Lindsay
Lake Lucidus
Lake Lucy
Lake Manuka
Lake Manuwai
Lake Matheson
Lake McGregor
Lake McIvor
Lake McKerrow/Whakatipu Waitai
Lake Merino
Lake Mike
Lake Miro
Lake Moananui
Lake Moreton
Lake Moumahaki
Lake Murray
Lake Never-never
Lake Ohau Alpine Village
Lake Ōkareka
Lake Ōkataina/Te Moana I kataina ā Te Rangitakaroro
Lake Opouahi
Lake Opouri
Lake Opuha
Lake Otapuiti
Lake Otoko
Lake Otumahi
Lake Paradise
Lake Percy
Lake Poaka
Lake Puhau
Lake Puketirini
Lake Ronald
Lake Roto Te Koeti
Lake Rotoehu
Lake Rotoiti/Te Roto kite ā Ihenga I ariki ai Kahu
Lake Rotokawa
Lake Rotokawau
Lake Rotokura
Lake Rotomā
Lake Rotongaroiti
Lake Rotopounamu
Lake Rotorangi
Lake Rotorua (Hamilton Lake)
Lake Rotorua/Te Rotorua nui ā Kahu-matamomoe
Lake Roxburgh
Lake Ruapapa
Lake Ruataniwha
Lake Sally
Lake Seagull
Lake Secretary
Lake Sheila
Lake Sparrow
Lake Sumor
Lake Swan
Lake Sylvan
Lake Taikehu
Lake Tamurenui
Lake Tangonge
Lake Tarawera
Lake Te Aroha
Lake Te Ko Utu
Lake Te Rotookiwa
Lake Trinity
Lake Troup
Lake Tūtaepatu
Lake Ursula
Lake Victoria
Lake Waahi
Lake Waiataru
Lake Waihola
Lake Waingaro
Lake Waiparera
Lake Wairere
Lake Waitaki Post Office
Lake Wardell
Lake Widgeon
Lake Wisely
Lamb Bay Creek
Lamb Rock
Lambert Col
Lambert Glacier
Lambies Lagoon
Lambies Stream
Lame Duck Flat
Lamlash Bay
Lamplough Post Office
Lamplough Stream
Lancashire Creek
Landsborough River
Landscape Post Office
Lane Stream
Langdon Creek
Langer Falls
Langridge Stream
Langs Gully
Lansdowne Creek
Lantern Peak
Lapith Peak
Largs Peak
Larnachs Creek
Lathrop Saddle
Latter Hill
Lauper Peak
Lauper Stream
Lauras Leg
Laurie Stream
Lawlor Stream
Lawrence Col
Lawrence Glacier
Lawrence Peak
Lawrence Stream
Lawry Point
Lawsley Stream
Lawson Creek
Le Bons Stream
Le Brun Island
Le Gros Stream
Leach Stream
League Creek
Leamington Stream
Leaning Rock/Haehaeata
Leaseman Stream
Leask Bay
Leask Creek
Leatherwood Saddle
Leckie Falls
Leda Peak
Leesons Pond
Leitchs Clearing
Leithfield Beach Lagoon
Lennox Pass
Leonard Glacier
Leslie Pass
Leslie Stream
Leslie Stream
Lesson Creek
Letitia Stream
Lewis Creek
Libretto Range
Lichfield Railway Station
Liebig Range
Light-finger Creek
Lighthouse Bay
Lighthouse Point
Lilburne Hill
Lilburne River
Lilian Creek
Lilian Mount
Lily Creek
Lima Creek
Limestone Saddle
Limestone Stream
Limlight Creek
Lincoln Stream
Linden Railway Station
Lindon Ridge
Link Ridge
Linklater Bay
Linwood Creek
Lion Rock
Lion Rock
Lion Rock
Lion Rock
Little Akaloa
Little Bay
Little Bungaree Beach
Little Bush Stream
Little Castle Stream
Little Cave Stream
Little Colonel Stream
Little Deep Creek
Little Deep Creek
Little Den
Little Domett
Little Dunns Creek
Little Flora
Little Goat Creek
Little Goat Hill
Little Grey Creek
Little Hellfire Beach
Little Hinds Stream
Little Hoggett Stream
Little Hopwood Burn
Little Hump
Little Jordan Spur
Little Jordan Stream
Little King Rock
Little Kuri Bay
Little Lochnagar
Little Misery Stream
Little Mount Allan
Little Mount Allan Stream
Little Mount Anglem
Little Mount Peel/Huatekerekere
Little Ned
Little Peveril
Little Range
Little River
Little Rough
Little Siberia Stream
Little Solander Island
Little Spur
Little Unknown
Little Valley
Little Waikawa Bay
Little Waipakihi Stream
Liverpool Bills Creek
Livingstone Bay
Lizard Gully
Lizard Stream
Loch Cameron
Lochaber Stream
Lochaber Stream
Lochar Telephone Office
Lochiel Stream
Lochinvar Stream
Locke Creek
Lockington Pakihi
Lodestone Creek
Lodge Stream
Lodore Creek
Log Pool
Logan Stream
Logans Mistake
Lois Peak
Londonderry Terrace
Lone Hand
Lone Island
Lonely Pool
Lonesome Brook
Long Bay
Long Bay
Long Bay
Long Beach
Long Beach
Long Brook
Long Creek
Long Creek
Long Gully
Long Gully
Long Harry Bay
Long Hill
Long Hill Saddle
Long Ridge
Long Spur
Long Spur
Long Spur
Long Spur Stream
Long Valley Stream
Longden Stream
Longford Stream
Longford Stream
Lonnekers Beach
Lookout Bay
Lookout Bluff
Lookout Hill
Lookout Point
Lookout Point
Lookout Stream
Lords River Head
Lords River/Tūtaekawetoweto
Lost Stream
Lost Valley Creek
Lots Wife
Louis Point
Louisa Peak
Loveridge Peak
Lovett Stream
Low Hills
Low Mountain
Low Neck Bay
Low Peak
Lower Birch Pool
Lower Farm Stream
Lower Tindill Stream
Lows Terrace
Lucas Glacier
Lucas Heights
Lucifer Stream
Luckens Point
Lucknow Saddle
Lucky Bay
Lucky Beach
Lucky Point
Lucretia Stream
Lucy Walker Pass
Lucys Gully
Lumaluma Creek
Lumber Flat
Luna Creek
Luna Ridge
Luncheon Col
Luncheon Cove
Lunik Creek
Luscombe Stream
Lyell Peak
Lyell Range
Lynches Flat
Lynfield Cove
Lynmore Post Office
Lyttelton Harbour/Whakaraupō
Lyttles Farm


Macalister Cove
Macandrew Bay
Macfarlane Stream
MacGregor Stream
Mackay Basin
Mackay Point
Mackay Rocks
Mackenzie Creek
Mackenzie Pass/Manahuna
Mackenzie Stream
Mackintosh Spur
Mackintosh Stream
Mackintosh Stream
Macleod Stream
MacPherson Cirque
Macrae Point
Madagascar Beach
Madeline Creek
Madman Stream
Madrid Hill
Maerewhenua Post Office
Maerewhenua River
Maerewhenua Settlement
Magazine Bay
Magill Stream
Magnetic Beach
Magog Peak
Mahanga Range
Mahers Stream
Mahiaruhe Stream
Mahināpua Creek/Tūwharewhare
Mahipatua  Pa
Mahitahi Post Office
Mahitahi River
Mahoe Stream
Mahura Railway Station
Maimai Creek
Maioha Stream
Mairangi Bay
Mairangi Bay
Maire Bay
Maitai Bay
Maitai Point
Major Jones Pool
Majorie Falls
Makahakaha Stream
Makahakaha Stream
Makahikatoa Stream
Makahikatoa Stream
Makahikatoa Stream
Makaka Bay
Makaka Creek
Makakapango Stream
Makarewa River
Makarewa Township
Mākaro / Ward Island
Makarora Gorge
Makarora Township
Makatote Stream
Maketu Stream
Makiekie Creek
Makirikiri Stream
Makirikiri Tarns
Makokomuka Stream
Makokomuka Stream
Makorori Point
Makoura Stream
Makumete Stream
Makuriwao Stream
Malam Gully
Malaspina Reach
Malaspina Sound
Malcher Peak
Malcolm Col
Malcolm Creek
Mallory Peak
Mana Island
Mana Railway Station
Manaia Stream
Manakaiaua River
Manawa Stream
Manawahei Nugget
Manawaora Bay
Manawatāwhi/Great Island
Manawatāwhi/Three Kings Islands
Mander Stream
Mangahamuti Stream
Mangahauhau Stream
Mangahawea Bay
Mangahoanga Stream
Mangahoanga Stream
Mangahopai Stream
Mangahouanga Stream
Mangakahikatoa Stream
Mangakaretu Stream
Mangakino Post Office
Mangakōkakotaea Stream
Mangakokomuka Stream
Mangakotukutuku Falls
Mangakotukutuku Stream
Mangakowhiriwhiri Stream
Mangakura Stream
Mangamaio Stream
Mangamaku Stream
Mangamaori Stream
Mangamatua Stream
Mangamauria Stream
Mangamohoao Stream
Mangamutu Stream
Mangamutu Stream
Mangangarara Stream
Mangangarara Stream
Mangangu Stream
Manganui Stream
Manganuiohou River
Manganuioteao River
Mangaoahiroa Stream
Mangaoai Stream
Mangaoatua Stream
Mangaohane Plateau
Mangaohoi Bridge
Mangaohoi Stream
Mangaomeko Stream
Mangaone Railway Siding
Mangaone West Stream
Mangaopeka Stream
Mangaopoi Stream
Mangaoreiti Stream
Mangaotawake Road
Mangaotihe Stream
Mangapa River
Mangapakeha Stream
Mangapakeha Taipo
Mangaparuhou Stream
Mangapehi Railway Station
Mangapehi Stream
Mangapiko Hill
Mangapokio Stream
Mangapouri Stream
Mangapukatea Stream
Mangapunipuni Stream
Mangarangiora Stream
Mangarata Stream
Mangareia Road
Mangarewa Stream
Mangaroa Pa
Mangaroa Post Office
Mangaroa Railway Station
Mangaroa Stream
Mangaruaki Stream
Mangatakauare Stream
Mangatakoto Road
Mangatara Stream
Mangatawai Stream
Mangaterere Stream
Mangatete Stream
Mangati Bay
Mangatoetoe Stream
Mangatoetoenui Glacier
Mangatokerau River
Mangatumaru Stream
Mangawai Stream
Mangawawe Stream
Mangawhai Harbour
Mangawhai Parish
Mangawhai Post Office
Mangawhai River
Mangawhara Stream
Mangawhengu Stream
Mangawhitikau Stream
Mangemange Stream
Mangemangeroa Creek
Mangere Inlet
Mangerton Ridge
Mangohane Plateau
Mangonui Harbour
Mangorewa River
Mangos Creek
Maniakaroa Post Office
Maniatoto County
Maniopotos Pool
Maniototo Survey District
Mannering Cliffs
Mannering Stream
Manning Bay
Manor Park Railway Station
Man-o-war Creek
Manson Creek
Mansons Peninsula
Manu Bay
Manuherikia Valley
Manuka Bay
Manuka Flat
Manuka Island
Manukapua Island
Manukau Bluff
Manukau City
Manukau City Centre
