Time to make some changes

It’s been 25 years since I first got an internet connection and took to being online like a duck to water. Back then I had no idea of the downsides and just thought it was all the new frontier. But these days I have a love hate relationship with “the internet”.

Computers are tools, and they certainly have their uses. And we tend to just unquestioningly accept an internet connection as part of that. But shit has gotten out of hand, and I woke up this morning thinking, that’s enough, this is fucking me up and it’s time change how I use the internet.

Watching the sheeple on their zombie phones over the past few years, I feel like very few people seem to see how totally fucked up most of their phone use is. I do have a zombie phone myself but I pretty much refuse to use it, and phones have never held any attraction for me. With their pissy little screens and annoying menus I hate using the fucking things and prefer my 12” tablet or 17” laptop, but nothing really works as well as a keyboard and mouse with a 32” screen on my PC.

Computers can be both practical and creative tools with many uses, and the internet can be very handy as well. But shit has been going backwards for at least the past decade, and most people are as addicted as fuck to an increasing mindless river of utter bullshit, filling up their minds and warping them into an ever more unquestioning flock of terrified sheeple.

We often talk of people being programmed by their televisions, and that certainly is still happening, but the focus on TV is decades behind the times, people are now mainly being programmed by all the crap they allow in from “the internet”. That tool is constantly being used against us.

My own internet use is just plain unhealthy. As recently as three years ago my email was a fairly effective means of communication, but as it became increasingly swamped with spam I had to switch to two new accounts on Protonmail that I’m very selective about who I tell about.

 Meanwhile my old accounts are now getting over 600 spam emails a day, with zero emails I actually want to see. Although it was fairly obvious that my email was a train wreck, it wasn’t until Google blocked all my emails from Gmail because my domain www.frot.co.nz is blacklisted, that I was finally forced to stop using all my old email accounts. Truth is they did me a favour, highlighting the fact that my email had become a spam stream.

And that pattern repeats across most of my internet usage, with it all just degenerating into a time wasting pile of crap, especially over the past three years. Five years ago I was convinced that blockchain based platforms and cryptocurrencies were the future and I did well with those for a while. But not any more, truth is they have all turned to shit, and the time has come to look at what the fuck I’m doing online and ask some hard questions.

Social media is the new TV, more effective deep state programming than TV ever was. This may be a time of rapid change, that could potentially either lead to awakening or enslavement, or both, but to be fairly scathing here, I have never in all my days seen such a bunch of total mind controlled fucktards online as during the covid hoax. Maybe more people are now waking up, but I knew this stuff long before “covid”, and like 911, it’s old news and I’m fully over it.

The platforms I pinned my hopes on – Steemit, Hive, Flote, Blurt, & Bastyon, have all turned to shit, they are now all abject failures, and the deep state controlled platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, & TikTok are all even more fucked up than they were when I was blogging about how appalling they were back in 2016. I was right about those, and with the sorry exception of Facebook, I have at least managed to not use them. And again, by black listing my accounts long ago the mainstream platforms did me a favour.

Here is my solution. I’m going to set a one hour a day time limit on internet use. Not offline computer use, so writing a blog post like this, or editing pictures on my tablet for example, are not part of that time. But  any crap I look at on Bitchute or Facebook is going to be coming off my one hour, so if I have actual productive stuff to do online, that all needs to be done first. 

Starting today I’m going to be using a stopwatch and timing my internet use. This may be like a smoker giving up cigarettes, and I’m expecting this to be an interesting experiment, but the internet of 2023 is just too fucked up and I’ve had enough of it…

Thanks deep state, by turning the internet into an increasingly obvious sea of fudporn, libtard propaganda, and globalist bullshit you have probably done me another favour. I don’t know how any of this will play out, but at least now I grasp what it is I’ve been addicted to for the past quarter of a century. I will only use with the internet with extreme care!