Festive Breakfast Smoothies for Christmas morning

A few different varieties to suit all tastes and dietary needs. If your family is anything like ours, on Christmas Day everybody will bring enough of every dish for the whole extended family. And when that’s 10 dishes or more, there is food to excess, as far as the eye can see! You may be tempted to not eat in the morning, or just have a cup of tea or coffee. But if that means […]

Warming Soup for Fall (Autumn) or Winter

A good way to utilise the bounty of warming vegetables from your late summer garden. If you’re doing any dietary protocol that encourages bone broths, here is a tasty way to have your daily soup. This recipe is compatible with any whole food diet including Paleo, GAPS, SCD, and is gluten, grain and dairy free. It’s not vegetarian, as the nourishment of the bone broth is one of the important healing benefits of it. But […]

EASY no-starch, dairy free PUMPKIN & CASHEW BREAD recipe

Suitable for GAPS, SCD, Paleo, gluten free, dairy free or low carb diets This is my favourite GAPS bread, and really it’s more like eating cake. It’s not ketogenic or very low carb, but it’s much lower than typical breads. You can dress it up or down, make it savoury or sweet. It goes well with soup to make a meal more substantial. For a recent choir trip, I made it into muffins and filled […]

Paleo Cottage Pie (low carb, nightshade free)

This is made without nightshades, and is low carb. There are vegetarian, dairy free and other options below. You may have seen recipes using cauliflower for pizza bases, or for faux “rice”, now here’s a recipe using it for mashed potato, or as some say “faux-tato”. This recipe was developed for a person who reacts to nightshades, so has no potato, tomato or peppers (bell peppers, capsicum, chilli peppers, cayenne, paprika). Meat layer • 400-500gms ground […]

Twice Baked Pumpkin

Ya know, I’ve never been that fussed on pumpkin. I love butternut pumpkin in soup, but the usual big grey pumpkin leaves me cold. But there are 4 ways that I actually quite like it – which is good, cos it’s such a handy GAPS vegetable. The first is in bread or cake – I’ve already posted recipes for Cashew Bread and Coconut Almond bread, which both have pumpkin as an optional ingredient. The other 3 are “Twice baked pumpkin”. […]

Coconut almond bread

A few of you that came to my GAPS workshop last week wanted the recipe for the pumpkin bread, and I discovered I hadn’t put it on the blog yet. So here it is! The basic almond bread recipe in “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” contains just ground almonds, eggs and fat of some kind (eg butter, ghee, duck fat or coconut oil). In “Breaking The Vicious Cycle” Lois Lang’s Luscious Bread also contains dry curd cottage cheese, […]

Easter Spicy Buns

These gluten-free, starch-free buns don’t have the texture of hot cross buns, but they’re still a tasty treat for Easter. They can also be made casein-free. 1 cup ground almonds ½ cup coconut flour ½ tsp baking soda 1 heaped tsp mixed spice ½ cup sultanas, raisins or currants 2-3 tsp grated orange rind 3 eggs 75gm melted butter or coconut oil 2-3 Tbs honey ½ tsp sea salt ½ cup yoghurt OR mashed, cooked pumpkin (prepared […]

Cashew Bread

I first came across Cashew Bread in Eat Well Feel Well, a book of SCD recipes by Kendall Conrad. While it was delicious, it wasn’t quite what we were looking for at the time. It was a couple of years before I came back to the idea, when I wanted to develop a GAPS friendly bread for those who were having problems with almond flour. This version has a few changes from the original: 1. […]

Pumpkin gratin

We have already used pumpkin as a topping for cottage pie, but it also makes a nice dish on its own. This side dish can go with meat or vegetarian meal such as nut roast or oat loaf. A small pumpkin, or half a large one A generous lump of butter Sea salt About 100g feta A large handful of grated cheddar cheese Cut the pumpkin in half and scrape out the seeds. Place both […]

Ceci (spiced chickpeas) & pumpkin salad

This salad takes a little more prep, but is worth it. It’s better with the pumpkin and ceci hot, so make it at the weekend, or for dinner to go with a steak or roast chicken. First prepare the baked pumpkin: Get a small piece of pumpkin (750g or so), peel the skin off and cut into small cubes, roughly 1.5 to 2 cm. Mix in a bowl with some melted butter or olive oil […]

Cottage pie

Variation 1:“Golden” cottage pie A batch of savoury mince (see above) About a 1 kg (2 lbs) piece of pumpkin 100g (4 oz) of feta small handful of grated Tasty cheddar cheese Cut up, de-seed and peel pumpkin and set to boil in some salted water. Meanwhile, cook up a batch of savoury mince. Put the mince in a baking dish. Mash the drained pumpkin with some butter, and layer on top. Crumble the feta […]

Liver and Onions

Before you grimace and skip to the next section, remember that organ meats have lots of advantages. Most importantly, they are full of nutrients, including some that are hard to find in other foods. The societies studied by Weston Price prized the organ meats and the fat above other parts of the animal. I recommend eating them at least once a week. Because it is so high in nutrients, a kilo of liver goes a […]