Yesterday I walked over to the boat marina, through deserted streets with almost no cars at all, and stood looking at boats not being used, on a day filled with sun not being absorbed. It’s very tranquil watching our economy being gradually destroyed.

Things are different, and however this all turns out, they are going to remain different. And it’s safe to say I’m never again going to assume that people are capable of grasping the obvious.

A month ago I started posting on Facebook, partly to see how the believers reacted to the pandemic hoax. Facebook is huge, and most people on there believe the official narrative.

After a month I met quite a few people who know what time it is, but lost patience with many of my old circle of contacts. I found myself compelled to make a fresh start, and wrote the following:


I was planning to do this on May 1st, but for once I will do something ahead of schedule.

Facebook censorship has become even much more draconian that it used to be, (as has all censorship) and our entire FROT domain is now blocked by FB, so our old links going to content as far back as 95 no longer work here.

They also keep blocking my account for violating their “community standards”, and I have been switching between two accounts as a work around for that.

Facebook is the only social media site I’ve ever used my own name on, and with benefit of hindsight, that was not a good idea. (FB worked a lot better for me back before 2010 when I used a pseudonym)

I didn’t used to think of myself as primarily a heretic or non-believer, but in the current environment that is how it plays out on a mainstream site like FB.

So from today I’ll be switching to mainly using my other account – I’ve made a bunch of new friends on FB recently, and it’s more engaging to interact with fellow free thinkers. But I’m not trying to avoid anyone, and am always happy to catch up with old friends.

Just in case anyone is looking for me, finding my new FB account is very easy – just check out my recent shares and likes.

In an attempt to spread information around I have decided on the following system for posting and blogging

First post on my WordPress blog –

Then Steempress will copy that to my Hive blog –

Next I’ll share the link and a picture to my Flote account –

And finally I’ll copy the PeakD link to Facebook (which gets around the censorship for now) – Frot facebook account

As far as this “pandemic” bullshit goes, I’m burned out – I’ve put a bunch of info here:

But to tell the truth I can only be bothered posting memes for a while. Apart from that I’m going to have a break from thinking about sheeple and their moronic “virus”. Time to watch some more Monty Python.

“Irreverence is the champion of liberty and its only sure defense” – Mark Twain