For the first time in six years all the people of New Zealand who are not libtard, woketard, or retard, have some glimmer of hope that things might potentially get slightly better rather than unendingly worse. 
But given that NZ is bankrupt and the world now appears to be plunging into a global depression, that hope is quite slim, although it’s better than nothing.

At last we now have a new “government” and the horse faced tranny and it’s pet muppet, Gimpkins, are both over and out.

The new “government” is supposedly led by Christopher Luxton (National) but it’s a coalition between the National, ACT, & NZ First parties, and in reality the politician with the upper hand in that is Winston Peters (NZ First) who is smarter that the other two coalition leaders and now enjoying his position of power and is milking them for all they are worth.

He’s doing a pretty good job at this point – check out what he’s extracted from those witless tools so far:

Here are some details from the new coalition documents between National, New Zealand First and ACT. You can read both of the agreements here as well as the full list of cabinet positions:
  • Ensure a ‘National Interest Test’ is undertaken before New Zealand accepts any agreements from the UN and its agencies that limit national decision-making and reconfirm that New Zealand’s domestic law holds primacy over any international agreements.
  • As part of the above, by December 1 2023, reserve against proposed amendments to WHO health regulations to allow the incoming Government to consider these against a “National Interest Test.”
  • Refocus the curriculum on academic achievement and not ideology, including removing and replacing the gender, sexuality, and relationship-based education guidelines.
  • End all Covid-19 vaccine mandates still in operation.
  • Ensure, as a matter of urgency in establishment and completion, a full-scale, wide-ranging, independent inquiry conducted publicly with local and international experts into how the Covid pandemic was handled in New Zealand.
  • Protect freedom of speech by ruling out the introduction of hate speech legislation and stopping the Law Commission’s work on hate speech legislation.
  • Ensure all public service departments have their primary names in English, except those specifically related to Maori.
  • Legislate to make English an official language of New Zealand.
  • Ensure publicly funded sporting bodies support fair competition that is not compromised by rules relating to gender.
  • Abolish the Māori Health Authority.
  • Repeal the Therapeutic Products Act 2023.
  • Commit that in the absence of a referendum, our Government will not change the official name of New Zealand.
  • Cancel Auckland Light Rail and Let’s Get Wellington Moving and reduce cycleway expenditure.
  • Investigate the strategic opportunities in New Zealand’s mineral resources.
  • Ensure that climate change policies are aligned and do not undermine national energy security.
  • The Coalition Government will work to improve outcomes for all New Zealanders, and will not advance policies that seek to ascribe different rights and responsibilities to New Zealanders on the basis of their race or ancestry.
  • Stop all work on He Puapua.
  • Confirm that the Coalition Government does not recognise the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) as having any binding legal effect on New Zealand.

That is a reversal of a large slice of the bullshit the Labour Party FUCKWITS have done over the past six years so it’s great to see. Winston is getting a lot of support from Voices For Freedon (VFF) and he knows who is buttering his bread.


My friends often ask if I think there is any good info being posted online. Given that most of the alt media is just as fake as the mainstream media, I have to say “not much”. But there is the odd bit of good info out there. I think a lot of the best info & research online is coming from Miles Mathis.
His website is pretty damn ugly, but he has a lot of good essays stashed away in there.
He may be some sort of psyop, but he puts out so much good information it’s beyond me how it could be helping the new world order
Apart from one possible thing – once you start reading his essays you might stop believing pretty much everything, and that may be the intention, but most of what he writes is exceptionally well researched
For example, he doesn’t even usually do food, but then he knocks off an essay like this & it’s pretty good! –
If you are older, you may not realize that all the ingredient lists of your old favorites have changed. For instance, they used to make everythingwith butter or lard (or at least Crisco, I am reminded), but nothing on the shelf is made with butter orlard anymore. They have replaced Crisco with things even worse: genetically modified junk oils likesoybean, canola, or palm. Crisco was hydrogenated cottonseed oil, which was admittedly awful, but atleast it wasn’t genetically modified. The only way they could get worse than Crisco was to geneticallymodify it and use soybean oil, which they now do. They prefer soybean oil since they know it helpsturn you into a trannie: one of their favorite projects for decades, just now coming out into the open. Ifyou are a guy and you want man boobs, eats lots of things made with soybean oil. Which wouldinclude a lot of the things you get at restaurants. Most restaurants use these cheap GMO oils, even the expensive ones

And he did Donald Trump back in 2016 when the numpty was elected –

He is an actor on the stage they have prepared. The entire election is a big stage play, as fake as a Shakespeare production, but not as well written or acted. The office of the President is now fake, played by a bad actor or the idiot sonof some billionaire. He does nothing but read from Teleprompters, scripted by guys behind thecurtains. Trump is sold to you as some sort of financial genius, but like George Bush before him (thegreat decider) he couldn’t decide what to order for lunch without a cue from a Teleprompter or one ofhis other gadgets. If you can’t see through all these people, you really need to check your prescriptions.


