The end of the year is always a good time to reassess how everything is going and decide what to do next.

In the middle of 2023 I went back to using Blogger and still found it to be the same convenient and easy to use blogging platform it was a decade ago. So I’ve been posting content on it for the past six months. BUT… (and this is a BIG BUTT)

There is virtually no traffic to my www.sift.co.nz blog, and the hits are not only not going up, they have actually been going down, from bugger all, to 5/8 of fuck all. Looking at that I wondered if there is any point posting on Blogger. But I decided to fix that problem by removing the hit counter. When I checked out other platforms they were a complete clown show really, but that seems to be the nature of most of the internet now, so I’m not too surprised.

I have decided to continue posting my new content to an almost non-existent audience on www.sift.co.nz. It’s a shame the Blogger platform seems to be a dead zone these days, as is pretty much all blogging in general, but I guess that was always Google’s intention.