Why are we doing this?

At some point I think a lot of us who start to see the narratives for what they are – a load of bollocks,  start out with the intention of “waking people up”, red pilling them, and we go to quite a bit of effort to do so, I know I did, but over much of the past 10 years I have increasingly felt like I was pushing shit up hill.

Sometimes I did blog posts for financial reward, and sometimes for interaction and even acclaim, and sometimes to learn stuff, or to clarify my own thoughts. But there was always the underlying ambition of exposing the lies and red pilling the masses.

It didn’t happen quite as I hoped. In New Zealand about 80% of the sheeple got their death jabs, and now many of them are as sick as fuck. The things the covid hoax set in motion are done now, and I expect them to play out. The economy for example, is totally screwed.

And yes, like many “conspiracy theorists” I have lost interest in red pilling anyone – everything we predicted has either already happened or is now in motion.

Some of my blog posts from 2016 to 2021 were pretty good if I say so myself, but there is no way I’m going to put in the same level of effort now as I did back when I was earning payouts and seemed to have an engaged audience.

So what I’m really saying is that most of what I post online from this point is probably just going to be memes and random shitposts.

Listening to this update from Amazing Polly after her latest six week absence threw me a little because I’m having a lot of the same feelings.


Pretty much all the best bloggers I follow seem to have come to the point of saying “oh fuck it, the shit has hit the fan, this will play out now”
Yeah, I agree… I did my best, but if anyone hasn’t grasped what has happened yet, sorry, but you are a thick cunt…