Manukau City Post Office
Manupīrua Bay
Manuwhakapakapa Bay
Maomao Bay
Maori Bay
Maori Beach
Maori Chief Peak
Maori Point
Maori Point Saddle
Maori Rocks
Maori Saddle
Maori Stream
Maori Stream
Maori Stream
Maraehako Bay
Maraerua Stream
Maraetaha Railway Station
Maraetakaroro Stream
Maraeweka Stream
Maragouri Stream
Maramaratotara Bay
Marangai Stream
Mararua Bush
Maratea Shoals
Marawaiwai Stream
Marawhara Stream
Marcaciones Point
Marcel Pass
Marchant Glacier
Marchlaw Stream
Marconi Hill
Mares Leg Cove
Margaret Glacier
Margarets Tarn
Maria Island
Marian Peak
Marino Mountains
Marion Plateau
Marjorie Falls
Mark Creek
Marks Range
Marmaduke Dixon Glacier
Maroro Bay
Marotere Islands
Mars Creek
Marsden Point
Marshall Pass
Marshall Range
Martin Stream
Martins Creek
Martyr Saddle
Maru Pakoko Stream
Maruhou Point
Marys Creek
Mascot Stream
Massack Stream
Massacre Bay
Massey Knob
Mat Wight Bay
Mata Kopae
Matador and Picador
Matagouri Flat
Matagouri Stream
Matagouri Stream
Matahina Railway Siding
Matahorua Stream
Matai Island
Matai School
Matai Stream
Matai Stream
Matainui Creek
Matakana River
Matakatia Point
Matakitaki Point
Matakotea Stream
Matakuhia Block
Matanganui Stream
Matangareka Block
Matangia Stream
Matanohinohi Point
Matapehe Peak
Matapeka Falls
Matarehua Island
Matariki Stream
Matau Stream
Matauwhi Bay
Matawha Point
Matawhaura Bay
Matawhe Stream
Matawhero Stream
Matekuri Island
Matemateaonga Range
Mathias Stream
Matiaha Head
Matira / Castle Rock
Matiri Range
Matiu/Somes Island
Matson Stream
Matthews Stream
Matthies Creek
Matuatonga Block
Maud Francis Glacier
Maud Island
Maud Pass
Maude Peak
Mauitaha Island
Mauka Atua
Maukiekie Island
Maunga Kairara
Maungaharuru Range
Maungahuka Stream
Maungaparahi Block
Maungaparerua Stream
Maungarake Block
Maungaroa Stream
Maungaroa Stream
Maungataniwha Range
Maungati Stream
Maungawhio Lagoon
Maurihoro Stream
Mavis Lake
Mawaro Creek
Mawhitipana Bay
Mawhitipana Maori Block
Mawson Glacier
Maximilian Range
Maxwell Railway Station
Maxwell Stream
May Stream
Maymorn Junction
Maymorn Post Office
Maymorn Railway Station
Maymorn Ridge
Mayo Island
McArthur Gorge
McBride Burn
McBride Peaks
McCaa Stream
McCallum Stream
McCarrons Beach
McCarthy Clearing
McCartney Hill
McClausland Creek
McClimont Peak
McCoy Col
McCoy Glacier
McCracken Stream
McDermids Creek
McDermotts Creek
McElroy Gorge
McFarlanes Creek
McGregor Creek
McGregors Bay
McGuires Stream
McIntosh Flat
McIvor Burn
McKay Point
McKay Stream
McKays Stream
McKenzie Col
McKenzie Glacier
McKenzie Lagoon
McKenzie Stream
McKerrow Stream
McKnights Creek
McLaren Creek
McLaren Park
McLaren Stream
McLaren Stream
McLean Falls
McLeod Stream
McNabb Creek
McNabb Track
McNichol Stream
McNulty Basin
McNulty Peak
McPherson Stream
McQueen Creek
McQueens Valley
McQuillan Stream
Meadowbank Railway Station
Mechanics Bay
Melita Falls
Melita Peak
Melita Stream
Mellish Stream
Melrose Stream
Melville Glacier
Melville Stream
Memorial Glacier
Memorial Icefall
Menace Gap
Menzies Bay
Menzies Stream
Mercer Glacier
Mercer Stream
Mercury Creek
Mercury Islands
Mercury Peak
Merkl Glacier
Merrick Bay
Merry Stream
Merumeru Falls
Meteor Creek
Metties Well
Meybille Bay
Meyer Stream
Michele Falls
Mick Stream
Mick Stream
Micks Point
Mid Basin Creek
Mid Hill
Middle Dean
Middle Saddle
Middlehead Stream
Middleton Snowfield
Midgleys Corner
Midnight Creek
Mihi Rock
Mikes Gully
Milford Factory Corner
Milford Island
Milford Sound/Piopiotahi
Mill Creek
Mill Creek
Mill Creek or Corner Burn
Mill Point
Mill Pool
Millars Beach
Miller Stream
Miller Stream
Milliken Stream
Million Bay
Millionaire Flat
Mills Bush
Mills Creek
Mills Stream
Millton Stream
Milne Peak
Milner Ice Stream
Mimimoto Lagoon
Mimiwhangata Bay
Mimiwhangatangata Bay
Minaret Bay
Minchin Stream
Minginui Forest Post Office
Minos Peak
Mint Creek
Mirage Falls
Mirowharara Stream
Mirror Lake
Miser Spur
Misery Stream
Misery Stream
Misery Swamp
Mission Bush
Mistake Basin
Mistake Col
Mistake Creek
Mistake Flats
Mistake Hill
Misty Hill
Misty River
Mitchell Stream
Mitchell Stream
Mitchells Cutting
Mitis Peak
Moa Basins
Moa Hill
Moa Park
Moa Saddle
Moanatuatua Swamp
Mobbs Stream
Moehau Range
Moemoto Bay
Moepuku Point
Moeraki Beach
Moeraki Bluffs
Moeraki Boulders/Kaihinaki
Moetapu Bay
Moffat Stream
Moir Hill
Mokau Bay
Moki Bay
Moki Rock
Mokihinui Post Office
Mokiiti/Little Moggy Island
Mokinui/Big Moggy Island
Moko Bay
Mokomoko Bay
Mokomokonui Stream
Mokopuna Island
Mokutapu Island
Molyneux Bay
Momori Point
Momutu Stream
Monarch Hill
Monastery Peak
Moncrieff Col
Moncrieff Peak
Monk Glacier
Monk Lake
Monkey Creek
Monkey Rock
Monkey Rock
Monks Terrace
Monowai Lake
Monro Stream
Montague Glacier
Monteith Glacier
Montgomery Stream
Montys Saddle
Moonlight Peak
Moonlight Point
Moonlight Stream
Moonstone Lake
Moorhouse Stream
Moose Lake
Moraine Creek
Moraine Flat
Moran Lookout
Morepork Stream
Morere Gully
Morgan Range
Morgan Stream
Morgan Tarn
Morgans Island
Moria Gate
Morison Bush
Morison Hill
Morrinsville Stream
Morris Creek
Morrison Creek
Morrison Creek
Morrison Stream
Mortimer Stream
Morton Stream
Moses Corner
Moses Creek
Moses Nugget
Mosig Stream
Mosquito Bluff
Mosquito Creek
Mosquito Creek
Moss Creek
Moss Creek
Mother Millers Spring
Motu Island
Motu Kapiti Island
Motu Papaka Islands
Motuara Island
Motuarohia Island
Motuharakeke Island
Motuhoropapa Island
Motuihe Island
Motukahakaha Point
Motukauatiiti/Corsair Bay
Motukauatirahi/Cass Bay
Motukauri Island
Motukiekie Island
Motukokako Island (Piercy Island)
Motukumara Rock
Motumaire Island
Motunau (Plate Island)
Motungarara Island
Motungarara Island
Motunui/Edwards Island
Motuoapa Bay
Motuoapa Peninsula
Motuoapa Telephone Office
Motuoroi Island
Motupapa Island
Moturahurahu Island
Moturoa Island
Moturoa Island
Motutakupu Island
Motutapu Island
Motutara Island
Motutara Island
Motutara Rock
Motuwhariki Island
Motuwheteke Island
Mou Tapu
Mou Waho
Mouats Saddle Creek
Moumahaki Railway Station
Moumahaki Stream
Mounseys Stream
Mount Abel
Mount Actor
Mount Aeolus
Mount Airini
Mount Aitkin
Mount Alack
Mount Alfred/Ari
Mount Allan
Mount Anglem/Hananui
Mount Ardmore
Mount Argelin
Mount Arne
Mount Arthur
Mount Aspiring/Tititea
Mount Attica
Mount Augarde
Mount Barker
Mount Barrosa
Mount Beckman
Mount Bell
Mount Bertha
Mount Beta
Mount Betsey Jane
Mount Blackadder
Mount Bledisloe
Mount Bloomfield
Mount Bradley
Mount Brown Creek
Mount Caitriana
Mount Calvin
Mount Caroline
Mount Cashel
Mount Cassin
Mount Catherine
Mount Caton
Mount Chamberlain
Mount Charles/Poatiri
Mount Charlton
Mount Cheeseman
Mount Chittenden
Mount Chrisholm
Mount Clark
Mount Cockayne
Mount Cook Post Office
Mount Copernicus
Mount Cran
Mount Crusader
Mount Damper Falls
Mount Damper Stream
Mount Danae
Mount Daniel
Mount Diedrichs
Mount Domett
Mount Dorothy
Mount Dowding
Mount Dundas Trig Station
Mount Earnslaw/Pikirakatahi
Mount Eggeling
Mount Eglinton
Mount Einstein
Mount Elder
Mount Eliza
Mount Elliot
Mount Eostre
Mount Etna
Mount Euclid
Mount Evans
Mount Fell
Mount Findlay
Mount Fitzgerald
Mount Fleming
Mount Florence
Mount Forbes
Mount Forster
Mount Galileo
Mount Gendarme
Mount Gibbs
Mount Gideon
Mount Glen Lyon
Mount Glencairn
Mount Glenisla
Mount Gold Smith
Mount Gray
Mount Grey/Maukatere
Mount Griffiths
Mount Grono
Mount Guinevere
Mount Hakaonga
Mount Hammerack
Mount Hamutinui
Mount Harman/Kaniere
Mount Harper/Mahaanui
Mount Harris
Mount Harris Stream
Mount Hauruia/Bald Rock
Mount Hauturu
Mount Heim
Mount Herbert/Te Ahu Patiki
Mount Herekohu
Mount Hitchin
Mount Holmes
Mount Hunter
Mount Hyde
Mount Hyde
Mount Iphigenia
Mount Irene
Mount Jon
Mount Juno
Mount Kai Iwi
Mount Kemp
Mount Kiriraukawa
Mount Kirkliston
Mount Kohurau
Mount Kokomuka
Mount Lancelot
Mount Lavoisier
Mount Lunar
Mount Lycia
Mount Lyford Village
Mount Lyttle
Mount Mackenzie
Mount Mackenzie/Pakihiwitahi
Mount Magdalene
Mount Manson
Mount Maoriri
Mount Marks
Mount Maruiwi
Mount Mary
Mount Maungatapere
Mount Max
Mount McCabe
Mount McDouall
Mount McPherson
Mount McRae
Mount Meehan