Does anyone read any of the crap we post on our blogs or blockchains, and does it make any difference?


Right through the covidhoax I posted stuff exposing it like a maniac, in a fruitless attempt to alert as many people as possible to the reality that “covid” was utter bullshit, and the toxic injections known as “vaccines” would make the poor saps who had them ill in ways they could barely begin to imagine.

Now that has happened, and many of the sheeple are as sick as fuck. Some of them are now saying they wished they had never had the injections. Can’t say they weren’t warned in full, but they didn’t want to know.

One of the things I’m increasingly photographing this year is all the vacant shops and businesses with “For Lease” signs in the windows. I’m picking the New Zealand economy to have a complete meltdown within the next six months.

I have just been re-watching a movie from 2000 called Bedazzled – it’s a remake of the original Bedazzled movie from 1967 that I’ve just re-watched as well. I originally saw this remake when it first came out 23 years ago.

And I don’t care if it’s considered to be a bit crap, I enjoyed it anyway, and actually found it funnier than the original.


While I haven’t been looking at blockchains over the past six months I have read most of Miles Mathis essays, and found some of them fascinating:

Is there any non-controlled opposition?

  Friends often ask me if I know of any uncontrolled opposition. Not much, I’d have to say, but these four commentators do come out with some gems:




Dr Tom Cowan

Mr E
Miles Mathis
Polly St George


Many years ago one of my friends decided to top himself with a drug overdose at the ripe old age of 23

After his funeral I rode my mountain bike up to the top of a local hill and sat looking out over the view. Strangely a voice in my head seemed to say “don’t worry about it, there’s no point worrying about anything – what is done is done”

I felt like a huge burden had just been lifted and his death had one good side effect. Downhill racing was a new sport back then but I was fully into it, so I let rip, with no worries whatsoever and had a very fast clean run back down the hill.

Later on when I first started blogging on the Steemit blockchain, I did a post about not worrying. It was probably one of my better posts, but it only got six votes and earned me zero cents. From that point every time I heard anyone bleating about how shit their payout was, I just thought “don’t worry about it”

I guess, if we are lucky, one day we arrive at a point when we realise a lot of our friends are long gone, as our many of our heroes. Or maybe most of them…


And these days if I find myself living with a daily dose of pain from all the injuries I wasn’t worried about getting back then, there is no point worrying about that either. I know what the alternative is…

Something I never usually do is mention personal stuff online, like voices in my head. But a voice in my head just said “post this and don’t worry about any of that New World Order shit – you are not here to worry”


 There I was looking at the TAGS on this blog and got a nasty surprise when I saw that there were 33 TRANNY tags. That’s getting a bit too masonic for comfort, so I’d better knock out a quick new tranny post & make it 34!

The whole tranny thing is a giant psyop and like most psyops one of the goals is to create confusion and uncertainty. While there are certainly some screamingly obvious men in drag like “Michelle Obama”, most of them are much harder to spot.

One of the tactics that has been widely used for over 50 years is to find people who’s gender is dubious, and actively promote them. They are made famous BECAUSE their gender is pretty vague, and this is then enhanced to the nth degree.

In pop music this practice goes back over 50 years, and the Tavistock Institute has always been a hotbed of transgenderism. David Bowie is a prime example:


 Despite having just posted a checklist a few days ago of how to spot a tranny, the truth is I have no idea what sex David Bowie really was/is (his death is also said to have been faked), and like many celebs it’s really hard to tell.
You’ve got your mother in a whirl
’cause she’s not sure if you’re a boy or girl.


And maybe that is the main reason they became celebs in the first place. But for the record, yes I really do think Taylor Swift is a biological male.

“The INside Effects”

 This movie is very inspiring.



You can watch (or download) the movie free from here:

“The INside Effects: How the Body Heals Itself brings together a dynamic group of leading-edge doctors, scientists, researchers, and health advocates offering practical and powerful tools for tapping into your body’s ability to heal.

The film’s creator, Keith Leon S., asks these visionary experts questions that go beyond the surface of conventional models by exploring the most essential elements of health and wellness, including deeply hidden knowledge that is now coming to light.

