Everything We Have Been Told Is A Lie

Everything We Have Been Told Is A Lie

Our world is out of equilibrium because everything we have been taught is a lie. The points I will make in this post are only oversights and I will add more detail in further posts.

My perspective is based on years of research, conventional study and practical application in the real world. Let me show you what I mean…

Almost Everything Is Owned By A Small Group Of People

The truth is that a small group of private bankers own the “right” to produce OUR money and they manipulate that opportunity for THEIR benefit and OUR loss. This process happens across our world with only two exceptions that I know of today: Iran and North Korea

If you believe your governments and media, these two sovereign nations are supposed to be the “bad guys” – what is going on with this twisted narrative when countries which print and own their own monetary systems are “bad”?

The last two countries who printed their own money were: Iraq and Libya

– look what happened to them for owning their own monetary system!

Lets get straight into this subject and why I hold the opinions I do…

By jockey

Manipulation Of The Monetary System

I studied Business Management, Finance, Law and Economics at one of the world’s top Universities. The entire experience was a farce!

I would not recommend this avenue of study to any young person today. It only serves to deceive students and funnel the youth into the jaws of a corrupt system which denigrates and manipulates the majority of the world’s population into poverty and misery!

As usual the rich get richer while the poor struggle to feed themselves!

We can change this appalling system with only one tool: Knowledge!

I did not understand this process of corruption during my University studies. In retrospect I am glad I skipped most of my classes to hitch-hike around the world. I learnt more on the road than I would have ever been taught in University. My experience made a mockery of their corrupt education system. I only turned up for coursework and exams!

Thankfully there was less deprogramming of my mind to do later in my life!

For those of you who are wondering if it is possible to skip most of the University brainwashing and still complete a degree, I can assure you that it is possible. I scored within the top percentile of my year. I received a 98% grade in my Economics exam – I got the highest mark in the history of my ancient University!


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How I Came To Understand The Truth!

After all the years of brainwashing I found myself talking to a stranger in a pub in Australia. My interlocutor pulled from his bag a large book. Handing the tome to me he looked into my eyes and said:

“My brother I am giving you this book, you must read it! It will change your life and you must tell everyone you meet in your travels about this information!”

This was not a spiritual book, rather a documentary of how our financial system works. I read the book and as predicted it changed my life. I have held true to my promise and discussed this topic with everyone I have ever met since then. Now I will discuss this with you my friends.

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Who Owns Our Financial System?

When we understand the answer to this question everything slots into place. The book I was given by the stranger was called: The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve and I suggest you All read this as soon as possible!

If your time is limited you can watch the author G. Edward Griffin explaining these truths here on youtube.

Once we understand how a few people are able to create money out of thin air everything starts to make sense!

Those Who Create Money Out Of Thin Air Control Us All!

If you or I print our own money we are committing the crimes of forgery and fraud. For these crimes our legal systems will send us to prison for many, many years. Yet our banks are allowed to do this on a daily basis. For them it is not a crime. Beyond creating money out of thin air our banks are allowed to lend us imaginary money at interest. The gaul of these criminals still makes my jaw drop in disgust!!!

The ability to create money out of thin air and charge us interest on this imaginary money has allowed these few families who “own” this monopoly on money (sorrow) to buy up our entire planet for their benefit.

Forgive me: I am being sick into the garden now!

I am going to make some points below which are very disturbing. I will not be going into much detail in each case as I will be following each point up with a future post. However I am always ready to answer questions in the comments. =)

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The Corruption Of Our Legal System

I have a family member who at a later stage of life decided to study for a Juris Doctor of law which is one of several doctorate of law degrees. This was undertaken at one of the world’s most prestigious institutions.

During their studies I asked if their professors were teaching them how their name was spelt and the legal ramifications of that spelling. Although this is obviously law 101 this basic knowledge was not part of their curriculum even at a doctorate level!

It is very important that we understand how our names are spelt. There are three ways: All lowercase, First letter of each name spelt in uppercase and the rest in lowercase,  All the letters of the name spelt in uppercase – check your documents this is how it is spelt today!

The spelling of my name has been changed to all capital letters during my lifetime and this does not sound like a big deal. However it has a huge impact on our legal rights and the legal and financial control that the state has over us. They do not teach this even if you study for a doctorate of law.