Mount Mendel
Mount Milne
Mount Misery
Mount Misery Stream
Mount Moir
Mount Montgomerie
Mount Montgomery
Mount Morris
Mount Morrison
Mount Moturau
Mount Namu
Mount Napoleon
Mount Nerger
Mount Nessing
Mount Ngarahu
Mount Nihokohatu
Mount Nimrod/Kaumira
Mount Norriss
Mount Ohakiri
Mount Orau
Mount Orotere
Mount Orr Stream
Mount Oval
Mount Oxford
Mount Parihaka
Mount Pasteur
Mount Pattisson
Mount Peary
Mount Perseus
Mount Philipps
Mount Philipps
Mount Pickering
Mount Priestley
Mount Pukanui
Mount Puttick
Mount Raddle
Mount Renegade
Mount Reticence
Mount Richardson
Mount Roskill Post Office
Mount Rowe
Mount Royal
Mount Ruapehu
Mount Ruapehu Post Office
Mount Rutherford
Mount Saul
Mount Schiehallion
Mount Scott
Mount Selborne
Mount Shrives
Mount Shyness
Mount Snowdon
Mount Sutton
Mount Sydney King
Mount Talbot
Mount Tamaki
Mount Taranaki or Mount Egmont
Mount Tarapuhi
Mount Taurus
Mount Te Kinga
Mount Thomas Stream
Mount Thomson
Mount Thomson
Mount Thunder
Mount Tinsley
Mount Toby
Mount Tripp
Mount Upright/Te Taumata o Uekanuku
Mount Vernon
Mount Vesta
Mount Victoria
Mount Wai-ariki
Mount Watkin Road
Mount Watkin/Hikaroroa
Mount Weld
Mount Whekauwhekau
Mount Willberg
Mount William Grant
Mount Williams
Mount Willmer
Mount Wyn Irwin
Mount Zion
Mountain Terrace
Mourā Bay
Mourā Point
Mouta Hill
Moutohora Island
Moutohora Post Office
Moutohora Railway Station
Moutoki Island
Mowhanau Post Office
Moyle Stream
Muddy Creek
Muddy Creek
Muddy Lakes
Mudflat Island
Mueller Tarn
Muir Stream
Muirs Stream
Mule Spur
Mulligan Stream
Munroe Stream
Muntz Range
Murderers Stream
Murdoch Stream
Muri Railway Station
Muritai Point
Muriwhenua Island
Murphy Spur
Murphy Stream
Murphys Creek
Murphys Lake
Murphys Ruin
Murray Bay
Murray Beach
Murray Peak
Murray Stream
Murrays Bay
Murrays Mistake
Murrays Mistake
Murupara Post Office
Murupara Railway Station
Muscle Cove
Museum Range
Musick Point
Mussel Point
Musterers Col
Mutton Gully
Muttontown Creek
Myrtle Creek
Mystery Col
Mystery Lake
Mystery Lake
Mystery Peak
Mystery Tarn
Myth Tarn


Nabob Stream
Naenae Railway Station
Nahana Point
Namu River
Nansen Glacier
Nansen Peak
Napera Stream
Narbey Stream
Narrow Neck
Narrow Neck
Narrows Creek
Narya Creek
Nathans Island
Naumann Range
Nee Island
Nee Islets
Needles Eye
Nehupo Stream
Neill Ridge
Neimann Creek
Nell Stream
Nellies Creek
Nelly Island
Nelson Stream
Nenya Creek
Neophyte Peak
Nereus Peak
Nerine Lake
Nervous Knob
Nesbit Stream
Nessing Stream
Netting Stream
Nettle Beach
Nettle Stream
Never Fail Pool
New Chums Rock
New River/Kaimata
New Windsor
New Year Pass
Newcombe Creek
Newcome Knob
Newland Pass
Newland Stream
Newland Valley
Newport Knob
Newton Beach
Newton Creek
Newton Pass
Newton Peak
Newton Ridge
Newton River
Newton Stream
Nga Horo Island
Nga Kiore (Jag Rocks)
Ngā Motu/Sugar Loaf Islands
Nga Tamahineapani
Ngaawapurua Rapids
Ngaere Stream
Ngāhauā Bay
Ngahere Bay
Ngahere Hill
Ngahere Stream
Ngahereiti Stream
Ngaherenui Stream
Ngāheretā Bay
Ngahinaotepurewa Bay
Ngaio Bay
Ngaio Stream
Ngaiore Stream
Ngakoroa Stream
Ngamanauraru Bay
Ngamatea East Swamp
Ngāmimiro Bay
Ngamuka Bay
Ngāpuka Bay
Ngapunarua Stream
Ngapunarua Stream
Ngapunatoru Pass
Ngaroma Stream
Ngarunui Beach
Ngarupupu Point
Ngaruroro River
Ngatamahine Point
Ngatamawahine Stream
Ngatimamoe Peak
Ngatokaparangi Islands
Ngatoro Peak
Ngātoru Stream
Ngatotara Lagoon
Ngauranga Post Office
Ngauranga Railway Station
Ngawhiti Island
Ngongoahi Bay
Ngorengore Point
Ngutukaka Creek
Ngututuru Stream
Niblick Creek
Nicholson Harbour
Nicholson Peak
Nicolls Hill
Nihoniho Post Office
Nikau Palm Gully
Nimrod Stream
Nimrodel Creek
Nine Mile Creek/Kotorepi
Nine Mile Stream
Ninepin Rock
Niobe Peak
Nissens Bluff
Nitz Creek
No Catchem Stream
No Mans Beach
No Mans Creek
Noisy Stream
Noke Stream
Nokomai River
Nolans Creek
Norman Glen
Norriss Gully Stream
North Arm Point
North Barlow River
North Branch Ashburton River/Hakatere
North Channel
North Col
North East Point
North East Ridge
North Head
North Island
North Makarewa
North Mitre Stream
North Peak
North Red Head
North Ridge
North Taieri
North West Bay
North West Ridge
Northcote Point
Northcote Point Post Office
Northcote Post Office
Northeast Bay
Norths Creek
Northwest Bay
North-west Bay
Northwest Point
Northwest Point
Northwest Reef
Nugget Stream
Nuggety Stream
Nukuhakari Bay
Nukuhakari Stream
Nukuhou North
Nuns Veil Glacier
Nurse Stream
Nutting Stream
Nutts Stream
Nym Peak


O Hoka Stream
O te Ukuuku Tuku
O Wiwi Ku
Oahuru Bay
Oakura Bay
Oaro Railway Station
Oashore Bay
Oatmeal Creek
Oaua Point
Oblong Peak
Observation Beach
Observation Cone
Observation Rock
Observation Rock
Ocean Beach
Ocean Grove
Ocean Grove Post Office
Ocean View
Ocean View Stream
Odyssey Basin
Officers Point
Ogilvie Creek
Ogles Creek
Ogles Point
Ohahau Stream
Ohaka Head
Ohaki Power Station
Ohana Bay
Ohao Point
Ohariu Bay
Ohariu Road
Ohariu Stream
Ohariu Valley
Ohaua Point
Ohauroro Island
Ohautetea Point
Ohinau Island
Ohinauiti Island
Ohineawarua Stream
Ohinerau Bay
Ohiupokororo Stream
Oho Creek
Ohotutea Point
Ohourere Stream
Ohui Siding
Ohuriawa Gorge
Oilskin Pass
Okahu Island
Ōkahutoroa Bay
Okaparu Reef
Okarari Stream
Ōkārito Lagoon
Ōkārito River
Ōkāritoiti / Lake Windermere
Ōkawa Bay
Oke Island
Okeover Stream
Ōkere Inlet
Okohau Stream
Okoka Bay
Okuku Downs Stream
Okuku Saddle
Okupe Beach
Okupe Island
Okurakura Road
Okurakura Stream
Okurei Point
Okurei Rock
Okuri Bay
Okuri Hill
Okuri Point
Okurupatu Block
Okuti River
Olaf Stream
Old Claverley Creek
Old Man Range Wetland
Old Man Range/Kopuwai
Old Mans Head
Old Mill Nugget
Old Road Cove
Old Whare Stream
Oldham Stream
O’Leary Pass
O’Leary Peak
Oliver Stream
Olivine Falls
Olivine Ice Plateau
Olivine River
Olliver Stream
Olphert Cove
Omahu Bush
Omahu Stream
Omaruhanga Stream
Omarumutu Post Office
Ōmarupoto Bay
Omatane Glacier
Omaui Island
Omaunu Point
Omega Creek
Omimi Creek
Onaero River
Onaero Road
Onaia Stream
One Shot Hill
One Tree Ridge
One Tree Rock
One Tree Saddle
Oneho Hill
Onehorahia Beach
O’Neill Bay
Onekaka River
Oneone Hill
Onepoto Bay
Oneroa Bay
Onetohunga Stream
Ongarara Stream
Opaheke Point
Opahi Bay
Ōpango Stream
Opara Stream
Opatara Arch
Open Stream
Opera Range
Opito Point
Opotoru River
Opounui Pa
Opourau Bay
Opouriki Stream
Opourua Bay
Opoutama Railway Station
Opunga Cove
Oraka Beach
Orakei Korako
Orakei Stream
Ōrangipuku River
Orangitanoa Stream
Orau Cove
Orau Gorge
Orauhora Stream
Oraukura Gorge
Orb Col
Orbell Lake
Orbit Creek
O’Reilly Creek
Orekena Stream
Orepuki Creek
Orepuki Post Office
Orepuki Railway Station
Orerewai Point
Oreti River
Orman Creek
Orman Falls
Orokawa Bay
Orokawa Peninsula
Orokawaiti Stream
Orokonui Creek
Oromai Point
Orongo Bay
Orongomai Stream
Orongomapoho Stream
Orore Creek
Orore Point
O’Rourkes Creek
Orphans Rock
Orpheus Bay
Orpheus Point
Orr Stream
Orr Stream
Oruakorako Hill
Ōruariki Stream
Ōruaroa Bay
Ōruaroa Point
Oruatipoki Stream
Oruru River
Oruruhoa Bay
Orutua Stream
Osonzac Twins Peaks
Osprey Head
Ota Creek
Ota Point
Ōtairoa Beach
Otakamiro Point
Otamahua/Quail Island
Otamarauiri Point
Otanerito Bay
Ōtangimoana Bay
Otarama Gorge
Otarama Peak
Otarama Stream
Ōtaramarae Bay
Otarawao Bay
Otata Island
Otauira Stream
Ōtautū Bay
Otautu Maori Block
Otawhanga Island
Otekaieke Post Office
Otekaieke River
Otekaieke Settlement
Otematata River
Oteranga Bay
Otiao Bay
Otira Gorge
Otokitoki Stream
Otokitoki/Gollans Bay
Otope Stream
Ottley Stream
Otu Creek
Otuawaea Bay
Otuhi Creek
Otukaikino Creek
Ōtūmarokura Bay
Ōtūmarokura Point
Otungahoro Point
Otupoho Bay
Ōturaki Creek
Oturori Rock
Oturu Bay
Otututu (Rough) River
Otuwhero River
Outlaw Creek
Outlaw Glacier
Outlaw Peak
Outram Peak
Overlander Stream
Owahanga River
Owahanga Road
Owai Stream
Owens Creek
Owetea Stream
Owhai Bay
Owhanga Stream
Owharoa Stream
Owhatanga Bay
Ōwhatiura Bay
Owhetoro Stream
Owhiro Bay
Oxford Creek
Oyster Gully
Oyster Stream


Pa Island
Pa Point
Paa Point
Pacific Bay
Pack Horse Stream
Packard Peak
Paddock Flat
Paddock Rocks
Paddy Ridge
Paddy Stream
