Today is the first day of September. At the start of last month I had two new month resolutions. To stop using all social media, and to focus on the positive. 

How did that all go? Well the social media part went OK, I did totally stop all use of social media for a solid two weeks and most of it I didn’t miss at all. Watching the gradual demise of platforms I was on, like Bastyon and Blurt, has been uninspiring anyway, and I’d already mostly given up on them, so a full cold turkey was no problem, and I have happily left them behind.

The only one I had an urge to sneak back for a look at was Facebook. In many ways I hate Facebook, so why was that? Mainly because I deliberately avoid all “news” and am also no longer on any other social media sites, so I tend to get really out of touch with the hot topics of the week, and start wondering what the latest mind programming is. Facebook also shows a lot more New Zealand content than any of the of the other platforms, which tend to be mainly full of American crap. But it is really hard to use Facebook without two things happening.

Firstly it rapidly becomes a major time waster, scrolling through an endless stream of distractions. And secondly, it tends to make me feel slightly despondent. Not because of the content so much as seeing first hand so much mindless stupidity.

Even though I do my best to avoid encountering “TARDS” of any kind by immediately blocking them, and by doing my best to only be friends with people who appear to know shit from chewed dates on at least some subjects, the level of interaction on FB is often head clutchingly moronic. As recently as just a few years ago there were some platforms (like Steemit in the early days, around 2016 -2018) where actual intelligent comments and interactions regularly took place. But not any more…

So I don’t want to try to completely stop all use of FB because I have to admit, sometimes it has it’s uses. But I do want to keep it under tight control. Here are my new month FB resolutions for September:

1. From now on I won’t argue or disagree with anything anyone posts. I will block them if so inclined but otherwise I won’t say peep. My only reaction will be a thumbs up if I like or agree with something. And for the most part I won’t comment because that takes too much time.

2. I’ll only view FB on my PC or laptop using the FB Purity app so my feed is chronological and all ads are blocked. The feed on my tablet is bullshit. FB can jam their algorithms and sponsored posts up their arse.

3. (And this may be the hardest one) I will only look at FB a maximum of twice a day for a maximum of five minutes per session. Even 10 minutes a day is still 1:10 a week and put like that, it is way to long to be looking at my enemies #1 mind programming platform.

And now the more difficult part – focusing on the positive.

There is not much point in continuing to point out what is fucked. Pretty much everything is fucked, and that is part of the globalist plan. Getting us to all constantly focus on how fucked everything is, is also part of the plan. I have been exposing this stuff online for nearly 20 years and to be brutally honest, I’m not convinced now that it has helped things much. In fact it may have made some things worse.

So I’m going to have a crack at stopping my focus on how fucked everything is, and instead focus on any glimmers of hope and positivity. That is not my natural inclination, but I feel like that is our best tactic and if the controlled platforms are all feeding us a sea of fudporn, then it is my natural inclination to focus on the opposite of that.

This could be challenging!