I will be going into this further posts, however I suggest you look into this yourself. This process goes back to ancient Roman laws and has a massive impact on our legal position. That is why I spell my name correctly in lowercase: jockey! =)

Although this is a subject that deserves a deeper explanation here is a video that will help to educate you about the Straw Man manipulation of our legal system.

My many years of experience in legal courts across three continents has shown me that the legal system is totally corrupt. If you can afford to pay the best lawyers you will mostly win. If you are poor you always loose.

The most expensive lawyers are not necessarily better than cheaper lawyers – they just have better contacts!

We are all pawns in the game of our legal system. Many of our judges and lawyers do not even understand this manipulation because it is never taught to them. It is important to educate yourself on this subject for everyone you love! I will be writing further posts on this in the future.

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Corruption Of Our Medical System

I know that the Steemit community is aware of how corrupt our medical system is. I have previously written a post detailing my own personal experience corrupting doctors which you can find here.

In brief doctors are required to complete a certain amount of study hours per year to maintain their medical licenses. I was once paid very well to facilitate a “study” week for doctors on a tropical island on behalf of one of the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies. The event was purely a marketing exercise for the pharmaceutical company facilitated with tacit agreement of the compliance of the government. At the end of the week the pharmaceutical company was signing off on the doctor’s yearly study quota!

None of the doctors ever turned up yet they were given an all expenses paid vacation for themselves, their families, wives and mistresses. Out of the 300 doctors who attended the only doctor who attended every presentation happened to be my personal doctor – bless her!

Needless to say, once I worked out what was going on I could never do this kind of work again. Sadly these events are more prevalent globally than ever before. To give you an example of how bad things have become Australia which has a population of 27 million people has 32,000 sponsored doctor events every year. This equates to 82 per day! You can read my post on this subject here.

This raises huge questions about the relentless push to vaccinate us by a pharmaceutical industry which uses the government and doctors that do not really know what is in these vaccinations!

Why were we never taught in school about the father of western medicine Hippocrates who said: “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”?

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Corruption Of Our Media System

I do not need to say much about this as it is clear that our media system has been systematically reduced into fewer and fewer hands. There are only a very few people who decide what we can and cannot see/hear! Because of this I do not own a TV.

I will post about this later but just look it up for yourself – IT IS INSANE!

Whatever happened to anti-monopoly laws?

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Corruption Of Our Food System

Through the use of GMO crops the financial psychopaths who own our world are trying to poison us! I know you know about this but I will happily write further posts about this topic. The fact that Bayer now owns Monsanto says it all….

Nuff said! =(

Eat organic and grow as much of your own food as you can. Even small apartments can churn out a surprising amount of produce.

Why is our education system not teaching us how to grow our own food?

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Corruption Of Our Education System

I have already told you how our eduction system has corrupted law, medicine and economics. The entire system is riddled with corruption!

We are lead to believe that our educational institutions are independent and to be trusted. This is complete and utter rubbish as those who fund our education systems are the ones who dictate what we taught. This is the same technique that our corrupt media system uses against us.

Even a cursory investigation into which foundations fund universities and who owns those foundations will provide the answers. Scholarship programs such as the rhodes scholarships only compound the corruption agenda.

Personally I advise teenagers to avoid universities, save themselves the debt and strive to be financially independent using opportunities like Steemit.

For those of you who went to university: what did you really learn educationally and about the world and your life?

I do not want to drag this long post out longer than necessary but those of you want more information on this subject are welcome to let me know in the comments. I will be happy to write further posts! =)

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In my posts I try to give some conclusions and perspectives on what we can do to improve our situation. Unfortunately this post drives me to ask more questions than I have answers for.

Here are some points for further thought:

  • We have more war, murder and misery today than we’ve have ever had
  • People want to live with love and harmony with their neighbours and environment
  • Our entire system has been bought by those who do not care for us
  • The system we live in has been designed to brainwash us from cradle to grave
  • Why do we go to school from the age of 5 until 18 years old – what did you really learn at school?
  • The issues of vaccinations and poisonous food makes me think that the true rulers of our world are trying to kills us
  • The history of this system is very scary, yet interesting – I will do more posts in the future!

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Note: You will notice in my post that I have not capitalised words such as: government, state, doctor, university and law. This is because I don’t have any respect for them anymore and in my opinion these words do not deserve to be capitalised.

By jockey

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