Treating Cancer with Apricot Kernels

One of several effective treatments for cancer that are being kept from the public to protect the cancer industry, is B17 from apricot kernels  There is a great deal of controversy over the treatment of cancer using supplements containing Vitamin B17 (laetrile). Most commonly this is taken in the form of apricot kernels. Doctors, particularly […]


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A visit to the farm  Back before a new wave of government harassment of raw milk farms in late 2019 drove so many small farms to close, this is where we used to get our raw milk from. Alt Energy Farm Co-op Organic A2 Jersey cows, eating a full range of fresh feed including sunflowers, […]

Nightshades can cause pain

Problems from eating nightshades exposed to the light of day The nightshades are members of an enormous family of plants called Solanaceae, represent a huge family of plants. The ones that concern us in the Western diet mainly include tomatoes, potatoes (not sweet potatoes or yams), eggplant and peppers—this means all peppers including chili peppers, […]