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This post is just a quick copy & paste of notes, links, numerology, and images about a film I have no intention of ever watching – but if this is number one at the American box office it’s because “they” want you to watch it. So it’s controlled opposition mind programming – wake up sheeple, that is all the mainstream movie ever industry is…
Why are they pushing this film so hard? My guess is firstly because they want to promote micro chipping in children, just like they have been conditioning people to accept as normal on pets, secondly because it’s a good distraction and they are looking for every distraction they can find at this point, and thirdly because it doesn’t expose any of the real child traffickers, like the Roman Catholic church, the Freemason’s, and CPS – Child Protective Services. 
Sound of Freedom was originally released at the Coronado film festival on 9/11/2022 (9th November)
The Coronado film festival is the marker for this decode, it is part of the Corona shitshow that has been in place since 2019; Coronavirus, Kobe and Corona del Mar, Charles and his Coronation on May 6th, along with him being Crowned in Scotland again today (July 5th) a day after Sound of Freedom was released. We had the Taxi explosion on Crown Street, at Liverpool Women’s Hospital and we saw the shooting of TikTok star Anthony Barajas in Corona, California, quickly followed by shootings in Corona, “Queens”, New York City (and so much more).
2019 saw the start of Solar cycle 25 and the start of Earth getting hit by some very big Coronal Mass Ejections (Aurora) – Coronado and the Sundance Film Festival
Leading up to Charles’ Coronation we were seeing things such as “Queen” guitarist Brian May being knighted, with Charles being crowned in May, after the Queen died.
Sound of Freedom was just released officially on 4th July, Independence Day and a date that reads 4/7 or 7/4 depending where you come from.
4/7 – 7/4 – even if you want this movie to be true, don’t be deploying cognitive dissonance all of a sudden and acting like you don’t know those numbers, it’s the reason it is Independence day to start with; the 47th prime, how a Mason squares his square (Jesus = 74 English Ordinal Gematria). America was built by Freemasons and every number used throughout its history clearly shows it, that being because they are well aware of this reality and how it plays out through cycles of time (Great Architect of the Universe)
Sound of Freedom was released on 9/11/2022 (9th November), a date that reads 9/11, and a date that leads us to 11th September and the Twin Towers that stood at coordinates of; 74° 0′ 45″ W
The One World Trade Centre now stands in place of the Twin Towers, a skyscraper that has an architectural height of 1776 ft, just like the 1776 year America gained independence (74° 0′ 48″ W)
74 days is 1776 hours (74 x 24 = 1776)
Twin Towers – 2 x Towers standing at 74 degrees = 148 (74 x 2 = 148)
There was a total of 2,996 people who died during 9/11 – 148 x 2 = 296 (148 x 12 = 1776)
296 and 269 we find very often (e.g; Titanic was 269 metres) and it’s being used here with Jim Caviezal who was born on 26th September (26/9), which is the 269th day of the year with 96 days remaining.
Caviezal and the related surnames are interesting – Ravenel, Cavill, Cavell, Cavener, Cavinder, Caveney, Cavern – all variations of Caveen from the Isle of Mann, the Crow Ravens of the Crovan Dynasty.
The One World Trade Centre stands at an architectural height of 1776 ft, with the tip of the spire reaching 1,792 ft; that’s because 7920 is Earth’s diameter (33 days = 792 hours) and we’re talking about a spire that is used to penetrate the Earth’s Aether, the spire, or the spear, spiritual energy harnessed by the spiral (coil).
Sound of Freedom was released at the Coronado film festival 1156 weeks after September 11 2001 (156th prime number = 911). 9/11 took place 15 weeks 6 days before the end of the year.
Sound of Freedom being released at the Coronado Film Festival on 9th November (9/11) in 2022 means it was released on World Freedom Day and that is the real freedom we should be fighting for; I get how easy it is for people to get wrapped up in the heroics of this stuff, especially when it is actually a truly worthy and valiant cause but humanity is enslaved in the mind, that is the real problem and until that changes nothing else will, and that includes our children being safe and secure because the same people who create these movies are the same people running the stage show and shaping the mindset through programming (A Clockwork Orange). People who have been a part of a film industry that is well known for Paedophilia, that being actors associated with Hollywood, which was very openly joked about by Ricky Gervais at the 2020 Golden Globes, like it’s even laughable? What is funny about children suffering at the hands of monsters?
