My blog has been online since January 1 2016, so it’s eight years old now, and has over 750 posts. But it is heavily blacklisted, and the hits have dropped from a peak of over 2000 a day in 2017 to less than 100 a day in 2023, which isn’t very inspiring.

WordPress seems to be getting endlessly more complex, and I wonder now if the whole WordPress platform is yet another deep state psyop, because let’s face it, with over 455 million sites, or over 30% of all websites currently online using WordPress, it’s highly unlikely that it isn’t.

 From this point on I want to move to a much simpler blogging system, and let go of all my old ideas of “real” blogging, which seems to have become a never ending backlog of updates, combined with a sense that nothing I post online is as good as what I was posting before. That is probably true, but there is no point dwelling on my failures.

This year I have started to see the entire internet as being very similar to the Steemit and Hive blockchains, totally controlled by corrupt insiders. It’s safe to say I’m unlikely to ever again get 2000+ hits a day on any of my blog posts or earn $200+ for any blockchain posts. I did occasionally reach those heights in the past, but that was more than five years ago and the glory days of blogging seem to be long over.

So I’ve decided to quit posting new content on WordPress. It was probably about time to put this FROT blog out to pasture anyway, but I’ll leave it online as an eight year record of my 750+ blog posts from January 2016 to December 2023.

 From now on I’ll only be posting my new content on

Yes, that is a Blogger blog, and Blogger is owned by Google. But ultimately, Google seem to have censored the entire internet, and Blogger is easy to use and convenient. If my posts are going to get barely any traffic, I might as well use a convenient deep state platform (Blogger) rather than an inconvenient deep state platform (WordPress)