The Law Is A Mechanism For Corruption and Control

Everything We Have Been Told Is A Lie – The Law Is A Mechanism For Corruption and Control Not Liberty!

We are constantly impressed with the importance of the rule of law but the law often does not represent a fair and equitable settlement for the people. In this post we will look at the way in which the law has been structured to be used against the people and how corruption is often intrinsic to the way in which the law is carried out in practice. This is not meant to be a detailed discussion about what is a very wide topic rather a broad look at the problem and some of my personal insights about the law in practice and study.

Getting accurate information on this subject is often not easy as we will see when we look at the way the law is taught. The true information has intentionally been suppressed and hidden from the people. I have been involved with several court cases around the world including a supreme court case in Australia where I acted as a self litigant. I have never lost a case yet and am extremely interested in this subject. Your feedback will be read with pleasure!

I will mostly be discussing law in western countries but the corruption of law gets worse the less developed the country is. In the worse event there is full dictatorship over the people and this is what I fear our ruling elites want to have over the entire planet!

It is very important to always remember the latin phrase “ignorantia legis neminem excusat” which means: ignorance of law excuses no one!

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The Law Against The People

It is important to understand that many of the founding principles and tenants of our various legal structures are based on ancient concepts that have been passed through time and taken new forms through the ages. Equally it is important to remember that the ruling elites have always used the law as a mechanism to control the populace. After all the most powerful families in our world often commit the biggest crimes but they are too wealthy and powerful to ever go to court. In essence they are above the law because they control and own the structure that creates the law!

The is always one rule for the rulers and another for the ruled, one law for the rich and another for the poor. This is the way it has always been until now!

This phenomenon is often easier to spot in Asia than in the west because in the West these crimes are often completely covered up. If you want to understand things you must know the language that is being used. In the case of law we have what is know as legalese which is used to make it very difficult for an average person to understand the law.

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Why Did They Change Our Names?

I have been travelling since I was a child and I still have all of my many old passports. When I look back over them something interesting stands out. Until a certain year my name was spelt with the first letter of each name Capitalised and then all the other letters were lower case. From one passport to the next my name was changed so that now all the letters of my name are spelt in CAPITALS. Now all of my official documents and banking papers spell my name in all capitals. I did not give my permission to have my name changed. What is this all about?

The spelling of your name has significant impact on your legal status. Any corporate lawyer will confirm that entities which have all the letters of their names capitalised are corporations. There are three ways to spell a name and are based on concepts that extend back to Roman times. Blacks Law Dictionary – Revised 4th Edition 1968 distinguishes the three forms of spelling in this Wikipedia link as follows:

  • Capitis Diminutio Minima (meaning a minimum loss of status – John Smith)
  • Capitis Diminutio Media (meaning a medium loss of status – John SMITH)
  • Capitis Diminutio Maxima (meaning a maximum loss of status – JOHN SMITH)

This is extremely interesting but I don’t want this post to become too long and in truth this concept deserves its own post. However what is of most interest here is the final definition for maximum loss of status according to Black’s Law Dictionary:

Capitis Diminutio Maxima: The highest or most comprehensive loss of status. This occurred when a man’s condition was changed from one of freedom to one of bondage, when he became a slave. It swept away with it all rights of citizenship and all family rights.

Changing our names to capitals was not for spelling purposes but rather to deal with the population under a different set of laws. Why this has been done is for control and manipulation but highlights the point that much of the manipulation and crimes committed against us by the state are perpetrated by the state! This changing of my name is something that happened to me and I have the documents to prove it!

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The Way Law Is Taught

I have a very close relation who in later life decided to study for a Juris Doctorate of law at a world renowned university. This degree is one of the highest legal degrees you can get. I was very interested in what they would be taught and I often remember asking questions.

Like most of our education process they do not teach us what the subject is rather how to work within the subject. Law is the same. As incensed as I was when I found out that studying economics and finance had not taught me a thing about how money is really generated, I was also appalled to find that you can study for one of the highest legal degrees you can get but the spelling of your name is never mentioned once. Names are extremely important in law!.

Fundamentally they will never teach the truth about money or the law in institutions of higher learning because understanding these truths would unravel the entire ball of lies and deceit used to control us. Teaching the truth would begin to unravel the entire corrupt control structure we live under.

The truth is that if you are interested in your liberty and freedom then understanding money and the law are vital subjects to understand. All the information is available for you online you just have to look! ?

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Do these top-tier british judges look like a fair cross section of the UK population to you?

The Law In Practice

My involvement in many court cases and my experiences defending myself as a self litigant in court has given me valuable insight into the way the law works. I have spent 10 years in courts across 3 continents. I have won every case and in the process learnt a lot. Here are some of my observations.

When you first walk into a courthouse it seems chaotic. A huge beauracratic game of tennis with umpires dressed up as judges calling the shots. If you spend enough time in court houses you soon begin to see there are many layers to what is really going on and everybody knows each other well. This gives rise to a fair amount of corruption and is a huge money generator for the participants.

