My favourite equipment for the real food kitchen

I’m a baby boomer, and back in the day it was expected that girls would know how to cook. When I went to intermediate, once a week we went up to the college (high school) for “manual training”. The girls learnt cooking and sewing and boys learnt woodwork and metalwork. I was the oldest of four, and at the weekend, I often cooked breakfast for my younger siblings. Saturday afternoons were usually spent in the […]

The easiest way to store and use ginger root

Are you sick of throwing away shrivelled up ginger root? Freeze it instead. I came across this tip a couple of years ago, and it transformed my use of ginger. I used to buy fresh ginger for recipes, and then later throw away the remains in a very sad state. I also always found it difficult to grate up in the fresh state as it’s rather stringy. There are a bunch of websites out there […]

Kitchen Equipment

Whether you’re eating real food WAPF style or following a special diet, you’ll find you’re in the kitchen a fair amount of time. So it helps to have the right equipment. These are the things I use most. Crock pot or slow cooker – for stocks, soups, stews. I actually have 2 – one round and one oval and sometimes they are both going at once. Large stockpot – for stocks and stews. You will […]