Politicians Are Puppets To Control People Not Serve them

Everything We Have Been Told Is A Lie – Politicians Are Puppets To Control People Not Serve them!

We are told to trust our governments and that our politicians are there to serve us. Sadly this is often not the case! In this post we will be discussing the rotten and corrupt agencies that our governments have become. Instead of serving the people the real role of our governments is to serve their corporate masters and control the population – not liberate them! ?

I want this to post to discuss the global phenomenon of political corruption rather than specific examples. Steemit is a global community and no matter where you are from, if you are not completely asleep you will know examples of political corruption in your part of the world. This is the eighth post of my series Everything We Have Been Told Is A Lie and links to the other posts will be provided at the bottom.

There is a lot to talk about with the corruption of our government – it has been going on for a long time! Until the people wake up and insist upon a greater input into the decision making of governments, we will continue to live as prisoners who do not understand the mechanisms of our imprisonment.

 By jockey

The Politics Of Birds

When I was a child I used to listen to my elders talking about politics. I would always hear the expressions “left wing” and “right wing”. I would hear people being referred to as “so left wing” or “so right wing”. Now that I am older and understand the true meaning of these words, I am laughing at how uneducated and ludicrous my elders sounded when I was younger.

Etymology is defined by Google as: “the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history.” When we start to look at the true meanings of words we start to understand a lot more about what they mean.

What animal has a “wing” – as in “right wing” or “left wing”? A bird. Birds have two wings. What sits in the middle of the two wings – deciding when to flap them? The brain! The entire “left wing” “right wing” political paradigm is a a complete farce. A ruse to fool the uneducated into thinking they really have a choice between two differing opinions of view. What a joke!

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A Two Party System?

In this post we will not deal with dictatorships but rather our so called “democratic” political systems. In democracy we mostly see two main political parties, sometimes with a few smaller parties thrown in for good measure. In the US it’s Republicans and Democrats and in the UK it’s Labour and Tory. This model is played out across the democratic world.

The theory is that having two opposing parties will lead to a balance of power. What we see today, after decades of erosion, is that our political parties have alined their views on all subjects that are related to the profits of big business. Any campaign rhetoric against big business is usually only lip-service and we see few, if any real changes for the better.

This mess is not by chance. The corrupting power of money has infiltrated every level of our public services and the politicians who run them. The policy decisions taken are often to the detriment of the public and the benefit of big business!

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The Turgid Swamp That Is Politics

Globally the political situation stinks! We have either overt dictators or democracy that comes with capitalist dictators. There are so many things that smell bad about this situation that it’s hard to know where to begin. At the base of the issue is the fact that our governments are completely corrupted and controlled by a people who have enough money to wield that power.

Control comes in many forms. Overt control comes from financial contributions and political support. Covert control usually comes in the forms of blackmail and murder. Our governments purport to be on the side of the law and yet they are funded by the biggest criminals on our planet. The sheer number of ex-GoldmanSachs employees who hold powerful positions in global politics is a clear giveaway!

The populace has become accustomed to having their leaders promise positive action during campaigns and yet when the politicians are elected – they mostly don’t keep their promises. The situation has become so bad that now this kind of behaviour is almost expected and considered normal in our societies.

If you want to look at who is controlling the agenda we can look at two groups:

  • Those who profit from policies! ?
  • Those we are not allowed to criticise! ?

Many politicians make a life career out of politics and this is part of the problem. Career politicians become more aligned with their large financial donors than with the needs and desires of their constituents. This is called Regulatory Capture and is a very real and dangerous threat to democracy. Having career politicians/civil servants is very dangerous to the population.

To be frank though how would most of these career politicians have any idea how to make decisions on behalf of the populace. They have never done a single day’s work as a labourer and have no real experience of the growing economic plight suffered by the majority of us. They are protected from this high in their ivory castles….

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How To Spot An Honest & Smart Politician? LOL! ?

Honest politicians are few and far between – we all know that! The problem is that those who wield real financial power see to it that honesty and integrity are traits which are weeded out from our politicians before they become decision makers. Even if a few of our politicians are not corrupt the system they work within is! The game is stacked heavily against the people and the few honest politicians.

No matter who is in political power we always see actions that represent financial interests not the people. Yet we are always sold a “reformer” at the elections… What a sick joke!

If you are looking for an honest and intelligent politician – you shall know them by their actions not by their media image. A big red flag flaps in the breeze when our potential leaders are sold to us as young, dynamic, charismatic and good looking! When you see those attributes being promoted in young politicians sit up and take notice!

The actions that will define a real politician should be in favour of the people! Any intelligent, well educated and honest politician should understand the basics of our monetary slavery which I outlined in my previous post. An honest politician would immediately implement changes to liberate the populace from debt and economic slavery. Yet what do we hear from politicians globally about this subject? Not a single decibel!!! ?

The truth is that until we take our governance into our hands we will never hear anything from our politicians concerning the truth of our financial system – as this is one of the main tools of our subjugation! Speaking and educating the public about these subjects would bring the entire control structure crumbling down and would be very dangerous for any daring politician with integrity. The same applies for corporate control of our education, health, media, agricultural and legal industries. Fitting this large puzzle together is why I wrote this series of articles.

