This is my first new blog post of 2021.

I’ve been too busy to do much in the way of posts and I still am.
That is mainly because I’ve been prepping for the next wave of heavy shit.

That includes stocking up for another long lockdown that may potentially impede imports from UK and USA (most of my business), as well as stocking up on food and supplies, getting all the usual year end and summer jobs done, sorting out a big pile of backlogged small jobs that I’ve been putting off (now is not a good time to be backlogged), and juggling a large crypto portfolio that I want to make some serious money on.

I’m aiming to swap out of each coin into stable coins (mostly DAI and TUSD) and hoping to buy back twice as much Bitcoin and Etherium after the short term crash I’m predicting will start very soon. Timing is everything.


I’m not a hodler, and these current gains are big enough to make me sweaty! I’ve sold most of my Etherium, and 30% of my Bitcoin, and sure, I have missed out on further gains right now, but I was getting nervous and I had already made more profits than I’d be happy to lose. This run looks like it’s going to pop any minute to me…


So blog post ideas I’m just putting on my to do list – it’s now up to over 600 post ideas and rising.



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