So long and thanks for all the steem

Now I know I said I was going to quit whining about the demise of Steemit, but here is one last post about Steemit…

Although I’m not really using the platform any more I still end up regularly seeing it – For starters I still have to go into my account wallets from time to time to transfer the last dregs of my Steem into other cryptos, as the incredibly slow process of powering down takes place.

And I still share some of my blog posts to Steemit using Steempress. Out of habit I have mostly been replying to comments on my posts. But I’m now auto tagging my posts “palnet” and my aim is to only look at the Palnet front end from now on. I’ve already gone on about Palnet as well, in this post:


My plan for Steemit was to wait until August before marking my third birthday by saying “that’s it, I’m over and out” but yesterday the black hole that is now Steemit sucked me into its void again, and it certainly looks like crashing the platform while pretending to revamp it with bullshit terms like “New Steem” is just another example of the usual zionist “problem-reaction-solution” tactic they use constantly. Nice work CIA shills! – hardfuck 21 LOL…

Quick let us “check your browser” for a while before we let you see any of our “featured posts”

So although I’ll keep sharing some of my blog posts to Steemit in order to get them onto Palnet, I’m not going to look at my Steemit feed anymore, and will just look at my Palnet feed from time to time. Not because I really believe Palnet is any different (meet the new platform, same as the old platform) but because I want to stay in touch with a small handful of my remaining Steemit friends.

So that is why I won’t be replying or commenting on Steemit from now on – even on my own posts. If you want to stay in touch, tag your posts “palnet”, or go to my blog, or send me an email. So long and thanks for all the fish.

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