It’s laughable to people who are trying to normalise it I guess. Both sides are being played and when i see this situation turned into a film, I can’t help but feel it’s another way of normalising a situation, a film of suspense and horrific details that pull on those heart strings, something vile turned into entertainment for the big screen film makers; people will claim it is for awareness but awareness has been there for a very long time, never more than since 2020 when all the save the children hashtags started to flood the internet and what happened from that movement? Nothing, if anything we have actually saw nothing but more and more mockery as time goes by, it’s 2023 and no real action has been taken yet, and it won’t, and if it was then Tim Ballard would have done it long before releasing this film which has been in the making since the script was penned in 2015 – the script (World is a stage).
This film is all about emotional shock.
World Freedom Day – On November 8, 2016, President Barack Obama proclaimed World Freedom Day as November 9, 2016. On November 8, 2017, President Donald Trump proclaimed November 9, 2017, as World Freedom Day
8th November – 8/11
9th November – 9/11
The Knights Templar were founded in the year 1118, they became officially established as an order the following year in 1119
Sound of Freedom was originally released at the Coronado Film Festival on 9th November, the official release date comes 33 weeks laters (+ 6 days) on 4th July.
Sound; sound is creation, sound equates to vibration and it’s the speed of sound where we find the real secrets to Masonry, or Masonic to be more specific, with the sonic speed of sound. When I use comparisons to Masonry I’m not using it as something or someone to blame, I’m using Masonry to show where the knowledge of this information is stored.
“The source of a sound vibrates, bumping into nearby air molecules which in turn bump into their neighbours, and so forth. This results in a wave of vibrations travelling through the air to the eardrum, which in turn also vibrates”
The Speed of sound in air is 343 m/s and this number is found with things such as the 343 firefighters who died on 9/11, or another good example are the 343 characters painted on the ceiling of the sistine chapel – 7x7x7 = 343 – Diana died under the 777 km Seine River (Sine Wave).
1776 is basically just 777 as well, all we do is move the 1 along to the 6 and you get 777, this same kind of maths occurs when you multiply any 3 digit number by 999, for example;
343 x 999 = 342,657 (342 + 657 = 999)
481 x 999 = 480,519 (480 + 519 = 999)
When sound vibrates in water it travels 4 x as fast as in air, at 1,481 m/s and this is one of the bottom line reasons we see this number used so often, soundwaves and frequencies are key to understanding how this construct is formed.
I know the coding they are using, it’s the same coding I share every single day on my page and have done for a long time, so it can’t be contrived in any way can it?
“Ballard personally requested that Jim Caviezel portray him, even though the actor does not resemble him. Ballard said that he was affected by Caviezel’s role in The Count of Monte Cristo (2002).”
Monte Cristo – Mona the Crystal Quartz Mountain, coded with Christos (4081 – Christos = 1480 Greek Isopsephy Gematria)
“The Count of Monte Cristo is a 2002 American historical adventure film, which is an adaptation of the 1844 novel of the same name by Alexandre Dumas”
Jim Caviezel played Jesus Christ in Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ, which is set to see its sequel released next year. The Passion of the Christ earned $612 million worldwide, it made headlines for its controversies depicting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, some calling for the film to be banned, with Israeli distributors even refusing to distribute it in the country and this is when you know a film is getting major publicity, when you see the organisations such as the Catholic Church and countries such as Israel calling for it to be banned. Negative publicity can sometimes be the best when it is surrounded in controversy, it gets people talking and word of mouth is the greatest form of promotion; we saw the same thing happen with Dan Brown’s version of the Da Vinci Code and it’s done to stop people finding the truth. Mel Gibson’s version of the Passion of the Christ is nothing but more religious indoctrination and the exact story that religious organisations want promoting, it was the same with Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, the Church loved all the publicity that came with it, it brings revenue but I don’t see any of them pushing the true astrotheological aspects of Jesus’ story, and they never will because they never want the truth to be known.
Sound of Freedom is directed by Alejandro Gómez Monteverde and his surname is what Mona is, Earth’s green mountains – Monte = Mountain – Verde = Green – Mounds, Mountains, Marilyns and Munro’s.
Alejandro Gómez Monteverde – Green Mountain – he won top prize at the 2006 Tor-onto film festival for his film, Bella.
Alejandro Gómez Monteverde was married on 8th April 2006, the date of next years Great American Eclipse; Sound of Freedom was released 279 days before 8th April (279 – 792)
More interestingly though, the date that Sound of Freedom was released in 2022, 9th November is the date Alejandro’s fathers killers were arrested in 2015
“His father, Juan Manuel Gómez Fernández, and brother, Juan Manuel Gómez Monteverde, were found dead with fatal head wounds in Pueblo Viejo, in the Mexican state of Veracruz, on September 19, 2015, approximately two weeks after they were kidnapped from their home in nearby Tamaulipas. On November 9, 2015, six people were arrested for the kidnapping and murder of Gómez Fernández and Gómez Monteverde.”