At this point I would like to point out that one of the few politicians I have constantly heard calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve and a cleaning up of the monetary cesspit is Ron Paul. I am not American and I don’t know a lot about him but when I hear a politician publicly calling for an assessment of our monetary system I applaud! Good stuff! ?

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The Deep State

The deep state exists in all countries but I suspect that the bigger the country the larger the deep state. When I talk about the deep state I am referring to massive vested interests that straddle government, corporate and criminal fraternities. These organisations are often fronted by government departments but at their higher levels are purely controlled by criminal enterprises.

Running such large criminal organisations is very profitable but costs a lot of money. Vast sums are continuously being generated through criminal activities within our governments. The profits are phenomenal, yet the risks are relatively low. After all: who is going to bust the government? Even if they do get discovered the penalties are not severe. Just look at the Iran-Contra Scandal. An even more recent example is how the Wall St. bankers were allowed to steal trillions of dollars during the financial crisis. American politicians first protected and then assisted the bankers to steal trillions – to balance their books which they were guilty of thieving from in the first place! Excuse my language – WTF???

The deep state is very real and is intricately involved with the numerous false flag attacks and mind warfare perpetrated against us by the real rulers of our planet. Watch out!

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Legalised Corruption

A huge red flag which screams corruption is our legal system. This is to be the topic of my next post in this series but I will not cover it at length here. It is important to note that there is a lot of interaction with the judiciary, police and politicians. Many belong to the same secret societies – a topic for another post!

How often does a stooge for the new world order get caught out perpetrating a massive crime including murder yet nothing happens to them? What about the case of Tony Blair and George W. Bush who dragged the western world into invading Iraq under the pretext of “weapons of mass destruction?* It was categorically proven that Iraq never had any “WMDs”. Untold numbers of people were murdered or displaced by these actions yet Bush is allowed to retire and Blair is made Middle East Peace Envoy!! This is INSANE!!! ? We have very strict laws about murder yet they don’t seem to apply to our politicians!

Before I drag this post on too long I just want to say that prominent people are often being caught committing crimes such as murder, rape, pedophilia and narcotic crimes and nothing that bad ever happens to them. If you are a young, poor kid from an ethnic minority they throw away the key if you commit a crime! If you are rich, corrupt and connected then the sentences are always light or non existent.

The last thing I want to say about the legal corruption here is that even if the judiciary has behaved correctly and sentenced a wealthy individual for crimes they have committed it is still possible to use political connections to override the judiciary. One out of many examples I can present to you here is: Marc Rich who was guilty of enormous crimes and for years was on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list. He was able to buy a pardon from president Clinton as he exited the White House. What a farce this makes of the law! Excuse me while I am being sick into the canal!

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Business As Usual

In this post we have identified myriad glaring problems with our political systems. Why are these issues never raised in schools, universities, the media or the law? The answer is because these systems are ALL controlled by the same money powers that control our political system.

No matter who is in power we see the same policies! Think about it! Nothing changes for the better! Things just keep getting worse! People get poorer, corporations get richer and our civil liberties decrease in proportion to the rise in our control systems… What does that tell us???

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What Could Political Reform Look Like?

What an interesting question! Understandably this is not a subject that our schools or media address. What do we need to do to take back control our our political decision making process? I always like to conclude important posts with suggestions for what to do if we want change.

To make effective suggestions about how to make political change is a little beyond my skill set, yet I offer these few suggestions. Any more that you may have I will be greatly interested to read in the comments! ?

  1. Instigate community political movements – run by the people for the people. This will only work if politicians are allowed a limited term in office.
  2. Insist that if less than 50% of the population votes in an election then a major political overhaul is initiated. Perhaps some kind of referendum can be used here. This same process could be used to implement a kind of referendum process similar to what they have in Switzerland.
  3. Keep working with crypto currency because if we release ourselves from financial slavery we are in a much better position to make decisions.
  4. Educate yourself and then your friends and family. Just like in an aircraft they tell you to put your own oxygen mask on before attending to your dependants.
  5. Don’t pay tax! Learn to avoid this criminal and unjust financial penalty for the crimes committed by our politicians.
  6. Don’t believe your politicians and anything they or the media says about them.
  7. Turn off your TV, stop listening to radio (except for music!) and don’t read the newspapers. Then you are not as easy to manipulate.

It will always be practically impossible to get the politicians to reform the system from which they profit. We need to take control of our own affairs into our own hands. When I was young I never wanted to be involved with politics. I couldn’t think of anything worse. As I learnt more I came across Plato’s attitude to politics and it struck me heavily. Plato said:

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors!

Plato was right! We need to realise this and take action. Why were we never taught this in School? We all know the answer now and we need to make significant changes.

There is one last topical post for me to write in this series which will discuss our legal system. Then I will conclude with one final analysis at which point I can move on to move interesting subjects. I am looking forward to completing this series and moving forward but I am glad that I have taken the time to compile my beliefs for my Steemian community!

You guys rock! ?

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As usual I will be most interested to hear your comments and learn from the community! ?

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Jockey loves you All and believes You deserve to live with freedom! ?

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