After experimenting with running a Blogger blog side by side with this WordPress blog for two months, it has become clear that the two platforms can work together quite efficiently.

 WordPress works best for longer posts where more advanced features on things like formatting and image galleries are needed. Because the home feed is just displaying the featured image and the few first lines of text, it is ideal for displaying a selection of full length blog posts.

What WordPress is not so good for is short posts with just one or two images or one line of text. Used like that it rapidly becomes cluttered, and because you need to click on each post to actually view it, it just doesn’t work well for quickly looking at dozens of short posts (AKA. “shitposts” or “tweets”)

  That is where Blogger comes into it’s own, it’s ideal for doing short posts, where the homepage displays each post in full, and you can scroll down a long stream of short posts that all seem to merge into one.

 Two main drawbacks of Blogger are that all these short posts go pretty much unseen in search engines so it’s unlikely many people will ever see them, and because Blogger is owned by Google there is always the risk that they will one day blacklist the blog or even delete it altogether. They do seem to be manipulating the traffic, as the hits are very inconsistent, and I have found that more posts sometimes seem to lead to less hits.

So my plan is to keep using WordPress for full length posts, while also posting shorter posts on my new Blogger blog: www.sift.co.nz

I didn’t want to call them “shitposts” (because everything I post is awesome!), or “tweets” because Elon Musk is a dickhead and Twatter sucks balls, so I tagged them “SIFTINGS”. My plan is to copy all my short posts on Blogger, once a month, into a single blog post here on WordPress. That way they will be backed up into a full length post with enough content to possibly even be noticed by search engines.

And that is the cunning plan behind my new “siftings” tag.

 The first SIFTINGS compilation post is here: https://www.frot.co.nz/design/funny/siftings-from-june-2023/