Paddys Bend
Paddys Creek
Paddys Market Stream
Padkins Stream
Paengaroa Bay
Paepae-o-Tū / Bream Tail
Paerau Point
Paewhenua Island
Paget Ridge
Pah Bay
Pahaoa River
Paharere Falls
Pahatea/Durden Hill
Pahau Pass
Pahautea Post Office
Paherumanihi Stream
Pahi Bay
Paikea Bay
Pakahikatoa Stream
Pakatahi Island
Pakeha Col
Pakeke Peak
Pakihaukea Pass
Pakihi Island
Pakihikura Bay
Pakiroa Beach
Pakonga Stream
Paku Peak
Paling Gully
Pampas Stream
Pamperos Cairn
Pananehe Island
Panatahi Island
Panaturi Point
Pandora River
Panekiri Range
Pangopangoa Bay
Panguru Range
Panhandle Stream
Panmure Railway Station
Pannetts Bridge
Panto Stream
Paoanui Point
Paoaruku Stream
Paora Stream
Papahinu Stream
Papahua Stream
Papakura Bay
Papari Stream
Paparoa Peak
Papatukia Stream
Papatupu Stream
Papuka Stream
Para Gully
Para Stream
Parachute Col
Paradise Creek
Paradise Lake
Pārae Karetu
Paraheka Stream
Parahiku Stream
Parakakariki Stream
Parakeet Stream
Parakerake Bay
Paramena Reef
Paranui Peak
Paraoanui Road
Pararaha Point
Pararaki Stream
Pararaunui Hill
Pararaunui Point
Parariki Peak
Paratu Stream
Paratutae Island
Parawai Bay
Pareanui Bay
Pareheru Stream
Parekura Bay
Parekura Stream
Paremata Bay
Paremuka Stream
Pareoha Bay
Parera Bay
Parera Point
Pareranui Stream
Paretorotika Cliff
Parewanui Maori Block
Parewhawha Stream
Parihakoakoa Pa
Parihakoakoa Stream
Parihohonu Stream
Parikawa Railway Station
Parimu Settlement
Pariokara Settlement
Pariokonohi Point
Paripari te tai Bay
Paritaniwha Stream
Paritata Peninsula
Paritua Stream
Pariwhero/Red Rocks
Park Pass
Park Pass Glacier
Park Peak
Park Reef
Parker Stream
Parkinsons Lookout
Parnassus Railway Station
Paroa Bay
Parry Channel
Parson Rock
Pascoe Point
Paske Saddle
Pass Creek
Pass Spur
Passchendaele Ice Fall
Passchendaele Peak
Pataea Bay
Pataua Island
Patea Passage
Paterson Hill
Paterson Inlet/Whaka a Te Wera
Paterson Stream
Patersons Creek
Patersons Ponds
Patersons Terrace
Patience Creek
Patirawa Stream
Paton Stream
Patukauwae Stream
Patuki Mountain
Patupahe Bay
Paua Beach
Paua Ridge
Paua Telephone Office
Pauakaiwawe (McLarens Bay)
Pauaohinekotau Head
Pauatahanui Post Office
Pauatahanui Stream
Paul Falls
Paul Stream
Paulin Falls
Pauri Village
Pavitt Stream
Pawnbroker Rock
Pawsons Stream
Peache Saddle
Peak Stream
Peanter Peak
Peanut Stream
Pearl Island
Pearse Ridge
Pedersen Bush
Peel Range
Peel Range
Peg Col
Pegasus Passage
Pegasus Peak
Peggy Stream
Pegleg Flat
Pekapeka Bay
Pekapeka Stream
Pember Stream
Pembroke Creek
Pembroke Glacier
Pench Glacier
Pendulo Reach
Penguin Creek
Penk River
Penny Pass
Penny Stream
Pennyweight Hill
Penticotico Stream
Pentland Hill
Perano Head
Percy Stream
Peria River
Peridot Stream
Perigee Creek
Perihi Stream
Perth Col
Perverse Creek
Pete Stream
Peter Creek
Peter Mountain
Peter Range
Peters Pass
Peters Stream
Peters Stream
Peterson Hill
Peterson Point
Petone Borough
Petrifying Gully
Petticoat Lane
Petu Point
Phantom Creek
Phantom Lagoon
Philipson Burn
Phyllis Peak
Piako Stream
Piarere Road
Pic d’argent Peak
Pickelhaube Peak
Pickmere Channel
Picnic Bay
Pier Cove
Pierce Creek
Pierce Pond
Pierced Stack
Pig Flat
Pig Island/Mātau
Pig Spur Stream
Pig Stream
Pig Wallow Stream
Pig Whare Saddle
Pigeon Bay Stream
Pigeon Bush
Pigeon Creek
Pigeon Creek
Pigeon Island/Wāwāhi Waka
Pigroot Hill
Pihore Island
Pikaroro Bay
Pikaroro Point
Pikaroro Point
Pikes Creek
Pikes Peak
Pikes Peak Stream
Pillar Rock
Pillow Lava Bay
Pinakitanga Point
Pinch Gut
Pinchgut Stream
Pine Tree Saddle
Pine Valley
Pines Beach Wetlands
Pines Railway Station
Pinnacle Creek
Pinnacle Head
Pinnacle Stream
Pinnacle Stream
Pioneer Pass
Pioneer Stream
Pipers Stream
Pipi Rocks
Pipi Tuaraki Stream
Pipikarihi Stream
Pireka (Low Neck Bay)
Piritoka Point
Piritoki Reef
Pirongiha Stream
Pisa Rock
Pisgah Creek
Pisgah Hill
Pistol Peak
Pito Peak
Pivot Peak
Plata Col
Plateau Creek
Platform Point
Plato Creek
Ploughman Creek
Plum Pudding Stream
Plumbago Stream
Pluto Peak
Pluvius Mountain
Poachers Pass
Pohangina Settlement
Pohatanui Stream
Pōhatu/Flea Bay
Pohaturiki Stream
Pohaturoa Rock
Pohowaitai Island
Pohue Stream
Pohutukawa Stream
Poikeke Island
Poinga Stream
Point Howard Post Office
Pokairoa Railway Siding
Pokohinu Point
Polhill Stream
Polnoon Burn
Pomarangai Stream
Pomarangai Telephone Office
Pomare Railway Station
Pomatakiarehua Island
Pompey Creek
Ponganui Bay
Ponui Stream
Pony Knob
Pony Stream
Popaingawariwari Stream
Poplar Gully
Poplar Pool
Poplar Pool
Poplar Run
Poplar Stream
Poplars Range
Porirua City Centre
Poroporo Island
Pororari Lagoon
Pororari River
Pororari River Gorge
Porotekoihamo Stream
Port Levy (Potiriwi)/Koukourarata
Port Ohope
Port Pegasus/Pikihatiti
Port Whangarei
Port William/Potirepo
Porter Col
Porter Ridge
Porters Beach
Portobello Survey District
Poseidon Peak
Possibility Col
Possum Stream
Post Office Creek
Pot Luck Creek
Potted Head
Potter Stream
Potts Peak
Potuatua Island
Poturi Stream
Pou Tu o Te Rangi
Pouaea Stream
Poukokonga Block
Poukoura Bay
Poulter Hill
Pounamunui Bay
Pound Hill
Pourākau Bay
Pourewa Creek
Poutākoro Head
Poutama Island
Poutama Passage
Pouto Point
Pouto Post Office
Poutu Pool
Poututu Rural Sections
Poverty Basin
Poverty Flat
Poverty Stream
Powder Flask Peak
Powell Bay
Power Stream
Powerhouse Stream
Powerhouse Stream
Pratt Stream
Prelude Peak
Preston Stream
Price Clearing
Price Shoal
Prices Inlet
Prices Stream
Prices Valley
Pringle Stream
Proclamation Islets
Productus Creek
Professor Creek
Prop Peak
Prophets Rock
Prospect Bay
Prospect Creek
Prospector Peak
Protuberance Peak
Prudence Peak
Puawai Bay
Pudding Island
Pudding Valley
Puffer Creek
Puffer Saddle
Puhau Stream
Puhinui Railway Station
Puhirua Bay
Pukanui Bay
Pukapuka Inlet
Pukatea Bay
Pukatea Bay
Pukatea Bay Telephone Office
Pukawa Bay
Puke Wharangi
Pukearuhe Stream
Pukehinau (Shellback) Stream
Pukehinau Stream
Pukehuia Hill
Pukeiti Point
Pukeko Stream
Pukematawai Peak
Pukemuri Stream
Pukenamu Stream
Pukenui Beach
Pukepohatu/Bald Rock
Pukepoto Hill
Pukepuke Lagoon
Pukepuke Road
Pukerauaruhe Island
Pukerua Bay
Puketai Point
Puketapu Bay
Puketapu Hill
Puketapu Point
Puketawhiringatua Hill
Puketoro Stream
Puketotara Stream
Puketu Island
Puketuroto Peak
Puketurua Track
Puketutu Stream
Pukeweka Island
Pukewhero Peak
Pukutahi Lake
Pulpit Rock
Pumanawa Bay
Pumanawa Point
Pump Pool
Punaatawake Bay
Punakaiki Cavern
Punaromia Beach
Punaruku Estuary
Punatoetoe Head
Punawhakareia Bay
Punganui Bay
Punganui Railway Station
Puniho Hill
Punt Arm
Puotewheke (Scuffle Island)
Puponga Point
Pupuha Island
Pūrākaunui Bay
Pūrākaunui Creek
Pūrākaunui Inlet
Purau Bay
Purau Stream
Purerua Point
Purimu Stream
Puriri Bay
Puroa/Boar Hill
Putai Blowhole
Putangi Stream
Putatara Point
Putataua Bay
Putauhina Island
Putauhina Nuggets
Putiki Point
Putoetoe Point
Puwerewere Point
Puweto Valley
Puwhatawhata Point
Puwheke Beach
Pyke Gorge
Pykes Hill
Pylon Gully
Pyramid Col
Pyramid Creek
Pyramid Peak
Pyramid Range


Quad Creek
Quagmire Tarn
Quail Stream
Quaker Saddle
Quarantine Island/Kamau Taurua
Quarterdeck Pass
Quartermain Stream
Quartz Hill
Quayle Stream
Queens Beach
Queens Reach
Queenstown Drome
Quinns Flat
Quintano Point
Quoin Peak
Quoin Stream


Rabbit Creek
Rabbit Hill
Rabbit Pass
Racecourse Stream
Rachel Range
Radar Point
Radiant Range
Rae Creek
Raeakiaki Point
Raeotepapa Stream
Raetahinga Point
Raglan Range
Rahiteiwi Stream
Rahomaunu Island
Rāhuiroa Bay
Rainbow Col
Rainbow Pass
Raincliff Forest
Rakaia Island
Rakaia Lagoon
Rakautara Railway Station
Rakiura Rocks
Ram Island
Ramarama Stream
Ramshead Saddle
Random Creek
Rangatira Bay
Ranger Spur
Ranger Stream
Rangers Pool
Rangi Creek
Rangi Point
Rangiaho Point
Rangiawhiao Pa
Rangihoua Bay
Rangikapiti Head
Rangikura Railway Station
Rangitahua Point
Rangitaiki Canal
Rangitane Pa
Rangitata Col
Rangitata Island
Rangitemawe Stream
Rangitoto ki te Tonga/D’Urville Island
Rangitoto Peak
Rangitoto Point
Rangitoto Roads
Rangitumau Road
Rangiura Rocks
Rangiuru Bay
Rangoon Heights
Rankin Pass
Rankin Peak
Ranui Railway Station
