Revisiting my versatile Christmas cake recipe for special diets

I have previously posted about this cake here, but now seems like a good time to put all the versions together in one place. This is a beautiful dark cake, but because it’s a boiled cake, you don’t need to mature it for a month. If you want to use the brandy version and store in the bottom of the fridge for a month, it will improve with maturing, but can be eaten the same day, […]

Berry (coconut flour) sponge pudding

This is like a sponge topped pudding.  If you wanted to make it more like a clafoutis, you could try with an extra egg. We like it for breakfast or dessert after dinner. It can be served hot or cold. Grease a glass pie plate, and cover with a layer of frozen blackberries, or other berries of your choice. Beat together: 4 eggs 4 Tbs (2oz) melted butter or coconut oil 2-5 Tbs honey or […]

Egg free Apple Cinnamon muffins

This was my first attempt at making an egg free muffin with apple puree as the binder. I made 6 medium sized muffins, but they came out quite gluggy. It would cook up better as mini muffins or as a flat bread. The cooking time would need to be adjusted. 1 ½ cups apple puree 4 Tbs (2 oz) melted ghee, butter or coconut oil 1 Tbs softened honey or unrefined sugar ½ cup ground […]

Dr Fife’s magic oil

There is a drawback of cooking with coconut flour that you’ve probably all noticed – things stick to the tin like crazy! When  possible (eg when making a loaf) I use baking paper to line the trays. But for muffins, it’s more difficult. Pattie pans don’t work. One possibility is to cut a square of baking paper and slide it into the muffin trays. Or you can use Dr Fife’s magic oil. He talks about […]

Christmas Morning Muffins

I love Nigella Lawson’s recipes, even though most of them are full of white flour and sugar and other things we don’t want to have on a WAPF diet, let alone GAPS! I love her passion for food and her ideas. This morning her recipe for Xmas Morning Muffins arrived in my Inbox, and I could immediately see how to make them GAPSy. My recipe is a variation of Bruce Fife‘s Honey Blueberry Coconut Flour muffins. For those who can’t have coconut, see the almond flour version I […]

More GAPS festive ideas…

A quick post to pass on someone else’s great ideas. I spotted them on Thinking Outside the Box blog and didn’t want them to get lost. Thanks Dan’s mum! GAPS maypole cake A simple GAPS birthday cake Train GAPS birthday cake GAPS friendly birthday party food Halloween Pumpkin Faces GAPS Xmas Mince pies GAPS Xmas Cake GAPS Xmas Pudding GAPS Xmas dinner Click on the Festive category over on the right for a bunch of […]

Coconut almond loaf 

To get a starch free bread, you need to use some kind of nut flour. A good quantity of eggs are required to give it some lift, and some fat is also helpful. There are a variety of starch free bread recipes available, and you may want to try some of them: Breaking the Vicious Cycle, by Elaine Gottschall (the SCD) has a nice almond bread Eat Well, Feel Well, by Kendrall Conrad has a […]

Grain free Pizza base

Note that although hulled sesame seeds don’t have much in the way of phytates or oxalates (which are mostly in the hull), they do still have enzyme inhibitors. So things made with unsoaked sesame seeds are a treat, not an everyday meal. Two different size variations are given. ¾ cup [1 ¼ cups] freshly ground sesame meal (takes about ½ the amount of sesame seeds ie 3/8 cup) ¼ cup [6 Tbs] freshly ground flaxseed […]

Coconut almond bread

A few of you that came to my GAPS workshop last week wanted the recipe for the pumpkin bread, and I discovered I hadn’t put it on the blog yet. So here it is! The basic almond bread recipe in “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” contains just ground almonds, eggs and fat of some kind (eg butter, ghee, duck fat or coconut oil). In “Breaking The Vicious Cycle” Lois Lang’s Luscious Bread also contains dry curd cottage cheese, […]

Easter Spicy Buns

These gluten-free, starch-free buns don’t have the texture of hot cross buns, but they’re still a tasty treat for Easter. They can also be made casein-free. 1 cup ground almonds ½ cup coconut flour ½ tsp baking soda 1 heaped tsp mixed spice ½ cup sultanas, raisins or currants 2-3 tsp grated orange rind 3 eggs 75gm melted butter or coconut oil 2-3 Tbs honey ½ tsp sea salt ½ cup yoghurt OR mashed, cooked pumpkin (prepared […]

Cheese muffins (no starch)

We’re going away on holiday for a few days, and my mind has been mulling over what food to take with us – especially for the 9 hour drive north. We usually travel with a chilly bin full of chilled food, another full of frozens (depending on how long we’re away for), and a cooler bag with food for the trip. For snacks, we’ll probably have nuts, fruit (fresh blueberries would travel well), maybe a […]

Chocolate Orange Drizzle Cake

When I was surfing about looking for sponge-like recipes for my trifle idea (still not tested, by the way) I came across this recipe for a Coconut Flour Orange Cake that reminded me of a cake Mum used to make. It was a Madeira cake that had orange juice drizzled over the top after baking, making it very moist. The topping was Cadbury dairy milk chocolate melted with a little butter. So I got nostalgic all over again, and had to give it a go. […]

Children’s Party

While we’re talking about parties, I’m reminded of all the great ideas that Hollie from Auckland posted about a few months back. She kindly gave me permission to repost it here: I know the thought of upcoming parties is tough with our kids limited diets… so I thought you might be interested in some of the party food I created for our sons birthday party. All the food was GAPS (stage 6) friendly. The food was a hit […]

Jelly Trifle

I always think of my grandmother at Christmas, usually when I’m wrapping my presents. When I was at high school, every year I would go down to her house a couple of days before Xmas and sit at her kitchen table doing her wrapping for her. She would go round the house collecting up all the gifts she’d been putting away all year and tell me who each one was for. Things were more leisurely then, and […]

GAPS friendly Boiled Christmas Cake

Over the years I’ve made various different Xmas cakes recipes, but it all got a lot easier a couple of years ago. I watched Nigella’s Christmas and was inspired to find her recipe for a boiled Xmas cake which looked so easy.  The first year, I made a few slight tweaks: Gluten free – ground almonds, rice flour, arrowroot PLUS pectin, xantham or guar gum Unrefined sugar (eg rapadura, shakkar or muscavado) instead of brown […]

Cashew Bread

I first came across Cashew Bread in Eat Well Feel Well, a book of SCD recipes by Kendall Conrad. While it was delicious, it wasn’t quite what we were looking for at the time. It was a couple of years before I came back to the idea, when I wanted to develop a GAPS friendly bread for those who were having problems with almond flour. This version has a few changes from the original: 1. […]

Coconut Almond Cookies

Try these when you feel like Anzac or Krispie biscuits. Makes 18. 1 cup (about 150gm) crispy almonds 1 cup dessicated coconut 2 Tbs arrowroot (for SF, replace with 1 Tbs coconut flour) ½ tsp baking soda ¼ tsp sea salt 1 egg 2 oz melted butter or coconut oil (or a mixture) 1 tsp vanilla essence 6 Tbs maple syrup or rapadura extra arrowroot, if needed Grind the almonds as fine as you can […]

Ginger Crunch

This recipe is inspired by the Edmonds Ginger Crunch recipe that is found at many Kiwi cake shops or parties, though the base isn’t as crisp. 200g crispy almonds (1.5 cups) or crispy cashews (1.75 cups) * 100gm (4 oz) unrefined sugar (to reduce sugar: 4 Tbs sugar, 1/16 tsp stevia powder) 1 cup arrowroot (to make starch free, replace with ½ cup coconut flour, for a fully SCD legal recipe, see the GF appendix) […]