A Roadmap For Discussion

Everything We Have Been Told Is A Lie – A Roadmap For Discussion & Community Engagement!

I believe almost everything we have been told is distorted to reflect the interests of those peddling lies. After a lifetime of incredible travel and study I now wish to start quantifying those claims, delving deeper into the the various topics.

Once I have covered these subjects and built a logical foundation for my perspective we can journey to some extremely interesting places that rely on all the dots being connected. Essentially this will be a journey of discovery and we will need to work to achieve this knowledge.

By jockey

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These are very important and interesting subjects that need to be discussed. I have studied these topics for years both practically and in theory. I am extremely happy to have Steemit as a forum to express this knowledge. I will not necessarily be doing all these posts in a particular order.

These are seriously heavy subjects but there are also light and beautiful parts of life which need to be tasted while these heavy topics are digested. Although I believe this knowledge is of the utmost importance and I can see by the upvotes that the Steemit community agrees, I want to be free to express the joy as well as the horror in my heart.

Dichotomy is all around us.

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The Inspiration For This Series

My initial post was tiled Everything We Have Been Told Is A Lie – Let Me Liberate You My Steemit Family! =) and the Steemit community’s response has inspired me to provide further details to document my claims.

I am writing this post to provide readers with a roadmap of where we are going on this fantastical journey and to let you know that I appreciate and respect all input.

Without a peaceful place where we can discuss anything openly and honestly, as one earthbound family we are in extreme danger. It is time for us to become aware! =)

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Subjects We Will Delve Into

On this fascinating journey towards truth I will be writing posts on the following topics:

  • Money : who owns the right to print and distribute it
  • Education : The Education Scamdal!
  • Legal Corruption : the phoney mechanisms that are used to bind us to law
  • Medical Corruption : various scams, how they are implemented and how this impacts on our finances and health
  • Media Corruption : how the media is used to perpetuate crimes
  • Corruption Of Our Food System : how our food system is being monopolised and how this impacts our finances and health

I will always try to close with further resources for study, suggestions for change and lots of love to All of you!

We need each other more than ever!

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Further Down The Rabbit Hole…

Further topics that I should cover are:

  • Secret Societies : who they are and how they are used to implement the control system?
  • Geopolitics : who runs these games and for who’s benefit?
  • Government Secret Services : who are they and how they interlock?
  • The Criminal Underworld : how it interlocks with the rest of the system
  • The History Of Modern Warfare : as General Smedley Butler said it’s just “a racket”
  • Symbology : it is all around us hidden in plain sight – what is the significance?
  • Esoteric Belief Systems : the strange way they are active in our earth
  • The Mechanisms Of Control : who uses them and why
  • The Destruction Of Our Indigenous Populations
  • The Depopulation Agenda
  • Exercises To Keep Your Mind Fit And Nimble

In truth I may not cover all these topics… I can see my anonymity on Steemit coming to an end soon as jockey and I may need to move these more interesting discussions to a different account! 😉

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As you know I will always try to provide real world examples and look for solutions anywhere I can find them. I can see already that Steemit will be a recurring solution because the blockchain and open discussion are amazing foundations for all viable solutions.

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Punching Into The Next Post…

From the initial topics for discussion I think I will start with The Education Scandal as it is the corruption of our education system that has a lot to answer for concerning our general ignorance today. I will probably end the series with a discussion of the corruption of our legal system as that can be one of the hardest to come to terms with.

I now begin writing The Education Scamdal immediately and look forward to hearing the communities input.


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