Rāpatu Bay
Rapu Stream
Rapuwai Lagoon
Raroa Railway Station
Rarotoka Island
Rat Hill
Rat Island
Rat Stream
Rata Creek
Rata Paddock Stream
Ratakura Point
Ratanui Stream
Rattray Stream
Ratty Creek
Rauiri Head
Raukawa Rock
Raumanga Post Office
Raumati Beach Post Office
Raumotu Bridge
Raungaehe Range
Rauoterangi Channel
Raupare Stream
Raupo Bay
Raupo Creek
Raupo Gully
Raupo Lagoon
Raupo Pond
Raupo Stream
Ravine Creek
Rawaru Rock
Rawiri Bay
Rawle Gully
Razor Back
Razorback Point
Receveur Peak
Red Beach
Red Beech Stream
Red Creek
Red Deer Col
Red Hills Range
Red Hills Ridge
Red Hutt Pool
Red Jacks Railway Station
Red Lagoon
Red Lakes
Red Lion Col
Red Mountain
Red Mountain
Red Moutain Stream
Red Peak
Red Pyke River
Red Rock Creek
Red Rock Stream
Red Rock Stream
Red Saddle
Red Slip
Red Spur
Redcliff Stream
Redcliffe Stream
Redfield Stream
Redington Stream
Redoubt Peaks
Redoubt Pinnacles
Reef Creek
Rees Saddle
Reeves Creek
Refuge Island
Refuge Island/Takataka
Reid Creek
Reid Stream
Reids Corner
Reids Creek
Reikorangi Stream
Reischek Bay
Reischek Col
Reischek Glacier
Remote Peaks
Remus Roe Stream
Renata Ridge
Rene Cove
Replica Hill
Repokai te Rotorua Stream
Reporoa Stream
Rere Kohu
Rerewhakaaitu River
Rerewhakaupoko Island
Reservoir Gully
Retreat Creek
Retreat Peaks
Retreat Pinnacles
Retreat Snowfield
Retreat Stream
Revelation Col
Revelation Mountain
Revell Camp
Review Peak
Rewa Bay
Rewa Rewa Stream
Rewiti Railway Station
Reynolds Beach
Riawhai Stream
Ribbon Falls
Ribbon Stream
Ribbonwood Stream
Richards Bay
Richards Mountain
Richards Spur
Richardson Stream
Richardson Stream
Richmond Range
Richmond Saddle
Richmond Stream
Ricki Spur
Riddle Peak
Rikoriko Cave
Rim Creek
Rimariki Island
Rimu Gully
Ringaringa Beach
Ringaringa Passage
Ringatoto Peak
Riordons Creek
Ripapa Island
Ripiro Beach
Rise and Shine Creek
Ritchies Bay
Riversdale Beach
Riversdale Stream
Riverstone Terraces
Riverton Rocks Post Office
Roa Post Office
Roaring Stream
Roaring Swine Creek
Rob Roy Creek
Rob Roy Glacier
Rob Roy Peak
Robert Ridge
Robert Stream
Robertson Range
Robin Creek
Robin Saddle
Robinson Stream
Robson Stream
Robyne Creek
Roche Pass
Rock Etam
Rock Pillar
Rocklily Inlet
Rocks Ahead Stream
Rockwood Range
Rockwood Stream
Rocky Creek
Rocky Creek
Rocky Gully River
Rocky Knob
Rocky Point
Rocky Point/Tauotikirangi
Rocky Spur Creek
Rocky Stream
Roderick Peak
Roderiques Anchorage
Rodgers Stream
Roe Stream
Roger Bay
Roger Head
Roimata Point
Rokomaiwhaea Creek
Rollers Beach
Rollover Glacier
Romanga Stream
Rome Ridge
Roranui Post Office
Rosa Island
Rose Creek
Rose Peak
Ross Corner
Ross Stream
Rosy Morn Stream
Rothesay Bay
Rotoehu Forest Village
Rotokawa Post Office
Rotongaro Canal
Rotoroa Hydro-electric Scheme
Rotten Tommy
Rough Creek
Rough Gully
Rough Stream
Rough Stream
Round Hill
Round Hill Peak
Round Hill Stream
Round Hills
Round Top
Round Top
Rover Peak
Rover Saddle
Row Mountain
Row Stream
Roxburgh Hydro Post Office
Roy Creek
Royal Creek
Roys Beach
Roys Lagoon
Ruahoanga Stream
Ruakituri Stream
Ruakokoputuna River
Ruakōpū Bay
Ruakoura Point
Ruamahanga River
Ruamahanga Stream
Ruapahau Stream
Ruapake Stream
Ruatangata Railway Station
Ruatangata Railway Station
Ruawahia Dome
Rubble Creek
Rubicon Stream
Ruby Beach
Ruby Creek
Rugged Burn
Rugged Peaks
Ruggedy Flat
Ruggedy Passage
Ruggedy Stream
Rukawahakura Island
Rum Gully
Rumpus Gully
Rurima Island
Russek Creek
Russell Peak
Russell Range
Russell Stream
Russet Burn
Ruth Ridge
Ruth Stream
Ruthe Passage
Rutherford Stream
Ryan Creek
Ryde Falls
Ryde Stream


S Bend Creek
Sabre Peak
Saddle Creek
Saddle Creek
Saddle Spur
Sadler Point
Sailor Stream
Sailors Gully
Sailors Rest
Sainsburys Terrace
Saint Marys Falls
Saints Creek
Salmon Creek
Saltwater Creek
Salty Beach
Samoa Mound
Sams Basin
Sanatorium Ridge
Sanctuary Basin
Sand Pool
Sandfly Creek
Sandfly Stream
Sandhill Beach
Sandhill Cut
Sandrey Stream
Sandy Creek
Sandy Peak
Sandy Point
Sandy Saddle
Sandys Basin
Sandys Knob
Sarah Cove
Sarah Gully
Sargent Point
Satan Saddle
Satellite Creek
Saturn Creek
Saunders Gully
Savage Burn
Savage Peak
Saw Spur
Sawdust Bay
Sawmill Creek
Sawmill Flat
Sawpit Creek
Sawpit Point
Sawtooth Ridge
Sawyer Ridge
Sawyers Beach
Sawyers Point
Saxon Ridge
Saxton Hill
Scabbard Glacier
Scarface Mountain
Scarlett Range
Sceptre Peak
Schnackenberg Bay
Schnapper Rock
Scholes Creek
Schoolhouse Point
Schoolmasters Pool
Schrund Peak
Scimitar Peak
Scollay Rocks
Scotsburn Stream
Scott Burn
Scott Pond
Scott Shoal
Scott Stream
Scotties Beach
Scotts Beach
Scotts Creek
Scotts Ferry
Scotts Slip
Scour Basin
Scour Stream
Scour Stream
Scout Bay
Scroggy Stream
Scrub Gully
Scrubby Bay
Scylla and Charybdis
Seagull Gully
Seagull Hill
Seagull Stream
Seal Creek
Seal Point
Sealers Cave
Sealey Glacier
Sealy Tarns
Sebastopol Creek
Sebastopol Ridge
Second Creek
Seddon Col
Seddon Creek
Selborne Range
Selborne Spur
Selby Stream
Sellars Stream
Selwyn Creek
Selwyn Rapids
Selwyn River/Waikirikiri
Sentinel Hill
Separation Col
Sergeants Hill Post Office
Serpent Glacier
Serpentine Creek
Serpentine Range
Settlers Bush
Settlers Stream
Seven Hills
Seven Mile Creek/Waimatuku
Seymour Peak
Shag Bend
Shag Point/Matakaea
Shag Pool
Shag River (Waihemo)
Shag Stream
Shale Peak Stream
Shand Bay
Shannon Cliffs
Shark Cove
Shark Island
Sharp Stream
Shaw Creek
Shaw Reach
She Stream
Shearwater Stream
Sheathknife Bay
Sheehan Stream
Sheepskin Creek
Sheepyard Terrace
Shelf Glacier
Shelly Lynn
Shelter Cove
Shepherds Terrace
Shepperds Stream
Sherwood Range
Shift Creek
Shine Falls
Shingle Hill
Shingle Stream
Shingly Creek
Shingly Stream
Shingly Stream
Ship Cone/Ōtaupiri
Ship Spur
Shirley Lake
Shirley Stream
Sholl Stream
Sibbald Knobs
Sibbald Range
Siberia Stream
Siberia Valley
Sibson Bay
Siege Glacier
Sigley Creek
Silly Pool
Silver Brook
Silver Stream
Silvery Creek
Simonet Creek
Sinbads Mistake
Sinclair Head/Te Rimurapa
Sinks Bridge
Sir William Peak
Sisters Rocks
Sisters Stream
Sisyphus Peak
Skeet Slide
Skeleton Point
Skelmorlie Peak
Skinner Hill
Skinner Point
Skippers Point
Slab Lookout
Slip Creek
Slip Flat
Slip Gully
Slip Panels Corner
Slip Stream
Sloans Flat
Sluice Box Creek
Smaills Beach
Smallmans Reach
Smith Creek
Smith Peak
Smiths Bay
Smiths Stream
Smokehouse Bay
Smokers Hole
Smokey Stream
Smoky Beach
Smoky Creek
Smoky Gully Stream
Smoky Rock
Smooth Peak
Smothering Gully
Smuggler Cove
Smylies Arm
Smyth Corner
Smyth Creek
Smyth Glacier
Smyth Ridge
Smyth Stream
Snag Pool
Snow Bowl
Snow Bridge Gorge
Snow Creek
Snow Dome Peak
Snow Valley
Snow White Clearing
Snow White Glacier
Snowball Creek
Snowball Saddle
Snowdale Stream
Snowdon Range
Snowdrift Saddle
Snowflake Spur
Snows Stream
Snowslide Stream
Snowy Peak
Snowy Stream
Soda Gully
Solander Island (Hautere)
Soldiers Creek
Solitude Stream
Soloist Peak
Solution Col
Sombrosy Glacier
Soup Stream
South  Entrance
South Bay
South Branch Ashburton River/Hakatere
South Cape/Whiore
South Cove
South Dean
South East Basin
South Passage
South Peak
South Point
South Red Head Point
South Snowball Creek
South West Arm
South West Cape/Puhiwaero
Southern Alps/Kā Tiritiri o te Moana
Southern Crater Lake
Southern Cross Creek
Southey Mount
South-west Bay
Spaniard Face
Spaniard Flat
Spaniard Stream
Spanish Grass Glacier
Spar Cove
Sparrow Hawk Stream
Spean Stream
Spearpoint Peak
Specimen Creek
Speculation Creek
Speculation Hill
Spencer Point
Spenser Bay
Spenser Mountains
Spenser Range
Sphinx Saddle
Spider Lakes
Spider Web
Spiderweb Creek
Spion Kop Peak
Spires Peak
Split Apple Rock
Split Peaks
Splugeons Rock
Spot Hill
Spragg Stream
Sprat Point
Spring Stream
Springlands Creek
Spur Creek
Spurgeons Rocks
Spurling Creek
Sputnik Creek
Spy Glass Point (Piripaua)
Square Top Peak
St Albans
St Arnaud
St Arnaud Post Office
St Arnaud Range
St Arnaud Stream
St Bernard Stream
St Clair Park
St Georges Creek
St Jacobs Flat
St James Range
St Johns
St Ronans Stream
St Winifred Col
St Winifred Glacier
St Winifred Stream
Stace Creek
Stace Saddle
Stafford Ridge
Stag Flat
Stag Hill
Stag Pool
Stag Saddle