While the subjects are profound, you’ll find the energy of the film to be light, positive, and even—at times—comical.

Enter your name and email address to gain free access to the film”

And here is a discussion about the film with Amandha Vollmer & Keith Leon:


This movie came out at a good time for me and supplied some extra inspiration to change my focus. After posting on this blog for four months this is what my tag count looked like. From now on I’ll be aiming to do more posts with the topics in green



COVID = Certificate Of Vaccination ID 

There are always multiple psyops going on, and I’m guessing the next really big push will be the man made “climate change” scam.
But the “covid” hoax will continue, and now that the mass injections phase is mainly done, we are up to the new phase of pushing the idea that everyone who has had the death jabs is about to die.
Much as I hate death jabs of any sort (aka “vaccinations”), this is a new mind game – if they actually gave a toss they would tell the poor gullible normies how to detox from the toxic injections, but they mostly don’t mention that aspect, and by telling all the injected sheeple their days are over, they can attempt to kill them off quicker with a big dose of placebo effect.
While it’s true that the toxic jabs are extremely dangerous, blogs like this one are mainly aiming to get the fear ramping up: rather than to actually help or educate people at this late stage of the game.
None of them were saying peep in 2020 or 2021 when it really mattered, in fact many of these same commentators were going on about how dangerous “covid” was back then, but now that over 80% of the sheeple are jabbed to the gills, and that part of the psyop is over and done, they have suddenly found the courage to tell the injected that the jabs are going to kill them off rapidly!
Here in New Zealand Liz Gunn is going hard out on this! – she is right up there with Jabcinda for being fake and deceptive. In fact, if anything she is even better at it because she is a far better actress and doesn’t have to keep stopping to wipe the coke off her nose.



Five years ago I seemed to know all sorts of things that I’m not so certain of now. While I did make quite a few accurate predictions back then, I probably wouldn’t have anticipated I’d end up saying that.


And watching some podcasts lately I’ve come to the conclusion that the longer they drag on for, the less worthwhile stuff is actually said. They used to typically be about 15 to 45 minutes long and that was plenty long enough. But now, many of them are going on for hours. If someone can’t say their piece in under an hour they are wasting everyone’s time.

Like a bunch of fat whales queuing up at McDonald’s for a big feed of shit, most of what we are getting served online is not doing us any good. It’s time for a better diet!

Here is a really good 26 minute podcast/audio where Amazing Polly totally nails it:

I just watched this and it was great to see someone online expressing this – what she says here is the point I’m up to myself, and I get the feeling she is for real in this one, because I recognize the tone of her voice!

Although personally I don’t trust Jim Carrey an inch, and I think “The Truman Show” was the illuminati doing one of their reveals (she doesn’t mention that part).

Another one of my wild speculations is that Jim Carrey is currently playing a CGI version of Joe Biden


 “The Rock” AKA. Dwayne Johnson, is a 6-foot-5 ex wrestler who has also acted in some B-grade American action movies like “The Fast and the Furious” so he is quite famous in some circles.



I did say I was going to stop going on about trannies, but I just saw a photo of “The Rock” with his “wife”and it was all just too much!



 And his “daughter” looks damn suspect too!


Really, there are trannies all over the place, but the fact that they are making it so obvious now indicates that THEY WANT US TO SEE THEM – at this stage I’m still unclear how this psyop works, but I’m not going to focus on them obsessively, honestly! 🙂





Blogging is a fun hobby, but having watched it’s gradual decline from a creative peak around 2010, down to the dregs it’s in now, I have to say that the state of blogging in 2023 is at an all time low.


Last week I went through a bunch of my old blog bookmarks trying to find any current active blogs that I could include in a Blogroll here on this blog. Most of them were either totally inactive with the most recent post being from over five years ago, or the URL was not working at all, with an expired domain name or some other washed up shit going on.
OK, I’m living in the past I thought, it’s time to find some new more up to date blogs, so I started having a dig around. And what did I find? Well it seems that like movies, music, books, magazines, and art, BLOGS IN 2023 ARE MOSTLY UTTER SHIT…
It’s a good job I’ve turned over a new leaf for November and am staying focused on the positive 🙂
The standard of writing and thinking is so low on most blogs these days that I’m seriously wondering if they are being done by AI like most of the comments on YouTube. So along with giving up caring if I have any audience, I think that in order to enjoy having a blog in this era of living in a creative black hole, I’ll also have to give up caring if I can assemble a decent Blogroll. I’ve put the few current active blogs that I found on it, but it’s certainly not the most exciting blogroll I’ve ever seen. In fact I’ve renamed it the BOGROLL.