Sound of Freedom is being released 84 months after the date Alejandro’s fathers killers were arrested, which is equal to 61,368 hours (3168)
Lord Jezus Christ = 3168 Greek Gematria (Lord = 800 – Jezus = 888 – Christos = 1480)
Gematria is Geometry, it means Earth measure – Earth’s Mass = 1.31668×1025 lb (mass is measured)
This is all Jesus related stuff, and it has been from the start of the shit show in 2019, because “The Book” is being fulfilled, everything is symbolic in nature and allegorical and you see it play out through this entire decode and you see them publicising it when they recently shown Mel Gibson with a O.U.R hat on in a Helicopter, because he is getting ready to promote his Jesus film with Jim Caviezel, the “Star” of Sound of Freedom.
Tim Ballard also serves as CEO of The Nazarene Fund – Nazareth is the cradle of Christianity, Jesus of Nazareth is Jesus of the Mazzaroth though, a term that literally means “Constellations”, which is why we find the Bible coded full of astrological details and numerology, such as New Jerusalem and the 12,000 furlongs equalling 792,000 foot (Earth diameter = 7920 miles).
Jim Caviezel played Jesus Christ in Passion of the Christ. MM Maia Morgenstern played Mother Mary and Mona “Monica” Belluci played Mary Magdalene
Liberation, deliverance, emancipation, none but ourselves can free our minds!
This is the lead ACTOR from the new movie “sound of freedom” that everyone is talking about and just like I always show you, signs and symbols rule this world and you will ALWAYS know them by their fruit! Satan owns and runs the entertainment industry! Don’t think for a second that any of these people in Hollywood are on your side! They’re ALL in on it! Open your eyes ladies and gentlemen. This movie is being played in theaters because they want you to watch it. Just another perfect example of controlled opposition!
Some extra links I haven’t checked out yet:
The Sound of Freedom movie is Not a TRUE Story based on OUR or TIm Ballard.
. Child trafficking IS 100% REAL, but OUR, nor Tim Ballard… is out there SAVing CHILDren. 😏🙄
Tim Ballard IS a Conman and a Fraud.
He left 2 Women in the desert when they called for help to OUR.
So Much Proof CAN Be Found, and you all Want to lgnore lt.
Nothing Like MOCKing The Victims
It’s MORE Q Anon CULT 💩
Jim C IS a FreeMASON, SATANist.
Mira Sovrino iys the Global United Nations Ambassador.
UN IS Our Enemy.
They ARE LYING‼️🎯💥💯
THIS Movie IS a Complete Fabrication.
Tim Ballard KEEPS Most of the 💰 and Covered up SEXual Abuse in the Mormon Church.
His Own Lawyer CALLed him a LIAR 🤥
American Airlines CALLed him a LIAR.
LVPD Refused to Work wiith OUR
He Fundraised for a “Victim” who SAID she had Cancer…. only for her Mother to come out and say It’s a FRAUD‼️‼️
How Much MORE Proof Do People NEED for crying Out Loud Already 🤨
People ARE Angry That We ARE EXPOSing THIS Movie as a LIE…
And Actually SAID They Hope the lNformation NEVER Get’s Out About Tim Ballard.
If there is a Hell… I Certainly Hope They WILL 🤬🔥
These Videos and Pictures Provides MORE Than Enough lNformation To Prove THIS Movie IS 🤬 BULL💩‼️🎯💥💯‼️
And a LAUGH lN The Face to the Victims and Any and ALL SURVIVors
You ARE BEing FOOLed and MOCKed By HollyWEIRD‼️🎯💥💯‼️
WAKE The Hell UP Already 🤨….👓👓👓
So it’s okay to make up a trafficking victim? That is okay with you people?…/
Just like the Andrew Tate Story abyout him BEing Arrested For Sex TRAFFICKing…
IS Also Another Fabrication and LIE‼️
He lS a Jesuit Puppet for the Movie ‼️
Another One who Says she is SAVing CHILDren, and she ls NOT‼️‼️‼️‼️
Keeping ALL of The Donations and IS a Fraud.
Another PEDO Who SAID… he Was SAVing CHILDren…..
And We ALL Know What Tom Hanks yis.…

Here’s why the Movie “Sound of Freedom” is a Scam — Dr. Amandha Vollmer