Staggs Stream
Stair Creek
Staircase Mountain
Staircase Saddle
Staircase Stream
Stanley Gates
Stanley Point
Stanley Stream
Stans Creek
Stans Flat
Star Creek
Starfish Bay
Starvation Creek
Starvation Gully
Station Creek
Station Stream
Staveley Hill
Staveley Stream
Stead Bay
Steep Creek
Steep Head
Steeple Peak
Steeple Rock/Te Aroaro-o-Kupe
Stefansson Peak
Stephen Mountain
Stephens Bay
Stephens Island Telegraph Office
Stephens Passage
Stephenson Island
Stern Creek
Sterndale Stream
Stevens Stream
Stevenson Glacier
Stevenson Hill
Stevenson Peak
Stevenson Stream
Stevensons Island
Steventon Stream
Stewart Glacier
Stewart Island/Rakiura
Stewart Stream
Stewarts Gully
Sticking Point
Sticking Up Gully
Still Gully
Stillwater River
Stilwell Bay
Stingray Bay
Stirling Head
Stocker Stream
Stocking Peak
Stockwell Stream
Stockyard Face
Stockyard Stream
Stoddart Point
Stoeger Stream
Stokes Creek
Stokes Stream
Stone Jug Stream
Stoneleigh Saddle
Stony Basin
Stony Batter Trig Station
Stony Beach
Stony Hill
Stony Stream
Stony Stream
Stony Tarn
Storm Stream
Strangers Gully
Stranraer Hill
Stratford Mountain House Telephone Office
Strathconan Creek
Strauchon River
Stripe Head
Strone Stream
Strutt Bluff
Stuart Hill
Studholme Passes
Stumpy Stream
Sturdee Peak
Styx Glacier
Sudden Valley Stream
Sugar Loaf Peak
Sugar Loaf Stream
Sugarloaf Pass
Summer Entrance
Summit Creek
Sunbeam Creek
Sunday Tarn
Sunde Stream
Sunnyvale Railway Station
Sunrise Peak
Sunset Peak
Sunset Saddle
Sunshine Bay
Sunshine Bay
Supply Bay
Surf Point
Surprise Creek
Surprise Stream
Surrey Road Entrance
Surrey Stream
Surveyor Peak
Surveyor Spur
Surveyors Bay
Surveyors Col
Surveyors Creek
Surveyors Gully
Surveyors Knob
Surville Cliffs
Sustins Glacier
Sutherlands Creek
Sutton Stream
Swains Beach
Swamp Bay
Swamp Gully
Swampy Creek
Swampy Stream
Swan Bay
Swan Mere
Swann Beach
Swans Retreat Lagoon
Swanson Bay
Sweeps Stream
Swirl Pool
Switchback Stream
Sword Peak
Sydney Beach
Sydney Creek
Sykes Gully
Sylvia Stream
Sylvia Tops
Syme Ridge
Syme Stream
Symonds Bay
Sysiphus Peak


Ta Mauku Point
Ta Papiri Point
Table Mountain
Taemaro Bay
Taffy Stream
Taheke Creek
Taheke Stream
Tahingaawhenua Mountain
Tahirimongo Point
Tahuna Railway Siding
Tahuna Torea
Tahunaatara Stream
Tahunapō Bay
Tāhunaroa Beach
Tahuri Point
Tai Tapu
Taiaha Peak
Taiaroa Peak
Taiaroa Telephone Office
Taieri Island/Moturata
Taieri Stream
Taiharakeke Stream
Taiharuru Bay
Taikata Stream
Taiko Flat
Taimana Stream
Tainui Peak
Taipa Bay
Taipa Beach
Taipo Stream
Taita Railway Station
Taitomo Island
Takahe Stream
Takahe Stream
Takahe Valley
Takamatua Hill
Takamatua Stream
Takangaroa Island
Takanini Post Office
Takanini Railway Station
Takapu Registration District
Takapu Road
Takapu Stream
Takatu Head
Takatu Point
Takatu Point
Takawini Island
Taki-a-Maru (Fish Reef)
Takirau Bay
Takirau Stream
Takitimu Forest
Takitimu Mountains
Takou River
Takrouna Peak
Talbot River
Talus Creek
Tamaitemioka Island
Tamaki Railway Station
Tamatatui Stream
Tamatea Peak
Tamuakawawe Bay
Tanerore Cove
Tangahoe River
Tangaihe Bay
Tangata Maunga
Tangihau Point
Tangitu Bay
Tangitu Point
Tank Gully
Tannery Stream
Tantalus Peak
Taoka Icefall
Tapatu Bay
Tapeka Point
Tapley Stream
Tapoa/Erskine Point
Tapokopoko Stream
Tapp Stream
Tapu Bay
Tapu River
Tapuaeharuru Bay
Tapuaekura Bay
Tapuarau Lagoon
Tapuata Railway Siding
Tar Pot Creek
Tara Haoa Range
Tara Rocks
Taraire Stream
Tarakena Bay
Taramakau River
Taranaki Peak
Taranaki Stream
Taranaki Stream
Tarapatiki Maori Block
Tarapatiki Post Office
Tarapatiki Spit
Tarapuke Creek
Tarapunga Shoal
Tararua Peak
Tarati Gully
Tarawatangata Point
Tarawera Dome
Tareha Point
Tarewai Rock
Tarewauru Block
Target Stream
Taringamotu River
Tarn Col
Tarn Creek
Tarn Creek
Taroa Stream
Taronui Bay Post Office
Tarpaulin Beach
Tarpot Creek
Tartarus Icefall
Taruna Stream
Tasman Bay
Tasman Lake
Tasman Point
Tatare Range
Tatare Stream
Tataweka Island
Tātāwhākā Creek
Tatua Peak
Tauarau Bay
Tauherenikau River
Tauherenikau Road
Tauhinukorokio/Mount Pleasant
Taukihepa/Big South Cape Island
Taumaharau Lake
Taumaihi Point
Taumangahau Stream
Taumatamiere Stream
Taumatapoupou Stream
Taumataterairi Stream
Taungahaika Islands
Taupata Bay
Taupo Creek
Taupuke Point
Taura Rock
Tauranganui Bay
Taurekaitai Stream
Taurewa Post Office
Tauri Isthmus
Tauroa Creek
Tauroa Peak
Tauroa Peninsula
Tauroa Point
Taurus Major Submergence
Tautari Stream
Tauweru Road
Tauwhatawhata Stream
Tavistock Corner
Tawa Stream
Tawake Tohunga
Tawapata Bay
Tawapou Point
Tawaroa Stream
Tawatawa Bay
Tawera Tarn
Tāwhakarere Bay
Tawhana Stream
Tāwharanui Peninsula
Tawharekiri Lakes
Tawhiti Falls
Tawhitikahu Ridge
Tawiri Stream
Tawiriwiri Island
Tay Stream
Tayler Point
Taylor River
Taylors Camp
Te Ahipukahu Stream
Te Ahua Point
Te Ahuahu
Te Ahumairangi Hill
Te Aitangaamahaki
Te Akaroa (West Entry Point)
Te Akatapu
Te Akau (Black Beach)
Te Akau o Hine
Te Akeake Point
Te Ana o Matuku
Te Anaoipaikea Point
Te Anauiarau Bay
Te Angaanga Beach
Te Apu
Te Apunga
Te Ara Kake a Haereroa
Te Araara Point
Te Ārero Bay
Te Ariuru Point
Te Atatu
Te Atuahautapu
Te Atuaoparapara
Te Au Saddle
Te Aumiti (French Pass)
Te Aute
Te Aute Stream
Te Awa a te Atua Beach
Te Awa Kairangi / Hutt River
Te Awa Railway Station
Te Awaatu Channel
Te Awahou Point
Te Awaiti
Te Awakari Stream
Te Awakautuku
Te Awaparahi
Te Awapuia Bay
Te Awapuka Stream
Te Hahaenga Block
Te Hakapureirei Beach
Te Hakuwai Spur
Te Hanga Ridge
Te Hangohango Creek
Te Haoko Stream
Te Hau Mountain
Te Haupa Island
Te Hauturu-o-Toi / Little Barrier Island
Te Hāwere-a-Maki / Goat Island
Te Henga (Bethells Beach)
Te Henui Stream
Te Heruotaraia
Te Heuheu Peak
Te Hikowhenua
Te Hīnau Bay
Te Hiwiokaituri
Te Hoanga Point
Te Hoe a Taikehu
Te Hoe Whaling Station
Te Hokowhitu
Te Horea
Te Hue Point
Te Hue Stream
Te Huingi Manu
Te Humenga Point
Te Huruhi Bay
Te Huruhuru
Te Huruhuru
Te Hutewai
Te Hutewai Stream
Te Ihooterei
Te Ika a Piua Stream
Te Ikaamaru Bay
Te Ikawhataroa
Te Iringa
Te Iringaowhare Bridge
Te Iringaowhare Stream
Te Iwiroa
Te Kahika
Te Kahika Stream
Te Kainga
Te Kanakana Done
Te Kapa River
Te Kapakapa Stream
Te Karaka Bay
Te Karamea Bay
Te Kāramuramu Bay
Te Karetu Point
Te Kaukau Point
Te Kauwhata
Te Kauwhata Post Office
Te Kauwhata Railway Station
Te Kawa Stream
Te Kawakawa Rocks
Te Kawau a Toru
Te Kawau Survey District
Te Kereu Point
Te Koau Stream
Te Kohatuakaiuru
Te Kohuroa / Mathesons Bay
Te Kooti Stream
Te Kopahou
Te Kōpiha  Bay
Te Kopua
Te Kopua Stream
Te Korokoroowhaitiri Creek
Te Korowhiti Rock
Te Koutū Wetland
Te Mahia Bay
Te Mahia Railway Station
Te Maire Stream
Te Mara Point
Te Marama Island
Te Marua
Te Mata Bay
Te Mata Stream
Te Matahī Lagoon
Te Matai
Te Matawera Bay
Te Matawiwi Point
Te Maunga
Te Maunga Railway Station
Te Moenga Bay
Te Mokaiapani
Te More
Te Motu Kairangi / Miramar Peninsula
Te Motu o Poutoa
Te Muri-O-Tarariki Stream
Te Naihi Creek
Te Naihi Saddle
Te Ngaere
Te Nunuhe Rock
Te Oka Bay
Te Oka Stream
Te Oneone Rangatira Beach
Te Onepoto/Taylors Mistake
Te Oneroa Bay
Te Onewhero Lagoon
Te Orumata
Te Paepae o Aotea
Te Pakira
Te Pakira
Te Pakora
Te Pare
Te Pareoterawahirua
Te Parera Stream
Te Pari o Te Mataahua
Te Pato Stream
Te Pohue
Te Pōhue Bay
Te Pōhue Bay
Te Pohue/Camp Bay
Te Poupouotu
Te Pouwhakatutu
Te Puaha Stream
Te Puapua
Te Puna Bay
Te Puna Inlet
Te Puna Point
Te Punaatuhoe
Te Puoho Glacier
Te Pupuha Point
Te Puraka Point
Te Puru
Te Puru
Te Puru
Te Putaaraukai Channel
Te Putaaraukai River
Te Putahaehae Stream
Te Rae o te Rakau
Te Rae Point
Te Raeokahu Headland
Te Rakaomaru Spur
Te Rakau Creek
Te Rakauwhakamataku Point
Te Raketuangiangi
Te Rangi
Te Rangiita Post Office
Te Rapaotiawha Stream
Te Rātā Bay
Te Rauone Beach
Te Raupau
Te Raupōroa Beach
Te Raupua
Te Rawhiti Inlet
Te Reinga Bay
Te Rekereke Stream
Te Rere Mahanga
Te Rerekawau
Te Rerekokako Stream
Te Rerengaotukiriahi
Te Rimupotaka Point
Te Rokotai
Te Rotoharakeke Point
Te Rotoiti Bay
Te Rotomanoao
Te Ruahine Point
Te Ruapeka Bay
Te Ruatahi Islet
Te Ruatarore
