This is not one of those rhetorical questions where I immediately answer “Yes, obviously they have overplayed their hands because every last thing they say or do is utter bullshit, and it’s so glaringly obvious that nobody will believe it”. Yes, it’s certainly true that everything they say is bullshit, but at the same time a large part of the population are either mind controlled or retarded, or both, to such an extent that it doesn’t seem to matter how obvious the bullshit is, they will believe whatever they are told.

At this point controlled opposition shills like Alex Jones are mouthing off about how the globalists are about to bring in a new round of the covidhoax, with more lock-downs, new batches of the death jabs, and a new push to get everyone to wear submission muzzles again. But everything puppets like Alex Jones reveal is exactly what the globalists want us to hear. While I suspect they do want to do all of those things, telling us and having us freaking out about them only helps their cause. If they do manage to pull the scam off again, this time it is likely to be more divisive than last time because battle lines such as masktards vs. people with some capacity for thought have now hardened up quite a bit.

Which brings me to my next question – if they do roll out covidhoax round two, is it tactically better for us go hard out?. Last time when asked where my mask was, I would say I had an exemption, but if this crap happens again I won’t being doing anything as subservient as that. It will be a question of do I reply “I don’t wear muzzles” or something more aggressive like “Fuck off numbnuts” There are two opposing viewpoints on this, as with everything. They, the globalist scum, clearly aim to divide society, and getting us all in a constant state of war with each other helps with that. So should we take that into account and behave in a more zen like fashion?

Opposed to that line of thinking, is the fact that most of the submissive gimps who did what they were told last time, are spineless and will crack if put under intense and unwavering personal pressure. And like many people I’m wondering if it would have been better to tell more of them to get fucked last time. Does each step towards subservience bring us closer to enslavement? I’m inclined to think that if it happens again, there will be a bit of both, but if any fucker asks where my mask is, I may be a powder keg waiting to explode and bets are off how things will go.

The globalist scum are cunning, but they are always trying to out deceive each other. And that will hopefully lead to their demise. I’m picking whatever the next round is, it will be more heated that the last one. But we have an excellent opportunity right now to expose centuries of deceptions, so this could be a wild time. Let’s do this.