This is last one of these compilations of my posts I’ll be doing – from now on I’m planning to make this FROT blog an archive and only post my new posts on SIFT. But to finish off 2023 here are my SIFT posts from December!


For some reason I still keep assuming I have any regular readers. That is highly unlikely. But this is not really the time of the year for blogging or looking at blog posts anyway. There is lots of other stuff going on.

Just in case anyone is looking at this blog – MERRY XMAS!

Remember to eat with care and restraint over the Xmas season



As an example of just how confusing this entire deep state mindfuck can be, I’ll mention Miles Mathis. For the past few years I’ve been reading his essays – there are hundreds of them, and many are really interesting. At first I thought I’d found an amazing source of information, but gradually it dawned on me that it’s unlikely just one person could do all that research or write all those essays. 

Then I read this essay outing him as a Tavistock shill: An Open Letter to Miles Mathis. When I first read it, I thought it was long, sloppily written, and badly presented, and I wasn’t fully convinced. 

But in 2023 “Miles Mathis” did several papers about subjects I’ve done a lot of research on, and I could see straight away that they were deliberate distractions, filled with misinformation, and so the penny finally dropped. 

“Miles Mathis” does indeed appear to be an entire team of deep state contractors. The really tricky part is that about half of what they post does check out, and is often very revealing. But the other half sometimes doesn’t check out at all, and is often utter crap. Leading to the question WHAT ON EARTH ARE THEY UP TO? 

Yet again I realise I’m not at the top of the information pecking order. As I eventually always seem to do…

“Miles Mathis” – his art sucks and his website is amateurish, disorganized and ugly, but for some reason I thought he was revealing deep state conspiracies that nobody else would touch.

What comes next I don’t know, that is about as far as I’ve got. The world will continue to change with or without any input from me. So while changing the world might be an exciting idea in theory, in practice I’m beginning to understand why all those zen guru teachers say you can only change yourself.


Just like the Tesla cyber truck, the 1980 Citroen Karin was a concept car that didn’t actually go and was never sold.

The Tesla cybertruck does appear to have some working versions, but the actual production and sale of them is a rabbit hole well worth checking out.

The 1980 Citroën Karin was a French concept car that looked like a pyramid spaceship on wheels.

When the Citroën Karin was first presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1980, it attracted the astonished gaze of visitors. It was quite unusual to see a futuristic sci-fi pyramid in a motor show, let alone a pyramid on four wheels.

The driver was able to control almost everything without letting go of the steering wheel. Small computers that controlled various functions were also placed in the door panels near the handles so that both the driver and passengers could reach them.

The real gem was on the dashboard, where a mini cathode-ray tube screen was there to display information about the road and the car.


The sky over Wellington yesterday (NZ) was horrible yesterday. The day started off sunny with clear blue skies but gradually turned grey and murky, as if there was a massive fire. But there wasn’t.

It was a southerly wind so presumably the grey scunge was coming up from the South Island, maybe from Nelson or Blenheim.

By mid afternoon it was an overcast day with a thick dark band of dirty grey “cloud” running all the way from the south coast and up the Hutt Valley.

Here is a photo I took at 5pm looking out east. In over a decade of taking photos of dodgy “weather” including chemtrails and strange cloud formations, this has to take the cake for being the biggest dark dirty band of suspicious looking stuff in the sky.

Some people now seem to be have nose and eye problems, possibly triggered by this. The sky today is not as clearly odd looking as yesterday but it still looks pretty suspicious.Are they trying to make us all sick for Xmas?


 After a two month break from social media, I tried GAB for a few days but it was mostly repetitive American stuff & most of the memes are pretty lame these days.

Then I tried Twitter/X for a few days, where there is quite a lot of NZ content but it’s mostly negative, humourless, & somewhat depressing

So in the end I went back to Facebook. And to all my friends on Facebook who mocked me at the start of October and said “You will be back, don’t be such a blow hard”, Yeah, you were right…
It’s probably not the best place for exposing the New World Order, or the role of the CIA in social media, but at least there is some traces of humour still remaining, as long as I remember to use creative spelling for offfensive words like trannnies and zyonnists I don’t seem to get suspended, and with hundreds of friends and followers there is a bit of interaction.



This latest video by Dr Sam Bailey is excellent, she pulls no punches in exposing the Covid scam in NZ, and it’s already being shared all around the world

 I think it’s safe to say that Sam Bailey is the opposite of Comrade Jabcinda – she is a Kiwi hero exposing the lying traitors



 In these times of humourless numpties all packing a sad about everything, there is nothing like a massive pile of LOLPICS to change the mood, so I’ve added two new Image Galleries to this blog.

There are about 500 images in each gallery (but there are probably a few double ups). Click on any image to see it full size, and download a copy if anything floats your boat!




 From this point on I want to move to a much simpler blogging system and leave behind all my old ideas of “real” blogging, which have come to feel like a never ending backlog of updates, and a sense that nothing is as good as before. 

I have come to view the entire internet as being like the Steemit and Hive blockchains, totally controlled by corrupt insiders, and it’s safe to say I will probably never again get 2000+ hits a day on my blog or earn $200+ for a blockchain post. I occasionally did reach those heights in the past but that was more than five years ago for both examples and those days seem to be over.

The plan for my WordPress blog is to make it an archive and pretty much stop updating it, other than backing up my new Blogger posts once a month. My days of doing big long posts are over and Blogger is quicker and easier to do short posts on. 

