For the past eight or so years Facebook has been hiding my posts, and putting 30 day bans on my accounts. In order to use the platform at all I had to use three different accounts and rotate them as they were banned. And for at least the past three years my URL www.frot.co.nz was black listed, so I couldn’t post links to any of my own content.

But as of 2023 I seem to be able to post all sorts of content I couldn’t post in 2022 and links to my URL are now fine. My Facebook feed is now not drastically different to the uncensored platforms I’m on like Gab, Bastyon, or Minds, and there is content exposing and m0cking the 1llumin@ti, v@cks1n@t10n, the knew w0rld 0rder, m@rk suck@berg, and subm1ss1on muzz@ls, as well as all sorts of s0ft p@wn memes.

Is this because FB are desperate to regain market share after their losses on mett@ or because they want to freak out more n0rmies and create some distractions?

“Why are you even looking at f@keb00k?” people ask me… Three main reasons –

1. My feed is not dominated by American content like all the other platforms I’m on – it has a lot of New Zealand local content, and that is pretty much the only NZ news I see because I avoid all the government propaganda media like the pl@gue…

  1. There seems to be less fake accounts than elsewhere – I actually think most of the accounts I follow on FB are real people (often not using their real names though!), and most of the comments appear to be real rather than AI as well. I have nothing to do with n0rmies or sheepple so don’t encounter much in the way of “the n@rrative” In fact my feed is getting quite interesting lately.
  1. Greater engagement. On the alt platforms I’m on I have a limited number of followers so very few people see my posts. My days of earning any money from posting are mostly over, with Blurt now being the only platform still paying for posts and that is just a few dollars. The old days of hitting the jackpot on Steemit for example, are long gone. Seeing my memes with the www.frot.co.nz being shared on FB recently, it struck me that is probably better exposure than I’m likely to get anywhere else.

So that is why I’ve been posting on FB again lately. This thing of changing the spelling on any words that might trigger the AI cens0rship is an old habit – is it still necessary?. In the past I have picked up 30 days bans for one comment, in one case getting a 30 day ban in under five minutes of using the site.


I presume there is still one FB rule that can never be broken. DON’T MENTION THE JUICE.

My main Facebook account


I’m also posting on these platforms:

Bastyon – https://bastyon.com/frot 

Blurt – https://blurtlatam.intinte.org/@frot 

Minds – https://minds.com/frot

Gab – https://gab.com/frot