Te Ruato Bay
Te Tahi
Te Tahi Stream
Te Tāhuna o Rangataua
Te Tapahoro Bay
Te Tāpiri
Te Tawa Hill
Te Tī Bay
Te Ti Mangonui
Te Titoki Point
Te Toiokawharu
Te Toka Stream
Te Toroa Bay
Te Tuhi Track
Te Tumurae Headland
Te Uenga Bay
Te Umukukupa
Te Umukuri (Wellers Rock)
Te Upokoohinepaki Point
Te Urenui Pā
Te Uwhi Block
Te Waha Point
Te Wahapu Inlet
Te Waharoa
Te Waharoa Point
Te Waiiti Point
Te Waikohare Range
Te Waikohare Stream
Te Waikoropupū River
Te Waikoropupū Springs
Te Waipapa/Diamond Harbour
Te Waipuhake Stream
Te Wairere Stream
Te Wairoa Bay
Te Waite Bay
Te Weheka
Te Wera Peak
Te Weraiti Stream
Te Weta Bay
Te Wetenga
Te Whakapatiki
Te Whakarekaiwi
Te Wharau Stream
Te Wharau Stream
Te Wharau/Charteris Bay
Te Wharepouri Mark
Te Whata
Te Whatui
Te Whauotemarama
Te Whetū Kairangi Ridge
Te Whiro
Tea Tree Stream
Teal Bay
Teardrop Lake
Teardrop Stream
Teichelmann Rock
Tekapo B
Tekoa Range
Tempest Peak
Temple Col
Temple Peak
Temple View
Temple View Post Office
Templers Islands
Ten Hour Gorge Creek
Ten Mile Creek/Waianiwaniwa
Tent Gully
Teparapara Bay
Terminal Peak
Terminus Creek
Tertiary Creek
Teschemaker School Corner
Teviot Island
Thar Creek
The Anchorage
The Apprentice
The Arches
The Barracks
The Bends Pool
The Big D
The Big Rock
The Black Spur
The Bluff/Motupōhue
The Bluffs
The Boulevard Pool
The Braes
The Bridge
The Brothers
The Brothers
The Brothers Telegraph Office
The Bypass Pool
The Castles
The Cataracts
The Cathedrals
The Catlins
The Causeway
The Caves
The Chasm
The Clump
The Commander Peak
The Deviation
The Devils Rampart
The Doughboy/Kokiraki
The Downs
The Elephant
The Exchange
The Fingers
The Forks
The Furies Ridge
The Gap
The Gateway
The Gladiator Peak
The Glen
The Great Unknown Peak
The Gutter
The Haystacks
The Hooligan
The Horse Spur
The Hub
The Islands
The Knob Hill
The Knobbies
The Knobbles
The Knoll
The Landing
The Lazyman
The Marquee
The Monument
The Monument
The Narrows
The Needle
The Needles
The Noises
The Onlooker
The Panhandle
The Parade
The Parade
The Parade
The Pig Pool
The Pines
The Pines Beach
The Pinnacles
The Pinnacles
The Point
The Puffer
The Punchbowl
The Pyramid
The Pyramid Peak
The Queen
The Racecourse
The Razorback
The Remarkables
The Reserve
The Rip
The Rip
The Rock
The Rouster
The Sentinel
The Sentinel
The Settlement
The Shute
The Silver Peaks
The Sisters
The Sisters
The Sisters
The Sisters Ridge
The Snowman Peak
The Snuggery
The Spike
The Spire
The Spit
The Spurs
The Steward
The Stones Pool
The Straight
The Terraces
The Three Sisters
The Tors
The Tower Peak
The Trench
The Triangle
The Tump Peak
The Twins
The Warrior
The Watchman
The White
The Zoo
Thesis Peak
Thirteen Mile Creek
Thistle Stream
Thompson Stream
Thompson Stream
Thoms Bay
Thoms Rock
Thomson Bay
Thomson Creek
Thomson Nugget
Thor Creek
Thorn Creek
Thorpe Stream
Thousand Acres Plateau
Three Duck Lake
Three Johns Peak
Three Kings Post Office
Three Legged Woodhen
Three Tarn Pass
Throne Glacier
Thunderbolt Creek
Thurneysen Glacier
Thusnelds Creek
Tia Island (Entrance)
Tiakitahuna Road
Tie Up Stream
Tiel Creek
Tiger Hill
Tiheru Island
Tihihana Stream
Tihiokahukura/Castle Rock
Tikimore Stream
Tikitapu/Blue Lake
Tikitiki Post Office
Tikitiki Rock
Tikitikioure Hill
Tikorangi Hill
Tillers Gulch
Timber Glen
Timore Island (Chimneys)
Tin Hut Creek
Tin Hut Stream
Tin Hut Stream
Tin Range
Tinakore Road
Tindale Creek
Tindall Creek
Tindill Basin
Tinline Stream
Tipapa Stream
Tiraotane Block
Tirikakawa Stream
Tiriwa Point
Tirohanga Stream
Tironui Railway Station
Tirua Point
Tītahi Bay
Titahi Stream
Titi Island
Titi Stream
Titi/Muttonbird Islands
Titi/Muttonbird Islands
Titi/Muttonbird Islands
Titi/Muttonbird Islands
Titi/Muttonbird Islands
Titoki Ridge
Ti-tree Point
Tobacco Range
Toby Glacier
Todd Gully
Toenepi Stream
Toenga Hill
Toetoe Flat
Toetoeroa Stream
Tohoratea River
Tohunga Peak
Toitoi Gully
Tokaanu Reef
Tokamapuna Rock
Tokaroa Point
Tokata Island
Tokatara Rocks
Tokatawhitiwhiti Stream
Tokatoka Point
Tokatokahau Point
Toko Mouth
Tokomaru Maori Block
Tokongawha Point
Tolaga Bay
Tole Creek
Toledo Col
Tolson River
Tom Thumb Col
Tommy Stream
Tommys Bluff
Tomnahurich Rock
Tomokoko Rock
Toms Cliff
Toms Point
Tonga Hill
Tongariro River
Tongariro River
Tongue Spur
Tongue Spur
Tongue Spur Stream
Top of the Ladder
Topffer Creek
Tophouse Settlement
Topi Rock
Torbay Post Office
Torea Bay
Toreador Peak
Torepapa Stream
Torias Corner
Torkington Bay
Tornado Creek
Totara Bridge Pool
Totara Spur
Totara Stream
Totara Stream
Totara Stream
Totara Vale
Toupiroroa Range
Touwai Bay
Towai Hill
Towai River
Townsend Creek
Townson Tarn
Tracy Stream
Trail Stream
Traills Bay
Trap Gully
Travers Range
Travers Range
Travers Saddle
Treachery Ridge
Treefells Stream
Tregidga Creek
Trestles Stream
Trevaccoon Head
Tri Peak
Triangle Peak
Triangle Stream
Trident Glacier
Trident Peak
Trig Creek
Trig ‘N’ Tarn
Trig Point
Trinity Creek
Trinity Glacier
Trinity Lakes
Trinity Pass
Trinity Stream
Trinity Stream
Triplex Creek
Trireme Peak
Triton Peak
Trojan Stream
Trolove Stream
Troloves Stream
Trotters Creek
Trout Stream
Trout Stream
Trudge Col
Trudge Stream
Trumper Stream
Trumpeter Point
Tu Araiawa Island (Fin Island)
Tuaheni Point
Tuahuru Point
Tuakopae Stream
Tuamarina Post Office
Tuamarina Railway Station
Tuamarina River
Tuarāhiwiroa Point
Tuatara Bay
Tuatara Pool
Tubman Range
Tucker Creek
Tuhawaiki Island
Tuhawaiki Mountain
Tuhua Creek
Tui Stream
Tui Tarn
Tukino Peak
Tukino Village
Tumataika Point
Tumbledown Bay
Tūmoana Bay
Tūmoana Point
Tungutu Point
Tuning Fork Creek
Tunnel Beach
Tunnel Point
Tunupō Creek
Tupapakurua Stream
Tupari Bay
Tupari Road
Tuputupungahau Island
Turakirae Head
Turanga Stream
Turangarere Railway Station
Turehu Stream
Turiakina Stream
Turihaua Stream
Turitea Dams
Turitea Stream
Turk Mountain
Turk Ridge
Turkey Gully
Turnagain Island
Turnbull Glacier
Turnbull Mountain
Turnbull Pass
Turnbull Stream
Turnbull Thomson Falls
Turoa Village
Turret Head Peak
Turret Peak
Turton Tops
Tussock Creek
Tutaekuri – Waimate Stream
Tutaekuri River
Tutamoe Block
Tutamoe Range
Tutamoe Survey District
Tutamoi Road
Tuwharetoa Glacier
Twain Col
Tweedles Gully
Twelve Apostles Range
Twenty Five Mile Creek
Twenty Minute Beach
Twilight Bay
Twilight Col
Twin Beach
Twin Creek
Twin Fall Stream
Twin Falls
Twin Hill
Twin Icefall
Twin Lakes
Twin Peak
Twins Creek
Two Eye Stream
Two Legged Spur
Two Legged Stream
Two Mile Stream
Two Thumb Stream
Tyndall Glacier
Typhoon Peak
Tyree Stream
Tyrwhitt Peak
Tytler Point


U Pass
Uarau Point
Uaroa Creek
Umupuia Beach
Umutoi Creek
Union Bay
Unknown Col
Unknown Lake
Unsworth Heights
Upcot Stream
Upham Peak
Upokoongauru Stream
Upper Acheron Flat
Upper Birch Pool
Upper Island Hill
Upper Island Pool
Upper Tindill Stream
Upper Waikato Stream
Upton Brook
Uretara Stream
Urewiri Stream
Urquhart Peak
Uruapukapuka Island
Urukokomuka Stream
Urupukapuka Island
Uruti Bay
Uruti Point
Uruwera Point
Ussher Stream
Utah Island


V Notch Pass
Vaila Voe Bay
Valhalla Creek
Valiant Mountain
Valley Cliffs
Valley Stream
Valley View Hill
Van Leeuwen Landing
Vancouver Mountain
Vee Stream
Veil Col
Veil Peak
Veil Stream
Vella Stream
Venture Creek
Venus Creek
Vertebrae Col
Vic Mountain
Victor Lake
Victoria Glacier
View Hill Stream
Vigil Peak
Vilya Creek
Virginia Stream
Vulcan Glacier


Waahi Pa
Waahi Stream
Waddells Pool
Wade Island
Wade Lake
Wadsworth Stream
Waerenga/Mission Bay
Waewaetapahia Stream
Waewaetorea Island
Waewaetorea Passage
Wahakari Lake
Wahanga Dome
Waharoa Saddle
Wahine Bay
Wahine Rock
Wahine Stream
Wahiura Bay
Wai o Taiki Bay
Wai Pingao Stream
Waianiwaniwa River
Waiari Stream
Waiarohia Inlet
Waiaruhe River
Waiaruheiti Stream
Waiatekatanga Stream
Waiau Irrigation Scheme
Waiaua East Survey District
Waiaua River
Waicoe Creek
Waiehuehu Stream
Waihaere Stream
Waihaha Stream
Waihakeke Stream
Waiharakeke East Stream
Waiharakeke West Stream
Waiharara Post Office
Waiharara Road
Waiharara School
Waiharera Creek
Waihi Bay
Waihi Creek
Waihi Peak
Waihirere Stream
Waihoanga Creek