The judges, prosecutors, lawyers and clerks all know each other and have working relationships that can assist or hinder a case’s movement through the system. Usually the more expensive lawyers have better connections. Why do you think the best defence lawyers can charge such exorbitant fees. The subtle manipulation of the law can happen in chambers or in the more discrete light of religious or masonic fraternities.

The laws favours the wealthy. If someone takes you to court in a civil case they can then drag that case out for many years. This has happened to me. Knowing I didn’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend my plaintiff believed he could force me to capitulate by draining my resources. He didn’t count on my knowledge and fighting spirit. In the end it was he who lost a lot of money.

However if you don’t have the time, money, support and know how it can be almost impossible for a normal member of society to navigate the legal maze. This leaves the poorest members of our societies at the mercy of the crooks who have money. Courts are not there to support the public but if you are friendly and good with people you can sometimes find help in unexpected and unsanctioned places. This is definitely a story for another post! ?

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A Different Law For The Rich

Corruption of the law can be seen clearly in how it is implemented. There is one rule for the common people and an entirely different set of rules for the wealthy elite. Its always been that way but lets take a quick look at a few cases of inequality that really stand out.

  1. In the UK the courts are crown courts. The monarch is the crown and the courts belong to the monarch. This means that the monarch and by default the royal family and their friends can never be taken to court. After all it’s the Queens court and you can’t take the Queen to her own court! Even a cursory investigation into the british royal family clearly shows that this family is guilty of acts that should be considered extremely criminal but the law is different when you own the courts.
  2. In the US there is the most distressing legal situation where there is enormous social and legal pressure to vaccinate children yet it is impossible for people who have experienced vaccine injury to seek compensation in a normal court from the producers of those vaccines. This screams double standard, corruption violence!
  3. As I raised in my post on politics how can it be possible to commit massive crimes and receive a presidential pardon for those crimes which normally would demand a life behind bars. This has been the case many times in the US but the example that springs to mind is Marc Rich who was on the FBI’s top 10 most wanted list for years but bribed Clinton to give him a presidential pardon as he was walking out of the oval office. Where is the rule of law in that?
  4. The Kids For Cash saw two senior judges accepting bribes from a private for profit juvenile detention centre in the US for providing more convictions and longer sentences for youth offenders. These two judges are now both in jail but this is indicative of how horrendous legal corruption can be. My heart goes out to those poor children! ? This is just one case and involves juvinilles. The corrupt practices by the global private prisons for profit system is disgraceful and should not be allowed.
  5. It is estimated that over 1 million direct bribes are paid to the judiciary every year in the US. This sounds on the conservative side to me!
  6. How are Tony Blair and George Bush still not being tried for their murderous actions in invading Iraq. They told us there were weapons of mass destruction yet there were none. Untold thousands of people were murdered in this war and the Iraqi people are still suffering. Bush retired and Blair became Middle East Peace Envoy! What is going on here… these guys are acknowledged murders.
  7. It was patently obvious that the recent financial crisis was caused by the big banks. Yet they got bailed out and nobody went to jail in the US. Again the people paid.

These few examples just scratch the surface but they paint a vivid picture. There is one rule for the people and an entirely separate set of rules for the elite. Our legal systems have been bought and paid for and now are there to protect the wealthy and prosecute the poor! ?

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Protecting Yourself From The Law!

As usual the first thing you need to do is educate yourself! Although not mainstream the information is available and I have listed links below that will get you started on the road to knowledge. Once you understand the legal manipulation that is taking place with your person and country you can then start to educate those around you and fight back.

In an aircraft they tell you to put your own gas mask on before assisting your dependants because if you can’t breath you are no use to anyone else. The same applies with knowledge!

At this point I would like to send a massive shout-out to a fellow Steemian who I have a lot of respect for and who has spent his time trying to educate the public in the UK. I loved his work before he joined Steemit and I am extremely pleased that he is here as an active part of our community. For those of you who don’t know Danny I am proud to introduce to you @dannyshine who’s feed is totally worth following. I have put a link to his Youtube channel below but we all know Steemit is much better! Danny’s got the right idea. He understands the law and consequently is not easy to push around or prosecute! We should all be more like Danny in that respect! Go Danny go!!! ?

If you are educated about the law then you are far less easy for the police and government to bamboozle (I love the word bamboozle – pleased to use it!) and manipulate. You are able to use the law to your advantage and can assist others. It is your obligation to protect yourself. Your schools and media will not teach you how to do it. You have to educate yourself!

This is the last of my topical posts in this series but I will be writing one more to summarise the threads that run through all the posts. I will also be thanking some amazing Steemians who have supported me in this series and be asking some of the hard questions that these realisations naturally lead to.

I am glad that I wrote this series. It got a lot off my chest and I hope to use it as a basis to begin looking at some of other more interesting topics. Many of you understand these issues but I have seen comments from people who did not understand what was going on and I am honoured to have been part of the learning process! ?

I feel that perhaps this is the weakest of my topical posts. There is so much in this topic that I will need to break it up into more specific posts. My goal was to provide an overview of the issues and share some of my personal experiences with how the law works and the way it is taught.

As usual I will be most interested to hear your comments and learn from the community! ?

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