Gardening Resources 2 – Fruit & Veg A to Z

This page is a work in progress – a place to store useful info I find for growing our favourite fruit and veg. Mainly so I can find them again! But hopefully they’ll be useful to others too. Broccoli Tui Gardens Broccoli growing page Garden Grow’s Broccoli growing page Last time I went up to our original vege patch, up behind our shed, the broccoli had signs of life, but nothing that could be harvested. […]

Brining Vegetables

As well as showing us how to brine olives, my friend showed us how to brine vegetables. This is what she told us: Different sites online have varying recipes & methods for brining vegetables. My mother-in-law made a salt and water solution only. Brine excess garden produce such as carrots, celery, cabbage, lebanese cucumbers, capsicums, beans. Boil a 2% salt/water solution and allow to cool. Link to brine calculators here. Pour boiling water over a […]

Food preservation

Hand in hand with changing a garden over to more food production comes the thought – if we grow more than we can eat, how will we preserve it? (Like how I’m thinking very positively? Or am I just being delusional?) So now might be a good time to put up a bit of a summary of some different types of food preservation, and if I’ve posted about them before, include a link. Our local […]

Gardening Resources 1

Looking at the world around us, I think many of us are realising that we need to take a bit more responsibility for our own wellbeing, including producing at least some of our own food. Gardening Resources 2 – A to Z of our fav fruit & veg Ah, those wise souls who have been doing this forĀ  years – getting nutritional, economic and emotional benefits from the practice. And then there’s me… So it’s […]