Waihoihoi Stream
Waihopai Saddle Stream
Waihoroipu Stream
Waihou River
Waihuahua Swamp
Waihunga Stream
Waiinu Beach
Wai-iti River
Wai-iti Stream
Waikahawai Point
Waikaia Railway Station
Waikaia River
Waikainga Stream
Waikakahi Stream
Waikara Stream
Waikaramu Stream
Waikare Block
Waikare Inlet
Waikare River
Waikarekare Stream
Waikari River
Waikato Bay
Waikato Stream
Waikawa Stream
Waikawau/Hannahs Bay
Waikekeno Stream
Waikekewai Creek
Waikererū Bay
Waikeri Creek
Waikinakitangata Stream
Waikinakitangata Stream
Waikoata Stream
Waikoko Stream
Waikoko Stream
Waikoko Stream
Waikoko Stream
Waikopiro Stream
Waikoropupu Drain
Waikoukou Stream
Waikowhai Blufff
Waikowhai Stream
Waikowhai Stream
Waikumete Stream
Waikutu Creek
Waima River
Waimahuru Stream
Waimama Bay
Waimanga Creek
Waimangaroa Point
Waimangō Point
Waimangō Stream
Waimangu North
Waimangu South
Waimangu Stream
Waimangu Stream
Waimanoni Creek
Waimaori Stream
Waimarara Stream
Waimata Stream
Waimaunu Stream
Waimeha Lagoon
Waimiha Stream
Waimihia Bay
Waimoau Stream
Wainamu Stream
Waingaehe/Holdens Bay
Waingakia Stream
Waingakihi Stream
Waingaro Domain
Waingaro Peak
Waingaro Post Office
Waingaro Riding
Waingaro River
Waingaro Road
Waingaro Stream
Waingongoro Stream
Wainīkau Bay
Wainiwha Creek
Wainui Island
Wainui Stream
Wainuitewhara Stream
Waioeka Parish
Waioeka River
Waioeka Telephone Office
Waiōhewa Beach
Waiohine Pinnacles
Waiohine River
Waiohua Creek
Waiokahu Stream
Waiomoko River
Waiomoko Stream
Waiomu Stream
Waiona Bay
Waionanga Railway Station
Waionanga Stream
Waiongawahine Stream
Waiopehu Stream
Waiopine Stream
Waiopuoroaro Stream
Waiora Stream
Waiorongomai Block
Waiorongomai River
Waiorongomai Stream
Waiorore Stream
Waiorua Bay
Waiotahe School
Waiotahi Parish
Waiotahi River
Waiotane Stream
Waiotauru Forks
Waiotauru River
Waiotehue Stream
Waiowhiro Stream
Waipahihi Creek
Waipakihi River
Waipao Bay
Waipapa Bay
Waipapa Point
Waipapa Stream
Waipapa Stream
Waipara Range
Waipara Saddle
Waipare Stream
Waipareira Bay
Waiparera Stream
Waipatiki Beach
Waipaua Stream
Waipawa Stream
Waipiro Bay
Waipu Bay
Waipu Stream
Waipuna Bay
Waipuna Bay
Waipuna Bay
Waipuna Stream
Wairaka Beach
Wairakaia Stream
Wairakau Stream
Wairake Stream
Wairaki Island
Wairapukao Stream
Wairau Bay
Wairau Valley
Waireia Stream
Wairēinga / Bridal Veil Falls
Wairepo Arm
Wairepo Bay
Wairere Stream
Wairere Stream
Wairereata Falls
Wairiki Point
Wairoa Falls
Wairoa Stream
Wairoa Stream
Waitaha Cove
Waitakaruru River
Waitakere Bay
Waitakere Block
Waitakere River
Waitakuhuruhuru Stream
Waitangi Bay
Waitangi Stream
Waitangirua Stream
Waitaro Stream
Waitata Bay
Waitata/Little Port Cooper
Waitatapia Stream
Waitauri Stream
Waiteika Stream
Waitepipi Stream
Waitere Stream
Waitete Stream
Waitetī Bay
Waitetuna Block
Waitetuna Stream
Waitetuna Stream
Waitewaewae River
Waitewhena Railway Siding
Waitewhena Stream
Waitioka Stream
Waitoetoe Post Office
Waitoetoe River
Waitohi Stream
Waitohu Stream
Waitoki Stream
Waitotara River
Waitotaranui Creek
Waituna Bay
Waituna Creek
Waituna Stream
Waitupu Stream
Waiua Bay
Waiuna Lagoon
Waiwhakaata Stream
Waiwhakaiho River
Waiwhakapirau Stream
Waiwhakareto Stream
Waiwhakarewarewa Stream
Waiwhakarewaumu Station
Waiwhakatoitoi Stream
Waiwhero Creek
Waiwhero Stream
Waiwherowhero Creek
Waiwhetu Settlement
Waiwiri Island
Wakaterepapanui Island
Wakefield Falls
Wakling Spur
Walker Creek
Walkers Island
Walkers Stream
Wall Creek
Wall Island
Wall Mountain
Wallaces Creek
Wallers Creek
Wallers Creek
Wallers Spur
Walnut Stream
Walter Mount
Wamaomao Bay
Wandle Bush
Wanganella Cove
Wanns Bay
Waowaototara Block
Wapiti Lake
Wapiti River
Ward Stream
Ward Stream
Wardens Creek
Wards Stream
Wareware Island
Warrior Peak
Washbourn Creek
Washerwoman Pool
Washpool Hill
Washpool Stream
Wast Point
Watchdog Peak
Water Supply Creek
Watercress Beach
Waterfall Bay
Waterfall Bay
Waterfall Creek
Waterfall Flat
Waterfall Stream
Waterfalls Stream
Watering Cove
Waters Creek
Watkin Creek
Watkins Dome
Watts Stream
Weatherhill Stream
Webb Creek
Webb Ridge
Webb Stream
Webber Lookout
Webby Creek
Wedgery Creek
Wee McGregor Glacier
Weipers Creek
Weka Island
Weka Pass
Weka Pass
Weka Stream
Wekarua Island
Welch Peak
Welcome Lake
Welcome Pass
Weld Pass
Weld-Dashwood Pass Road
Wellington Harbour (Port Nicholson)
Wellman Creek
Wells Arm
Wells Bay
Welshman Pakihi
Welshman Peak
Welshmans Telephone Office
Weramaia Stream
Weraroa Road
Wesley Stream
West Bay
West Coast Gully
West End Beach
West Gorge Stream
West Hoe Pass
West Peak
West Point
West Ridge
West Ruggedy Beach
West Waitewaewae Stream
Weta Gully
Wether Hills
Whaingaroa Harbour
Whaiti Stream
Whakaari/White Island
Whakaauranga Stream
Whakahoro Stream
Whakamarutuna Block
Whakaoma Stream
Whakapae Bay
Whakapaingarara/Tapu Bush
Whakapaupakihi Stream
Whakapenui Point
Whakapirau/Rocky Point
Whakapohai River
Whakapoungakau Range
Whakapuni Stream
Whakarautawa Stream
Whakarewa Lagoon
Whakariawaka Stream
Whakarino Stream
Whakarongorua Point
Whakaruro Bay
Whakatai Stream
Whakatakahe Head
Whakatere Peak
Whakatikei River
Whalan Stream
Whalan Stream
Whale Corner
Whalers Base
Whalers Bay
Whales Back Stream
Whanau Island
Whanaukini Stream
Whangaahei Bay
Whangae River
Whangaehu River
Whangaehu Road
Whangakopikopiko Island
Whangamarino Bay
Whanganui Inlet
Whanganui River
Whanganuioparua Inlet
Whangaparaoa Bay
Whangapau Point
Whangara Island
Whangaroa Inlet
Whangatauatia Hill
Whangaumu Bay
Wharairiki Bay
Wharanui Railway Station
Wharawhara Stream
Whare Ngarahu
Whare Stream
Whareana Bay
Wharekaunga Stream
Wharemoa Railway Station
Wharenareke Bay
Wharepoke Falls
Wharepuaitaha Island
Whare-ririki Bay
Whareroa Beach
Wharetana Bay
Wharetata Bay
Wharewaka Point
Wharf Creek
Wharfedale Road
Wharfedale Stream
Wharikipanaranara Point
Wharikirauponga Block
Whatamango Bay
Whatarangi Block
Whatarangi Stream
Whataroa Post Office
Whataroa River
Whatitirinui Island
Whatupuku Island
Whatuwhiwhi Block
Wheadon Creek
Wheao Survey District
Wheeler Stream
Whekau Stream
Whekenui Post Office
Wheki Stream
Whenanui Stream
Whero Rock
Whiorau Bay
Whiorau/Lowry Bay
Whip Stream
Whirinaki Bluff
Whirinaki River
Whirl Pool
Whiskey Creek
Whisky Still Stream
Whisky Stream
Whisky Stream
Whistling Creek
Whitbourn Saddle
White Bluffs/Te Parinui o Whiti
White Glacier
White Knight Stream
White Pine Stream
White Pyramid Peak
White Rocks
White Rose Falls
White Stream
Whitecliffs Railway Station
Whitehead Bay
Whitehead Glacier
Whites Gully
Whitestone Beach
Whitewater River
Whitianga Post Office
Whitianga Stream
Whitikau Pool
Whitiora Pa
Whitireia/Mount Couper
Whitneys Creek
Wicks Col
Wide Berth Islands
Wiersma Stream
Wigley Glacier
Wigmore Bay
Wilczek Peak
Wild Sheep Spur
Wildsheep Stream
Wildsheep Stream
Willawa Point
Willberg Glacier
Willberg Range
Willberg River
Williams Saddle
Williams Stream
Willmer Stream
Willow Reach
Willows Stream
Wilmot River
Wilmot Saddle
Wilson Bay
Wilson Hill
Wilson Peak
Wilson Rock
Wilsons Point
Wilton Falls
Winchcombe Peak
Windfall Creek
Windsor Park
Windward Peak
Windward River
Windwhistle Hill
Windy Creek
Windy Point
Wing Head
Wingate Railway Station
Wingham Creek
Wingham Park
Winter Garden
Winzenburg Hill
Wipene Stream
Wire Rope Terrace
Wiri Railway Station
Wisely Burn
Wisely Falls
Witch Hill
Wither Creek
Wolff River
Womens Island
Wonderland Stream
Wonderland Valley
Wonga Wonga Bay
Wood Stream
Woodbourne Air Force Post Office
Woodchopper Stream
Woodhen Stream
Woodlands Bay
Woodlands Stream
Woodmans Bay
Woodrow Burn
Woody Gully Stream
Woollies Stream
Woolmer Hill
Woolshed Flat
Woolshed Ridge
Woolshed Stream
Woolston Loop
Woonton Creek
Wootton Stream
Worsley Pass
Wreck Creek
Wright Pass
Wyatt Stream
Wyllies Stream
Wyndale Hills
Wynne Burn


Xenicus Mount
Xenicus Peak


Yankee River
Yarra River
Yarra Saddle
Yellow Hill
Yellow Point
Yelverton Stream
Yorke Gully
Yorkies Saddle
Young Basin
Youngman Stream
Yuletide Peak


Zig Zag Stream
Zigzag Creek
Zircon Glacier
Zittel Stream
Zurbriggen Col
Zurbriggen Ridge