Now is the end of the year and I’m clearing out all my old drafts. So that means I must post this one, even if it is utter rubbish. For a while at the start of 2018 I was trying out a dictation program (Dragon) – but the results were terrible.

I did edit and post a couple of my dictated masterpieces, but it took longer to edit them than typing the damn things (and I am a fucking slow typist). I did also post one just as it came out because it cracked me up. This is another one I have just found – I have no idea what I was on about and hope I was wasted when I dictated this rubbish. But I’m a completionist and I hate wasting a post, so here it is…


If I have their national draught written out it will be easy for me to see where this machine has buggered alarm so I went to type I just have to enter today. I’m bordering on the edge I’m moving up a level like an gamer. Hard to explain but I try to keep things simple. It level one is believing all the shit that people are buy sinus my control programs like Fox News, then level 2 would be leaving fake tan reviews like Alex Jones

Levels be on there what’s some popular one Lonsdale being alarm and Donald Trump.The next step up from there all Steve it seems to be people worshipping wikiLeaks. WikiLeaks utter crap but around these parts at worship like a god. Almost new account wikiLeaks is one more thing I’m not going to avoid mentioning. New line julian assange’s con man and will Hilux as a child you Lie after working through all these different laws eventually arrived this point where I was I came the main objectives always sales mister Maker’s all freak out full stop.

We can all choose what the freak out about car and they zionist overlords a costly doing their best to make us freak out about everything uline in the past I’ve noticed but nothing makes people freak out and Moore and telling them things are freaking out of our is Justin Moore Balsa everyday we are told that the world’s fucked in the world war 3 is about the star. There are millions of angry Muslim is coming to gutter detail with us russians appointing that is and the entire economy is about to collapse any minute.

Atomic bombs don’t actually exist I think freaks people out more than saying that but it’s true and the economy may or may not come out this but costly saying it’s about to collapse does none of us any good. Should we really spend our time growing carrots and stop pulling toilet paper for Fox sake if it was about to end last thing I’m going to stop towels toilet paper and carers I’m Moore accounts stockpile Silver bullion anchor tales of protein powder

But really I’d rather spend my time not worrying about shirt. Basically everything I think surprise with the receiver Brielle slangs full Style I think everything is a ginormous Zionist conspiracy but Loki gives a fuck so why worry about it uline so I’m going to post a whole pile of cooking pictures and leave analysing Zionist scams to freaks. Yes posting some of the best content on steemit I never managed to earn more than $8 meanwhile anybody was posted some other shit about World War 3 is it in truck loads