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If the consumers do not speak up and tell MAF what they want, they will assume that consumers do not want to be able to buy raw milk and essentially it will be unavailable to most

Ben Warren – health coach –

It appears that MAF’s intention is not to stop raw milk availability, but rather to limit our options on WHERE we can get it. That is, to stop us being able to pick up from local collection points. So this is an important aspect to address in your submissions – make it clear that the ability to pick up close to home is vital.

Deb Gully – health coach and WAPF Wellington Chapter Leader

There is an organized alliance of those who oppose the legalization of raw milk and have stated their intentions to end consumer access to raw milk. Their strong political voice is also financially backed. Until now, raw milk has lacked a strong unified voice to defend itself

Raw Milk Institute

My cholesterol profile has improved and my body fat has gone down to 12%. Physical performance in running and cycling has improved despite being 55yrs.

My skin has improved.

My 9yr old son is thin, muscular and in perfect health and has been free of any debilitating flu’s and colds.

Gary Moller – health coach –

If I do end up with a cow in my front garden, I could set up a tidy trade supplying milk to city folk who have become part of a worldwide movement to boycott pasteurised milk and consume only the rich, creamy stuff that comes straight from the cow

Karen Holdom – journalist

A big job ahead but hey we’re getting more and more numbers now – so maybe people power can bring positive change on this matter

Caroline Marshall – WAPF Chapter Leader – S & E Auckland

Raw milk has definitely now become defined as a 21st century civil rights movement. Denial of food… there cannot be a more personal forced severance from such an essential right.

Mark McAfee – Organic Pastures

I follow a lot of farmers overseas online and one of them is Nature’s Harmony Farms in the US In one of their webcasts Nick said something similar to:

“The Food safety people are actually quite helpful and are just doing their jobs. Of course they know that raw milk is sold. Of course they know that people buy it for their animals but then drink it themselves. They are not stupid. And they could shut us down if they want. But s long as we follow their rules they are ok. Because that’s their job, to make sure we follow the rules”.

Peter Niepel – dairy farmer

It is now our opportunity to make our voices heard, so let’s go for it.

Geoff Waterhouse – WAPF Chapter Leader – Northland

Over the last 50 yrs years we have seen a shift of people moving closer to the urban areas for work and a change to fewer but larger dairy farms.

This has resulted in fewer people living in relative proximity to dairy farms Despite that there has been no reduction in people wanting to access one of natures most widely used and healthful foods – raw milk. This is evidenced by the hundreds of people from Northland to Invercargill who are accessing milk for consumption and the thousands of litres they are consuming on a weekly basis.

In a free open and democratic society to deny a person to practice their wishes, when those wishes do not impact on anybody outside their family and that wish embraces personal accountability is infringing the rights of those people

John Martin – dairy farmer

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

We have come to a point in time now where demand for good fresh milk is growing massively and we do need to update the laws to reflect that otherwise we will  see an expansion of basically backyard operations which will lead to health problems because cowboys will cease on an opportunity.

That is why I think having no RMP as proposed by MAF is dangerous. The example of egg producers under 100 hens not needing an RMP has no relevance to raw milk. The egg comes prepackaged, whereas we have several stages to go through before milk is safely packaged nd every stage will cause problems if not done with care. Having no RMP combined with massive consumer increased demand will bring out the opportunists and ruin it for all of us.

Ray Ridings – dairy farmer

“No person, ideal or institution becomes great until Great Resistance has been encountered. Greatness cannot be achieved until this concept is understood”

William Penn Patrick