No part of this story is properly verified, and the more it is examined the more fake it looks…

The color of the cloud was black…it should have been white… And many of the photos (including this one) look to be fake anyway.

The mushroom cloud images bring up visions of “nukes” – another fake story used to keep the sheeple in line… (yes “nuclear bombs” are utter bullshit)

It is also being likened to Chernobyl, which was a load of bullshit as well. After being made into an HBO mini-series in 2019 it is now being promoted as an ecological tourist attraction!

The story is being heavily promoted by known controlled opposition…

There was a movie about a train derailment and chemical spill filmed there 3 months earlier, called “White Noise”…

There is a lot of talk but the evidence doesn’t check out, it’s looking increasingly like yet another distraction.

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