Neither platform is getting much traffic these days so it’s all just about my own creative expression, rather than trying to impress any virtual audience. It’s probably about time to put FROT out to pasture, leaving it as an eight year record of my 850+ blog posts from January 2016 to December 2023, and that is fine.

 And the plan for this new SIFT blog – In the simplest way possible I want to move on from FROT to SIFT. In some ways the name change is symbolic, reminding me it’s time to move on.  

I’d like to keep doing regular short posts on SIFT, and also to start signing my art SIFT rather than FROT, so some of my SIFT posts may include these pictures. 
They may include whatever I feel like really, that is the whole point. I want to let go of the outdated ideas that I’m catering to some sort of audience, or that I’m aiming to make immediate changes to the state of things, as both are pretty unlikely in a controlled AI internet. But I can be chill about that and still post some stuff anyway.



The end of the year is always a good time to reassess how everything is going and decide what to do next.

This year I came back to using Blogger and still found it to be the same convenient and easy to use blogging platform it was a decade ago. I’ve been posting content on it for the past six months. BUT… (and this is a BIG BUTT)

 There is virtually no traffic to this blog, and the hits are not only not going up, they are actually going down, from bugger all, to 5/8 of fuck all. Looking at that I wondered again if there is any point posting on Blogger. I have decided to fix that problem by removing the hit counter.

When I checked out other platforms they were a complete clown show really, although that seems to be the nature of about 99% of the entire internet, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

I will continue posting content here, to an almost non-existent audience,with my URL pointing at this ghost of a blog. It’s a shame this platform seems to be a dead zone these days, as is blogging in general, but I guess that was always Google’s intention.

To see an archive of my old content, if you feel so inclined, check out my blog


  The New Zealand “Maori Party” 2023 – drawing attention to this clown show all this week has to be a deliberate psyop…
doesn’t it???
These are all deliberate distractions, but I must admit I enjoyed seeing Winston Peters rip these losers a new hole in his first speech:


 Having a double is common practice in American politics, but with some of them, like Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, there are clearly many more than two. 

This meme showing four Biden’s is a good intro but the rabbit hole goes a lot deeper. The original one was clearly replaced more than four years ago so presumably he is dead and out of the way.

As well as the eyes, and the hairlines, the other killer give away is the ear lobes, as it often is when spotting doubles.

The second and third ones are being routinely swapped between and are both being used as fall guys for the controlled demolition of the American economy.

Where it gets really strange is the use of the additional CGI Biden’s of which there seem to be several. I suspect this one shown in the meme is being played by Jim Carrey. Just a hunch, but Carrey has long done some highly suspect work, such as The Truman Show (1998) which was possibly a deep state reveal. 

There appear to be multiple actors playing CGI versions of Biden but I do think there is substance to the popular “conspiracy theory” that Carrey is one of them. After staring in more than 50 movies, Carrey has all but disappeared over the past four years, only playing an “evil genius” in two crappy “Sonic The Hedgehog” movies.


Elon Musk – what is really going on?

Why is all this Elon Musk crap going viral this week?
This week Elon Musk has told his twitter advertisers where to go on live TV, released a “Cybertruck” that costs US$100k and is faster than a porsche, and survived a supposed attempt on his life.
I think all this stuff is all a fictional script, and they are distractions – but from what in particular, and why this month (December)?

Well, this sounds very believable…
The news outlet reported that a Tesla security official told police that Overeem made multiple threats of violence in Instagram messages on Nov. 9, including:
“I sure am crazy though”
“But yeah so at the Tesla event I’m planning an attach so up to you guys to stop me”
“I plan on killing people at that even ok November 30th and I would like you to do something about it so I don’t have to”
“I wanna die”
“I need to be stopped”
“If I’m saying I’m gonna kill people then you should take this seriously


 I’ve probably  been wasting my time blogging for years now. Back in 2016 it was an exciting and developing hobby, I was improving my writing, earning money, interacting online, & getting thousands of hits. But all that seems to be all over now, these days I’m blacklisted online, have almost no audience, the entire internet appears to be is mainly all AI, and all the blockchain platforms (Steemit, Hive, Flote, Blurt etc), are dead or dying, so realistically I have two choices, continue posting just for myself without caring about hits, (because let’s face it, I will be getting bugger all of them anyway), or quit altogether.

I do think blogging helps me to get my ideas in order, improves my writing, and the presentation of my art and photography, and posting online works like having a muse, so it potentially makes me more creative. But if I continue blogging I need a new approach.

Continuing to do long posts or updates of my old posts is getting boring. That is no longer creative. Previously I have put up with doing all sorts of things with some sort of idea that they needed to be done in order to “complete” them. But this past year, watching my mum dying at the same time as watching our country collapsing has really brought home to me that our time is very limited. And so is my energy. Doing things for completionism is a waste of my limited time and energy.

Blogging (like everything else) needs to be entertaining to make it worthwhile, and I can’t really be arsed doing long blog posts or assembling great big collections of images any more.
There is probably no awesome or revolutionary solution to this, so I’ll probably just CONTINUE DOING SHORT BLOG POSTS, AND POSTING ANYTHING I FEEL LIKE, SORT OF LIKE AN ONLINE DIARY, which will probably achieve nothing of significance, but I do still have an impulse to do that. From this day on my aim is to post whatever I feel like, no rules, no completionism and no tosses given.